I’ve got 99 problems with Lennon but a Tim aint 1.

Number 33 and a 3rd degree

Two sides of the coin

I’m going to tell you a story a sad disgusting story that shames the whole of Scotland.

About how a man can not do his job without verbal assaults and objects being thrown at him.

About how a mans family lives in fear from attacks and the threat of future attacks on the very home they live in.

About how a man has had shadowy figures at the very top of Scottish Football have singled him out.

About how a man has been hounded by a sectarian motivated mob because of what they perceive him to be

The man I am of-course talking about dear reader is of-course…………..




Were you thinking of someone else?

Attacks and the threat of future attacks on the very home he and his family live in.

download (3)

A NEIGHBOUR, Celtic fan self-employed joiner Kevin Dunn of top referee Hugh Dallas smashed his windows as the official was watching highlights of an Old Firm game where he was felled by a coin.He was convicted of wilfully and recklessly smashing two windows at the international referee’s home.

He faced losing his prized Celtic season ticket after the verdict. A Celtic spokesman said: “We will be speaking to Dunn’s solicitor about his client.” I can neither confirm or deny that this happened but as you read on dear reader, you would be liable to think after what you’re about to read in this blog that Celtic would offer him a seat in the Directors box.

Dallas told prosecutor Stephen McGowan: “The bangs came all of a sudden. We looked at each other and jumped up, then we heard another bang. “As we looked out the front door we could see someone passing. He was right in front of the door.” Asked if he could identify the man, Dallas replied: “Yes, it was Kevin Dunn.” Who he had known socially for about 20 years.

Dunn, 41, voluntarily went to Motherwell police station the next day and denied the attack during a taped interview. He admitted in court that he had drunk a couple of beer shandies after the game and was not “deliriously happy” that Rangers had won.

Finding Dunn guilty, Edith Ryan, JP, deferred sentence for a year for good behaviour. She also told him to bring £200 compensation when he appeared in court again. Dunn, said to earn £150 a week, covered his face as he bolted from the court into a waiting car..

Why wasnt this tried as the race/sectarian motivated hate crime that it was?

Verbal and physical assaults and objects being thrown at him at his place of work

The referee required four stitches in a head wound after being struck by a coin during the match and four fans attempted to attack him on the pitch.


The game of course was 3-0 victory over Celtic which secured the league title for Rangers at Celtic park.


Scottish football was disgraced that day at Celtic Park as Celtic thugs invaded the park in failed bids to attack Dallas and a fan fell 50 feet from the top tier of a stand but escaped serious injury.


Where was the summit held by the Scottish government after this? Where was the campaigners for perceived anti Scottish Protestant racism?

Shadowy figures at the very top of Scottish Football have singled him out

in 1999 CELTIC hired a shrink to analyse ref Hugh Dallas. NO REALLY THEY DID!!!


Hoops chief Allan MacDonald sent a video of the game to Chris Lewis of London-based consultants Anderson Lewis Associated. His report was sent to the SFA and SPL, who decide what Refs control the Old Firm games.

The shrink’s trial-by-telly verdict was that Dallas sparked the riot by using “over- friendly” gestures to Rangers players and MacDonald claimed: “The study of his body language came to the conclusion he was capable of provoking the kind of crowd reaction we don’t want to see inside Celtic Park. “Was it purely co-incidental that shortly after he was seen patting Gio van Bronckhorst a coin came on to the park and struck the referee? “Not according to the careful scrutiny of the game carried out by a man trained to understand crowd reactions and the reasons for them.”

Celtic’s chief executive denied they want to ruin the ref’s career or have him blacklisted for the March 2000 derby and said: “All we wanted to do by involving a psychologist was help make a good referee an even better one.”

Celtic has already asked the SPL to axe Dallas as ref for the 1999 December 21 Old Firm clash.


An SPL spokesman said “I can confirm our Football Board did receive a psychologist’s report on Hugh Dallas as part of Celtic’s request to have a change of referee for the Old firm game on December. Since the meeting to discuss that matter was held in confidence we must take the view that our response to this story has to be kept confidential too.” He said Celtic were searching for a world class referee to scrutinise the full May 2 match and report back to Celtic chief Allan MacDonald with his findings. A world class referee? that would be Hugh Dallas then!

So there you have it Dear Reader


Imagine if anyone dare say that to an Irish Republican from Lurgan?

Hounded by a sectarian motivated cabal because of what they percieve him to be

A mason in the warped mind of Celtic minded bigot, I was going to say west coast of Scotland Celtic minded bigot but as you will see its not exclusive to just that geographical location, is a Scottish Protestant Rangers fan or heavily biased towards the Rangers football club. As far as I’m aware a Mason open to all anyone male can join as long as you

1. You must believe in a Supreme Being.

2. You must be joining of your own free will.

Search for Tom Tom Minogue of Celtic wiki for the epitome of this paranoid hatred Celtic fans have of freemasonry


This is an example of the paranoid propaganda spews out


Maybe he should get Law Lord Gill lord, Elish Angiolini and Frank Mulholland to have a word



He used to run a business in fife as did Hugh Dallas who runs a double-glazing business in Fife. Maybe they had a run in?

Here are also some choice quotes from the Daily Record 25 November 2010 in a report titled

DEAL WITH DALLAS OR WE’LL HIT BACK; Church demand SFA action over ref chief’s Pope email.

THE Catholic Church last night demanded Hugh Dallas’s head – if sectarianism claims against him are true. It’s alleged the ex-referee forwarded a graphic “joke” email about the Pope which alludes to paedophilia.

The extraordinary move has been sanctioned by the Church’s leader in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

images (2)

The Church’s media director Peter Kearney demanded a response by the SFA by the end of the week. But last night, they warned nothing would be done until their internal investigation is complete.

In a letter to SFA chief executive Stewart Regan, Kearney says: “I am writing to you to express my concern at an allegation made against a senior official of the SFA, Mr Hugh Dallas, the head of referee development. “He has been accused of sending an email from his SFA email account on the day of the Pope’s visit to Scotland, which was totally unprofessional, gratuitously insulting to the Pope, deeply offensive to the Catholic community of Scotland, and an incitement to anti-Catholic sectarianism.”

download (4)

Kearney makes three demands and told the Record the SFA will be given until the end of the week to comply or expect an escalation of hostility. (oooh very Christian) 

The demands are:

That the results of their investigation are made public.

That the SFA treat the matter with urgency.

That Dallas is sacked if findings against him are proven.

Last night, Kearney said: ” The reason we haven’t got involved in this issue until now is that the SFA were investigating this as an internal issue and two months have now passed. “It is reasonable to ask the SFA what they’re doing regarding this. I hope this does not get brushed under the carpet.”

Kearney defended the Church entering the arena of sport, adding: “This is not a sport issue, it’s much bigger than sport.”

Seriously did Peter Kearney accuse an organsation of sweeping things under the carpet?

Lets hope the investigation into Child Rape in the Roman Catholic Church and the demands for justice from the 1 ex priest and 3 priests who say they were sexually abused by Cardinal Kieth O’Brien and also the alleged financial mismanagement of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotlands funds are…..

That the results of their investigation are made public.

That the Pope treats the matter with urgency.

That anyone who is found guilty are Jailed.

Seriously since the resignations of the last Pope and the Disgraced Cardinal Kieth O’Brien I think Hugh Dallas and who ever else sent on that email should be commended for looking out for the children of the world because the Roman Catholic record on child rape and dealing with said child rape, is an absolute travesty.

Dont take my word take the word of the United Nations!

Caution Pope

My meeting with Hugh Dallas

I have to confess something. I met Hugh Dallas once in a car park where I was……….,NO I wasn’t giving him a bung timothy!

I was parking my car and we shared a lift together and I felt like giving him a piece of my mind, a verbal volley if you will about refereeing decisions that went against my team.But then I thought better of it because I was brought up better than that.

This man was on his day off probably going shopping the last thing he would have wanted was someone looking through the tainted specs of the club they support.

I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me on my day off, so why would I do that to anybody else.

Not to mention the fact he was a Grade One referee Dallas, rated by FIFA as one of the best officials in the world, oversaw a UEFA Finals and was involved in World Cups in France.

images (1)

And the same goes for Neil Lennon his attack at tynecastle.

I hope the tynecastle CCTV work better than the ones at Celtic park that have let done the club so much in their efforts to find so many of their violent bigoted malcontents that inhabit their Stadium.

The 42-year-old was spat at, had coins thrown at him and was the subject of verbal abuse in the Tynecastle stand, according to his agent, Martin Reilly. who it looks like did more talking to BBC Scotland and the press than to Police Scotland which is very strange in my humble opinion.

The usual numskull internet Bampots jumped on this “alleged incident” that no one has been charged with despite the close vicinity of where the “assault” happened, as a product of anti Irish racism/Catholicism.

They were left shamed face and humiliated with their little agenda exposed to the world as all anti Irish/racism Catholicism was denied by Neil Lennon himself! And here is the rub the point of this blog.

Why is the concerted effort to hound Hugh Dallas from his job for over 10 years not exposed in the media for what it really is!


And the hatred hasn’t stopped! His son as a child was a terrified victim of the sectarian motivated attack on his own home by a Celtic fan has became a target for this underhanded cabal.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”



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