Dundee was once famous  jute, jam and journalism.

oh and Dundee cake, a fruit cake, as we all know from this week Dundee still has its fare share of fruit cake!

But it appears that Dundee has replaced these old industries with Rangers hating

The Rangers hating, disguised thinly as having a go at the SFA propaganda emanating from Tannadice was in full vile pish reeking flow this week. The main protagonist of this was the chairman of Dundee United Stephen Thompson.

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He was ably aided in his hate filled rangers hated rants by Dundee united fan Jim Spence who was first with the exclusive on BBC sportsound on Saturday evening.

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He is always first with all the inside knowledge at tannadice

Jim Spence is one of the biggest critics of the so called succulent lamb culture in Scottish football journalism. Succulent lamb as the Masonic conspiracist Tom Minogue sectarian Celtic wiki so bigotedly puts it

“refers to media men who choose to pander to the whims and agendas set by the Huns”


Jim Spence in my humble opinion is so far up Dundee united, the club he supports and its chairman Stephen Thompson’s rear end its as if legendary goal keeper Hamish McAlpine has punted him up there!


It is as if he is an official Dundee united propagandist mouth piece publicly funded by licence fee payers money.

Publicly funded BBC “journalist” Jim Spence is a big fan of the sectarian disgraced and now defunct RTC blog and would promote its hate filled sectarian motivated bile on the BBC any chance he got! Not only was Jim Spence a fan of RTC blog it was reciprocated with both following each other on twitter.

I believe all those cosy communications are on a hard drive somewhere

As I say Jim Spence was first on the scene tweeting


He went on Sportsound with his EXCLUSIVE! the notion that the Game would be changed at such at late stage when it has been common knowledge from October was laughed at by the Rangers hating BBC Sportsound headed by Rangers hating Obergruppenführer Richard Gordan and his motley crew probably because they were too busy enjoying their mutual wankfest over Aberdeen on the eve of winning their first trophy in nearly 20 years.


No dear reader that aint the guy who drags up as Lily Savage acting so unprofessionally as an unbiased sports journalist taking a selfie with the Aberdeen boss. No thats publicly funded by the BBC Richard Gordon.

But that didnt stop Oor Jim Spence he kept up with the Rangers hating and turned it into a 3 pronged trident attack on Rangers and soon everyone at the BBC regained their senses from the Aberdeen wankfest and jumped to the beat of Rangers hating once more.

And Oor wee Jim Spence and Oor wee Jim Spence juniour could rest on the Monday and have a wee st paddys day tipple


The  3 pronged Rangers hating trident attack on Rangers consisted

FIRST on the Ranger hating thinly disguised as an attack on the SFA Trident was…….

That it was unfair that Ibrox was hosting the semi final despite this being public knowledge since last October.

Rangers fans were up in arms because the 2 finals were at Celtic park and with Celtic obviously being hot favourites it would be them more than likely to contest one or even both finals.

Rangers fans were told to stop whining and accept the decision which we did.

At this time the Dundee United Chairman Stephen Thomson is allegedly said the same thing, though with it being at same time as Halloween he was probably busy at the time


The main gripe that Stephen Thompson has that this will give Rangers an unfair advantage as it would be a “home tie” for Rangers.

This didnt seem to be the case when Rangers skelped Celtic 2 1 in their own midden in a Scottish cup semi final.

One team who did make an objection in the history of the Scottish cup was Airdrieonians of course it didn’t get as much media attention because it didn’t involve Rangers bashing.

You see Airdrieonians played celtic in Scottish cup final at hampden. This was a home tie for Celtic as they had played all their home games at hampden as parkhead was getting a 60 minute make over with Breeze block.

Airdrieonians complained about this but there was no mhedia hysteria not even when Celtics SFA bogey man Jim Farry didnt even allow Airdrieonians to have a training session on the pitch


Celtic didnt seem to get that much of an advantage as they scraped past the lower league opposition 1 0

SECOND on the Ranger hating thinly disguised as an attack on the SFA was……

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Dundee United wanted, no down right demanded that they should have a 50/50 ticket split

This was laughed at in a  statement from the SFA that said , 

at the pre-operations meeting last week, United were offered 11,063 seats, only for the club’s representative to say that “in order to ensure maximum attendance”, United would prefer to only be allocated the 8,012-seat Broomloan Road stand for the 12 April tie, which kicks off at 12:45 GMT

You see that would fit in with the history of Dundee United, as this isn’t the first Scottish cup semi final Dundee united played at Ibrox park, OH NO!

They played Celtic in a Scottish cup semi final in April 1999 and as you can see from the pictures below it appears they were given the Copland road end and couldn’t even bloody sell it out!!!






If anyone can tell me the Dundee United ticket allocation for that game I would be grateful. The Attendance was a well below full Ibrox of 43,491.

I cant remember mhedia hysteria about a 50/50 split, but then again Rangers were not involved.

As for anything but a 50/50 split of tickets being an unfair advantage. Aberdeen fans outnumbered ICT fans 4 to 1 and they never seemed to benefit from that majority as the ground out their first cup win in nearly 20 years.

But I’ve got a solution to this all!

Lets play the semi at Celtic park and the final at Ibrox

Split the gate 50/50 30000 to Rangers 30000 to Dundee United both clubs pay for them up front if you cant sell them to YOUR OWN REAL FANS then you don’t get a refund!

This will no doubt leave Dundee united out of pocket.

Loyal Rangers fans who have stuck by their club through the injustice and hatred they have had to endure in the last two years will be without tickets for the match and loads of empty seats at Celtic park.

And would be fitting example of the petty hatred and envy by small minded bigots of the likes of Stephen Thompson that are slowly killing the game in Scotland.


On a side note If the authorities want to try and locate that missing jumbo jet they could start by having a look under the huge banner ironically called the 12th man, that covers all the seats of the stand that used to be filled with Rangers fans at their many victories at Tannadice


and THIRDLY ……

it was Ibrox is not a safe place to go. Stephen Thompson wont sit in the directors box at Ibrox as he feels safer in with his fans

Excuse me Stephen but do you feel safe sitting in the directors box at Celtic park? Where middle age mother of CELTICS OWN CAPTAIN cant sit without being assaulted by thugs!

Heather Fotheringham, 51, was allegedly punched in the back by a fan after standing up following Brown’s controversial red card.

If you, Stephen Thompson feel you will be safer in with your fans good luck with that!


Police wade into the fighting Dundee United and Dynamo Moscow fans-1210006-

download (4)

images (2)

Violence breaks out between Dundee United and Dynamo Moscow fans-1209993

And lets just hope none of your female family members don’t bump into this sex Beast, the man you employed as stadium manager Albert Dawson in the stand with the Dundee United fans.


A woman told of her two-year “nightmare” after being sexually assaulted by a Dundee United groundsman at Tannadice.

Albert Dawson, 49, of Victoria Street, admitted at Dundee Sheriff Court on Friday that between February 1 and April 30 2011 he sexually assaulted the woman at Tannadice Park while he was employed by Dundee United Football Club.

The court heard the woman had been in the stadium when Dawson approached her asking what she was doing.

“He put his arms around her, pulling her close to him, before touching her breasts over her clothing and then putting his hand between her legs.

“He thereafter walked away and she became very upset.

“She ran out of the stand and found a groundsman and told him what happened. The groundsman could see she was upset but she didn’t make any initial disclosure at this time.”

He is now on the sex offenders register

Next up was the Arab trust statements that Ibrox isn’t safe for Kids.

This is the same Arab Trust that has Mike Barile among its members


who according to this report in the national press

was, and I quote

“A DISGRACED teacher who was struck off after lashing out at pupils and terrifying colleagues”

Never mind the mega stadium Ibrox, it appears that kids would not be safe in the tiny insignificant Arab Trust.

Mike Barile was also a  Dundee United FC director! Forget about the Rangers Directors box is the Dundee Uniteds Directors box safe?

it appears that its not just Ibrox where Dundee United fans dont feel safe remember Jim Spence and his Mrs cant walk the streets of the city of discovery without feeling threatened by Rangers fans.


Remember he got the police involved as he branded the Rangers fans Nazis? I wonder how Police Scotland are getting on with that? Probably to busy trying to track down the Aberdeen fans who attacked Lennon at tynecastle

The Nazi behaviour Rangers fans were accused of was filling out emails to the BBC asking for them to enforce the laws and findings of the BBC trust that agreed with law lords, UEFA and hell even Dermot Desmond and to remind Rangers hating bigots like Jim Spence at Pacific Quay CSC of the BBC findings that found in favour with …… that Rangers are the same Club, with the same history.

The only NAZI like behaviour is the one emanating fro Pacific quay CFC that uses Joseph Goebbels like propaganda to demonise a whole section of Scottish and British society simply because of the team they support

.download (5)

Jim Spence is part of the Rangers hating, ruddy, bloated Celtic supporting Paul Holleran NUJ cabal that includes IRA fanatics dressed up as “football journalists” like Angela Haggerty an Phil Mac Giolla Bhain. Was Jim Spence just playing the victim card when his falsehoods about Rangers were outed for the lies that they are?


One thing is for sure any chance this non entity tries to raise his pathetic profile by bashing Rangers he takes it with both hands.

but all this is a red herring redder than Jim Spence ridiculous barnet as you well know dear reader.


but not what you may think.

You may think that Dundee Uniteds chairman is running scared of getting his teams arse handed to them by a plucky team from 2 divisions below them a team put together under sanctions put upon it by the SFA that Rangers haters like Stephen Thomson demanded.

And you would be right but what I’m about to reveal is that dear Arabs we are not your enemy the wool is being pulled over your eyes by Stephen Thompson and his succulent jam slurping poodle Jim Spence.


a man who disgraces proper Dundee united fans because it appears his hatred of Rangers out ways his love for your diddy wee team that was once big and important enough to bother about for a micro second in the 80’s

No, Dear reader it is not that well it is but the real red herring is…..

will all be revealed in this blog



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  1. Vincent says:

    Didn’t read, lol

  2. Jack says:

    Smashing, one of the best blogs I have read in a long time. Your spot on with all you write in this particular blog, again smashing.

  3. Robert Wilson says:

    That is an excellent article.

  4. Jack says:

    Thing is vincent, are you able to read, your one of those people with an RC education are you not ?.

  5. Big R says:

    Come on Vinnie, one word at a time pal. It might take a week but you CAN read this

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