Dressed to kill in the well known outlawed and frowned upon by the good Friday agreement, paramilitary garb of Irish Republican terror. The Black leather gloves, the Khaki uniform (all be it ill fitting on her overweight body) Aviator Glasses and the Black beret with the Easter Lilly pendent of the IRA on it , The Mysterious, menacing, plump woman led the one year anniversary memorial to the dead RIRA leader Alan Ryan

But just who is this Podgy Provo?

Who is this wannabe Mairéad Farrell?


Mairéad Farrell if you didn’t know was an Irish volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. She was killed by Special Air Service soldiers during Operation Flavius, a British Army operation to prevent a bombing in Gibraltar.

She joined the Provisional IRA after meeting an IRA volunteer named Bobby Storey, pictured below with Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams.


images (1)
On 1 March 1976, the British government revoked Special Category Status for prisoners convicted from this date under “anti-terrorism” legislation. In response, the IRA instigated a wave of bombings and shootings across Northern Ireland; younger members such as Farrell were asked to participate.

On 5 April 1976, along with Kieran Doherty and Sean McDermott, she attempted to plant a bomb at the Conway Hotel in Dunmurry, as that hotel had often been used by British soldiers on temporary duty to Ireland. She was arrested by Royal Ulster Constabulary officers within an hour of planting the bomb. Her boyfriend Sean McDermott was shot dead by an RUC reservist at a nearby housing estate. McDermott and two other members of the IRA active service unit had broken into a home not realising it was the private residence of a policeman. The RUC officer shot McDermott dead; Keiran Doherty and another man escaped.

At her trial she refused to recognise the court as it was an institution of the British state and was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for explosives offences to be served in Armagh Women’s Prison. When she arrived in Armagh Gaol, Farrell refused to wear a prison uniform in protest at the designation of paramilitary prisoners as criminals. She was the first woman to do so, and the second person after Kieran Nugent, a prisoner in the H-Blocks of HMP Maze. Farrell instigated a dirty protest in February 1980. This meant that prisoners refused to slop-out and would smear excrement and menstrual material on the walls of their cells.


On 1 December Farrell, along with Mary Doyle and Mairead Nugent, began a hunger strike in Armagh prison to coincide with the one already taking place in Long Kesh. It ended on 19 December, a day after the men’s strike.

Upon her release from prison in October 1986, Farrell enrolled at Queen’s University, Belfast for a course in Political Science and Economics. She dropped out of university however to play a larger role in the IRA’s armed campaign. The IRA sent her with Sean Savage and Daniel McCann to the British overseas territory of Gibraltar to plant a bomb in the town area. The target was the band and guard of the First Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment during a weekly ceremonial changing of the guard in front of Governors’ residence, on 8 March 1988.

MI5 was made aware of their plan and the SAS was deployed to prevent the bombing. Farrell and her two partners were shot dead under the banner of Operation Flavius. Farrell was shot three times in the back and once in the face, Savage and McCann were shot by the SAS whilst walking towards the frontier with Spain, at the Shell filling station on Winston Churchill Avenue.

Mairéad Farrell was put down on Winston Churchill Avenue, like the black hearted, sub human, murdering beast she was. Dying from Internal hemorrhaging caused by multiple bullet wounds.


Anyway enough of the History lesson of the most infamous Female of Fenian terror. Back to the identity of our dumpy dissident.

Here is a better picture of our Rotund Republican attending the leader of the RIRA Alan Ryans that Anthony Stokes and his Father John Stokes also attended the year before.


If Anthony Stokes or his Dad for that matter know the Identity of this bloodthirsty, menacing, overweight, apparent operative of dissident Republicanism then they should tell the authorities immediately.

If it was up to me I would go down the American route of zero tolerance towards Terrorism and frog march her straight into an size 16 orange jumpsuit and take her for questioning.

But as we know I don’t and unfortunately Great Britain is full of Irish republican terror handwringing apologists like Graham Spiers


Who shamefully condone the mass murder of innocent men, woman and children of Fenian terror atrocities and the glorification of said mass murder of innocent men, woman and children of Fenian terror atrocities in Great Britain, By saying “It’s complicated” and “Cultural”.

No its complicated, no down right bewildering how a talentless, obsequious, odious creep like you has managed to eek out a Career in Scottish Football Journalism.

But Graham Spiers, as we all know isn’t the only Lord Haw Haw in our media. No doubt instead of being renditioned she will get the Red carpet treatment at Celtic park, a breeding ground for said glorification of mass murder of innocent men, woman and children of Fenian terror atrocities in Great Britain, and get a personal guided tour just like they did with fellow promoter of Terror Padraig Mullan


No wonder Celtic park is an easy target and ripe pickings for the IRA to brain wash morons.




  1. Sophie says:

    What has ‘overweight’ got to do with it? How can anyone take you seriously with comments like that? You ruin your argument with stuff like these, which is a shame, because otherwise we might take you seriously. It is clearly not relevant. Your blog is offensive to women. Come on, you can do better than this!

    • I was merely stating that she is clearly medically overweight to her height size as a description of the buxom Bomb lover (better)? . But hey you knock yourself out worrying about that and not the rise in Irish republican dissident terrorism backed on the stands of Celtic park.

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