Stan Collymore had a twitter meltdown of epic proportions this weekend and by all accounts its still going.

The type that you would expect to see him driving barefoot all the way to Dundee and parking up in the nearest Dogging hot spot with a family sized Toblerone in hand.

The sad thing was he couldn’t even put the blame on being under the influence of drugs or his medication running out. For as he put it he was totally lucid, no Alcohol was taken no drugs no prescribed drugs had run out and he wasn’t hacked.

All tweets where a window into the head of Stan Collymore

What spewed forth from this twitter meltdown was a barrage of sectarian, racist and anti British bile.

First there was the disgusting insensitive remarks about the Falkland Islands. That angered and caused offence too many of its inhabitants, politicians and veterans of the Falkland Island war.


Then the proud Labour voter since 1990 turned to having a go at people using their democratic right to vote for UKIP


Then it was his vile Racist, sectarian motivated attack on the proud British community in Northern Ireland.

What do you think would happen if Collymore was to tell the Ulster Scots of America ( a place Collymore thinks he can escape to when his commenting job goes tits up) to “FUCK OFF BACK TO BRITAIN” ?

Let me remind you that 17 of the 44 American Presidents are generally accepted as being of Ulster-Scots ancestry.

Then it was mystic Stan telling us

Nope no need for democracy to take place. Dictator Stan was telling us straight!

You may ask what started this tirade against Britishness? A tirade that stood out like one of his glaring sitters from his career as a footballing spice boy(A career that ended when an over weight and unfit plump Stan had to retire at 30) from his usual tweets about his banal views on football.

It appears it was Rangers fans backing up celebrity rent a gob Katie Hopkins.



Who reminded him of his sickening violent attack on Ulrika Jonsson that he has tried to revise how bad it was recently on Twitter. Like the sort of coward and Bully that hits a woman would do.

To which Stan Collymore, a depression and mental health issues awareness campaigner, Cruelly and sickeningly taunted England Legend Paul Gascoigne, a fellow depression sufferer with mental health issues.

All designed to antagonise the Rangers faithful.

Now Im not surprised one bit off it. I knew Stan was once a Rangers fan and boasted of singing the sash and a Rangers bus leaving from his home town in the midlands.

The below images of an interviews with him confirms this.

BopDowACAAAw539  BoZjqlTCIAAwkSD

But that was before one night in The Auld Alliance pub in Paris 1998.


That night the shaven-headed woman beater lashed out in a jealous rage because Ulrika was partying with Glasgow Rangers Legend Ally McCoist and film star Ewan McGregor (aye! I bet auld Stanley wasn’t wanting a Free for all Scotland that night)


Ulrika was left battered and crying after the unprovoked assault from 6ft 3in, 14-stone Collymore.

A Barman who witnessed it said later: “There is no excuse for what he did. It was outrageous.”When any man hits a woman like that they are just slightly below scum as far as I am concerned.”

What follows is an eye witness account from Scottish Television reporter Martin Geissler

He said: “There was a lot of beer flying about and everybody was very happy. Then Stan Collymore arrived about an hour after Ulrika and came in a back door and went straight to her.”

“He said to her `We’re leaving’. She said `No’. He attempted to grab her. She broke free. He dragged her out of the bar into an ante- room where I was standing.

“She hit her head on the door. He pushed her right into the middle of us. She fell. A couple of people tried to get between them.

“He was lashing out with his feet, aiming kicks at her head. She was screaming and very upset. He was bundled outside by bar staff.”

She downed pints with the Tartan Army and was delighted when they started singing “There’s only one Ulrika Jonsson”.

“Collymore obviously could not handle that and the next thing we knew he started lashing out at her and dragged her to the ground.

Another barman said: “He was deranged. At first I thought it was a crazy punter after Ulrika – he was like some mad stalker.
“Ulrika was bawling her eyes out and screaming. We couldn’t believe it.”

“We were shocked a guy of his mentality could hit such a beautiful woman.”

Earlier that year, Collymore was in court accused of punching Michelle Green, his former lover and the mother of his son.

McCoist never gave you a “Shoeing” Stan?


I think the Stanley doth protest too much!

Collymores history of violence towards women dosnt end there. In 2004 Collymore was charged with threatening to kill his wife.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Ulrika Jonsson in 2002 she had to take Collymore to the high court to get a sex video between TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson and her ex-lover Stan Collymore destroyed.

I called Stan out in a previous blog where I quipped about his longest time spent in a car park whilst he was dogging record being over taken by Charlie Mulgrew’s son, about his increasing hatred towards Glasgow Rangers and her fans.

People outside of Scotland might think, why would he go into such a pro Irish terror and fascist Argentina junta, anti British bile laden tirade because of a Scottish Football Club called Glasgow Rangers.

Well Collymore Retweeting of his fellow Guardian pal, rabid Celtic fan and sectarian bigot Kevin McKenna propaganda piece about why Neil Lennon leaving Celtic was all big bad Scottish protestants fault, might explain a few things.

Kevin McKenna, (a member of the “Troops Out” movement) he of the vile bigoted sectarian venom laced rant “protestants breed illegitimate children like rabbits and Enniskillen remembrance day bombing by IRA terrorists was a legitimate act of war”

Yes this scumbag actually did say that and is still employed by mainstream broadsheets and accepted in polite society.

You could say Kevin McKenna falls into the niche of an Anti British,pro IRA, Rangers hating propagandist simpleton child like mantra that Rangers is bad and Celtic are good.

And Mckenna isn’t the only one is this Anti British Rangers hating media cabal.

Oh no Collymore is a regular contributor to the Guardian and many think he is behind the secret footballer, (but as we all know its David James.) But this would bring him into contact with the Anti Rangers Anti British Pro Irish terror propaganda that Roy Greenslade and his puppets Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and his brainwashed puppet Angela Haggerty spew out on a daily basis.
Haggerty herself tried to get in on the act with the tweet rangers trying to get someone sacked.


You couldn’t mark this venomous,vile, hypocritical individual’s brass neck with a blow torch! (that is not a threat BIGOT just a figure of speech)

Her Rangers hating Pro Irish terror Idol Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and the church hierarchy of her Chosen faith hounded Referee Hugh Dallas out of his job at the SFA for passing on a private e mail.

This is the person that got a person Jailed for 6 months cause in her words she felt under fear and alarm by being called a taig!
A taig as Stan no doubt knows can be as a derogatory name for an Irish Republican.

Just as Stan Knew when he threateningly typed to a female Rangers fan in bold capital letters the word HUN is derogatory to Ulster,Scottish and British Protestants.


This Rangers hating friendship was compounded by Stanley changing his twitter name to Hector McMurray. A reference to the discredited, Guardian award winning, Rangers Tax Case blog and posting a picture of hector the tax man on his twitter feed to keep goading Rangers fans into a reaction

That would explain what led Collymore to tweet a load of pro Celtic tweets no doubt prompted by the vile element of That clubs support backing his Anti British,pro IRA, Rangers hating tweets.

The most laughable was Celtic being a non fascist club.


This is a picture of Eamonn De Valera with Billy McNeil and Jock Stein of Celtic Football club. When they went over to the foreign country to bend the knee to Eamonn De Valera for reasons known to themselves.


in 1945 Eamonn De Valera, as prime minister of the Republic of Ireland, extended his condolences to the vanquished German people over the death of Nazi dictator and architect of the Holocaust Adolf Hitler.

Which led to Eamonn De Valera receiving praise and gratitude from the British Union of Fascists for “honoring the memory of the greatest German in history.”

On May 2, 1945, just two days after Hitler and his consort Eva Braun committed suicide in their Berlin bunker, De Valera, who also served as foreign minister, and his aide, Secretary of External Affairs Joseph Walshe, visited the German Embassy in Dublin to sign a book of condolences for the departed Fuhrer. They also met with the top German envoy to Ireland, Eduard Hempel. Irish envoys in other nations did likewise, including Leopold Kerney in Spain, who called on the German Embassy in Madrid to express his condolences.


no other Western European democracies followed De Valera’s example – he found himself in the dubious company of two European fascist dictators, Francisco Franco of Spain and António de Oliveira Salazar of Portugal, in voicing condolences over Hitler.

But it wasn’t just the end of the war that saw De Valera in such infamous company. Here is a cartoon from the 1930s.

Irishman De Valera recieved international criticism over his gesture. Most notably from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Harry Truman

“Have you seen the motion pictures of the victims of German concentration camps, de Valera? Have you seen the crematoriums? Have you seen the bodies of little children murdered by Nazi hands? Have you seen the living dead, de Valera? Skin stretched over bone, and too weak to walk?”

Among others, was David Gray, the U.S. ambassador to Ireland in the 1940s, believed De Valera stayed out of the war on the bet that the Nazis would defeat the Allies. Gray also contended that some top Irish officials were, in fact, colluding with the Third Reich.

Ireland’s neutrality in war against Nazism and Fascism cost millions of British and Allied lives.


Stanley must have a very big gripe and a petted lip about his pal Neil Lennon a fellow sharer in the Fenianist ideology of a British free united Ireland, leaving Celtic to cause this sort of a Twitter Meltdown.

But before you fall hook line and sinker for the Anti Rangers Propaganda that your pals spew out.

Look at alleged breaches of STATE AID Celtic may have broken that could see them in a financial mess.

Look at Neil Lennons business involvement with his ex Manchester city pal a who got his house seized in an IRA money Laundering operation and what it appears to be the family of IRA man Thomas SLAB Murphy.

Collymore then tweeted that he was going to appear on next seasons Match of the Day 2 series.

The BBC are really a corporation in crisis if they think we the licence payers money will be squandered on this vile violent woman abusing anti British bigots face and views on our TVs.

But the BBC are not only hiring a man with a violent History as I have pointed out before.

They are hiring a sexual deviant too!


Collymore is a self confessed Dogger visited ‘dogging’ sites to have sex with strangers. that he had driven to several sites where people watch each other having sex in their cars.

‘Over the last couple of years I have been to dogging sites maybe a dozen to 15 times, and, yes, I have taken part and had sex during them. My only hope is that the people I know and love can find it in their hearts to forgive me.’

Collymore said he was curious about what happened at dogging sites after reading about the activity on the internet.

A veteran dogger was quoted at the time in a national newspaper that…..

‘I’ve known Stan for 15 years on the dogging scene,’

‘Stan wasn’t a famous footballer when I first met him dogging,’ he said.

‘I’ve seen him lots of times. He’s one of the main fixtures and fittings on the scene and is always cadging cigarettes.
‘He does the lot, including group sex, sex with one person, watching and touching.

‘Just before Christmas he was in my car with three blokes and three women.

‘He’s not gay, but anything to do with women he’s game for. They have to be good looking for Stan, though.’

FOR FUCKS SAKE The BBC had to sack him before after it emerged Collymore had pestered a female reporter for sex in a public car park near his home.

Have the BBC not learned his lesson from Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall?

Cardinal edited

Do you think we the licence fee payers are going to pay compensation for any victims of Collymores that might occur just as it has done in the past in sordid grubby BBC dressing rooms?

Stanley Victor Collymore (has a ring of Norman Stanley Fletcher. Lets hope a judge is uttering those words soon) has played the Racist card numerous times and quite rightly so, but now he is getting it back in spades.

I have been informed by the husband of the woman Stan Collymore Racially and sectarian abused just for asking


Is now a Police Scotland matter and in their hands. Lets hope they are relentless in pursuing him as they have been in past cases.

Wants the point of anti discrimination laws if it discriminates against certain people?

If anygood has come out of this vile episode is that Britain in the months running up to the scottish independence referendum 2014 can see the abuse Rangers fans have to put up with on a daily basis in their own country simply because they are percieved to be Protestant and British



  1. Heather veale says:

    The man is a moron with a platform ….stick to kicking a ball up and down a field for 90 mins ….that doesn’t involve engaging your brain and your mouth at the same time ….

  2. st3phen says:

    Excellent article. The guy is an animal and I won’t be watching MOTD2 if he is the calibre of pundit they are to use. He is a vile woman beater and should be ashamed of his actions last weekend. For a guy who campaigned about mental health issues to have a pop at Gazza says more about Stan than it does Gazza.

  3. Mark Robinson says:

    Very well out together article , if you see this message could you message the admins on the facebook group “we ask talksport to sack stan”

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