There is a thing that’s got me asking questions about Celtic park holding the two showpiece Scottish cup finals.

No, its not where Aberdeen and Inverness Caledonian Thistle  have found these extra tens of thousands of fans.

Well that does amaze me too, its as if the same scientists that cloned Dolly the sheep have been Cloning Aberdeen and Inverness Caledonian Thistle fans in some highland laboratory.


No Its is, is Celtic park will be structurally sound holding them?.

Not because these finals will no doubt be near capacity for the first time in months since Celtics terrible attendance figures, but as you will see from the applications form sent in to demolish the Historic Scotland grade B listed London road Primary School building.

You see when Historic Scotland asked these following questions to Celtic Football Club….

Where the application proposes the demolition of a listed building applicants will be expected to provide evidence to show that:

a. the building is not of special interest; or

b. the building is incapable of repair; or

c. the demolition of the building is essential to delivering significant benefits to economic growth or the wider community; or

d. the repair of the building is not economically viable and that it has been marketed at a price reflecting its location and condition to potential restoring purchasers for a reasonable period.
Where proposals involve significant intervention to, or the demolition of a listed building the planning authority should involve Historic Scotland in the pre-application discussions.

Celtic Football Club replied…..

B. The building is incapable of repair

Applicant’s response

In this instance the capability for repairing the building is not only dependant upon costs but is also dependant on the ability to absorb the costs arising from the need for grouting and underground coal workings and bridging a substantial geological fault which underlies the school buildings.

Despite the Glasgow City Council seemingly contradicting that advice. Stating that the Building was structurally sound

Council response

The Council accepts that the building is structurally sound and not beyond repair, however, in terms of overall costs, it might be the case that demolition and new build is more viable than the reuse of the existing building.
So Celtic Football club say there is A SUBSTANTIAL GEOLOGICAL FAULT underneath the school.

What are we talking here?

What is Substantial in the minds of Celtic Football Club?

Are we talking San Andreas Fault type SUBSTANTIAL GEOLOGICAL FAULT?

download (1)

That spreads under the very foundations of Celtic Park stadium itself?

I mean look how close they are


Does Peter Lawwell know how substantial this fault is that meant this B listed school had to be demolished?

Or did he just leave it to the many friends he must have in the mining industry to carry out the report that dammed London Road Primary School to the rubble heap of history?

You see  when Peter Lawwell joined Celtic as financial controller in 1990 under the White and Kelly dynasty. He left the club and held senior positions in Mining Scotland.

As you can see from his many directorships


Along with his many different hat he wears in Scottish football





As well as


which was described in the Daily Mail in an article titled Stars face massive payback demands as HMRC probes £2bn film tax loophole as “an alleged tax avoidance scheme.” You can read more here

images (4)

So is Celtic park safe to hold a sell out crowd?

That is my real question.

No there is no hyperbole, nothing snide. I really do want to know the answer in case my club Rangers gets to yet another Scottish cup final in her long illustrious history will me and my fellow bears and bearettes be safe attending it?

It wont be the first time an Inverness Caledonian Thistle match at Celtic park has been called off because of Health and safety reasons due to structural damage.

In January 2000, After making the long trek down to Glasgow, with thousands of their supporters, they found the game was called off an hour before kick off because wind damage to the roof had made the newly named Lisbon Lions stand unsafe.



  1. unseenfenianhand says:

    A cracking bit of satire.

  2. Gauldy says:

    What a pile of shite from an obsessed zombie. You should probably spend more time analysing the laughable events taking place every day at the newco.

  3. BlueStu says:

    Talking of obsessed…..whats a pair of filthy rheprobates like yerselves doing on a Rangers blog???

    Face it, yer clubs been caught cheating, getting soft loands, state aid, mortgaging land off that they dont even own.

    Its coming timothy….and it will take you down, you and your shameful club!!!!!

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