Time to reclaim St Patricks Day from the bigots


The following is just one of the many reports about Pro IRA terror bands who use the christian Saint of Ireland to spread the bile, hatred and bigotry
St Patrick’s Day march by Wolfe Tone Flute Band of Craigneuk given OK by North Lanarkshire Council

Mar 13 2013 by Graham Miller, Wishaw Press

A march by a republican flute band – which according to police represents “a high risk to public safety” – has been given the go-ahead to take place in Wishaw this Saturday morning.

Permission for the parade to mark St Patrick’s Day by the Wolfe Tone Flute Band of Craigneuk was granted by North Lanarkshire Council last week.

The proposed route – which originally sought to march through a number of Craigneuk streets – has been restricted following police fears that entering the housing scheme could represent an officer safety risk.
A similar parade in Bargeddie, along with the annual St Patrick’s Day event in Coatbridge, means that there is already a significant drain on police resources in the area this Saturday.

A police report on the parade – which also contends it represents a “high likelihood of disruption to the community” – noted that a similar event by the same band last June was poorly organised.
It stated: “The stewards did not do their job. They seemed unprofessional and incapable or not actually interested in controlling the parade or its followers.”

The report was also critical of the steward’s attire. It went on: “Although each of the stewards wore yellow tabards several had Celtic football tops underneath which were clearly visible”.
As a consequence police have asked the parade’s organiser to submit a detailed stewarding plan, along with details of relevant training.

208847_4141320070461_149865609_n 749565314

Images from recent 32 CSM the political wing of dissident Irish terrorism march in Craigneuk

And recently

Lanarkshire man arrested over terrorist ‘articles’

17 March 2014

A MAN has been arrested in North Lanarkshire over alleged offences relating to the wearing or displaying of articles linked to terrorist groups.

The 38-year-old was taken into police custody on Friday following what was described as an “intelligence led, pre-planned operation” in the Newarthill area of North Lanarkshire.

He was detained under section 13 of the Terrorism Act 2000 which covers the wearing or displaying of uniforms and articles linked to terrorist groups.

The Act states: “A person in a public place commits an offence if he – (a) wears an item of clothing, or (b) wears, carries or displays an article, in such a way or in such circumstances as to arouse reasonable suspicion that he is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation.”
The man has been detained in custody and is due to appear at Hamilton Sheriff Court later today.

But its not just rag tag parades put on by mindless sectarian British hating bigots that hide behind the christian saint

No Dear Reader

The Glasgow City Council backed and Celtic Football club sponsored Glasgow St Patrick’s festival has drawn its share of bigots and controversy.


It invited Anti British, pro IRA fanatic, sectarian rabble rouser and hate speaker Phil Mac Giolla Bhain to talk at one of it events.


It also had a night for Pro IRA terror glorifying band The Amadans


Here they can be seen singing a song glorifying the terrorist Bobby Sands

This is the message of support from Lord Provost of Glasgow Sadie Docherty


I am delighted to send my best wishes to the Glasgow St Patrick’s Festival 2014. 

I know that this event brings a great deal of colour and entertainment to the city and reminds us of the city’s strong links with Ireland.
I was born in Glasgow. However my parents and their families are from Donegal and, like many Glaswegians, I am very proud of my Irish lineage.
Scotland and Ireland share a Gaelic culture. Our histories are intertwined and our heritage is something to be celebrated. This event showcases all that is wonderful about Irish literature, music, dance and sport.
The Irish diaspora of the 19th century led to the migration of countrymen across continents. Many, of course, settled in the West of Scotland, particularly in
Glasgow and have made a huge contribution. Today, thousands of Glasgow families, like mine, are proud to trace their roots to Ireland.
Thanks to the descendants of these 19th century immigrants and those who arrived later, Irish culture continues to enrich Scottish life today. Traditional music from Scotland and Ireland has always flourished around the world, and in recent decades, Irish dance has also gone from strength to strength in Scotland, with the World Irish Dance Champions and Celtic Connections huge events in this city’s cultural calendar.
Ireland’s cultural heart has found a home in Glasgow and I am proud about that.

Sadie Docherty

Lord Provost of Glasgow

I wonder how Lord Provost Sadie Docherty feels about the citizens of her city who trace their lineage back to Ireland and don’t want anything to do with theses hate filled bigots, feelings?

Or the citizens that trace it back to Scotland and the LARGEST “ethnic minority” in Scotland, the English. Does she even remotely care of the the offence she is causing when she is publicly backing promoters of hate towards them like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and The Amadans ?.

This is the chairman of the Glasgow City Council backed and Celtic Football club sponsored St Patricks day festival Danny Boyle.


listen to him stuttering and mumbling, trying to justify the glorification of ethnic cleansing of British protestants by the IRA at football stadiums in Great Britain by Celtic fans from 3:08 in this BBC documentary Bigotry, Bombs and Football

Danny Boyle is the Project Manager at the Irish Heritage Foundation, Danny holds the position of festival chairman. Utilising his professional and personal experience as a community worker and musician Danny has overseen the development of the festival and programming to our current City Centre Venues and integration into existing relevant cultural showcase frameworks such as Celtic Connections. As well as working for the IHF and Festival Danny teaches for the Irish Minstrels branch of CCE and is a respected musician in how own right, playing the flute with folk outfit Anarkali and All Britain champions St.Rochs Ceili band.

Sadly this is not confined to the west of Scotland.

Yes St Paddys day its seen as an innocent joyous lets get pished off our head on Guinness advert day in most of the world especially in America.

Except two parades in New York and Boston sinisterly organised by the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, have been letting the Christian saint down with bigotry that wouldn’t be out of place at Parades in the sink estates of Ireland and the west of Scotland.




England out of Ireland this conjours up scenes of 1970’s neo nazi hate marches with slogans like “aint to black in the union jack send those *%*&$££” back”

Which is in keeping with the Sectarian ethos of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians. The quasi-Fascist Blueshirts movement of the 1930s owed as much to the Ribbon tradition and the Ancient Order of the Hibernians which it so much resembled


Ironically this would mean St Patrick wouldn’t be allowed in Ireland as he St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain. Calpornius, his father, was a deacon, his grandfather Potitus a priest, from Banna Venta Berniae, a location otherwise unknown, though identified in one tradition as Glannoventa, modern Ravenglass in Cumbria, England.

In fact when he was about 16, he was captured from his home in Great Britain, and taken as a slave to Ireland, where he lived for six years before escaping and returning to his family.

So much for keeping the English out of Ireland they were practically forcing them to come over!

What they mean by England out is of course United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which is Ironic as St Patrick is probably the most British of the saints in Greater and lesser Britannia.

Its is also stupidity of the highest order the UK government is the biggest provider of financial aid and trade to the Republican of Ireland!

No doubt with great minds like these in the Irish Diaspora. Ireland is destined for another self inflicted economic famine.


Another section of society that appears to be not welcome at the New York and Boston parades, no doubt due to influence of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, are gays and lesbians.

Well I should say they are but they are not allowed to march under their banner in case it causes offence!

Which came as a surprise to me when I saw this banner


So a banner about gays and lesbians Irish is offensive but ones glorifying Terrorist who killed innocent woman and children are.

Terrorists who actively sought and killed members of the British armed forces, the very same British armed forces that are shoulder to shoulder with America in the war against terror!

Imagine a banner  just 100’s of meters or so from Ground zero with Osama Bin Laden on it?

download (1)

Or indeed a banner with the Boston bombers on it


You think the yanks would turn a blind eye?

That is why I urge you to join me and report this terror glorification of a proscribed organisation to this website


along with the contact details of the Boston Parade


and the New york parade


To find out who was responsible for this disgusting banner and make sure no glorification of terrorism is allowed  at these marches again!

Ironically for the zealots of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. The first observance of Saint Patrick’s Day in America. Was organised by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston in the Thirteen Colonies in 1737. The celebration was not Catholic in nature, Irish immigration to the colonies having been dominated by Protestants.

There are some who want a St Patrick’s day parade in Glasgow , the nearly fortnightly st patricks day festival must not be enough for them.

The reason that St Patricks day parade is so wanted in Glasgow is because of bigots of the ilk of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain think it will wind the H*ns up!

I don’t have a problem with another free holiday celebration but why not the cry for a St Georges day, St Andrews day or St Davids day?

As long as we can root out the bigots that would like to use a christian saint to further their own agenda then Im fine with it

And that’s what we need to do with St Patrick’s day! we need to reclaim it back from these bigots!

I find it strange that in an ever growing secular society we want to worship Saints.

Oh and these saints days cant be funded by the local government.

We all know the E.U are clamping down on Irish Diaspora organisations who have been alleged to have had state aid.


download (2)


One comment on “Time to reclaim St Patricks Day from the bigots

  1. john gowdy says:

    i have said for years take back are st pat,he buried in are C.O.I graveyard in downpatrick,a man of peace,love wat the fuk has the america got to do with him,his flag is a red cross on a white background,not a tri-colour,think its time we told america,we made the rules of all parade,are saint or rules,if you cannot agree with this celabration,,then you get ur own st patrick the terrorist day parade,but don,t use are saint he was for peace,

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