“Your majesty your royal highness’s, most distinguished guests, fellow citizens of the commonwealth. On behalf of the people of this beautiful city. Welcome to Glasgow!”

The words shouted by Gordon Matheson Scottish Labour Party politician and the leader of Glasgow City Council at the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth games at his beloved Celtic park.

But you might as well rip them up and throw them in the dustbin of History.

If you are from Northern Ireland then some parts of Glasgow seem out of bounds for you.

VERBOTEN from ze friendly games!

As the Nazis would say.

In particular it appears you are persona non grata if you are perceived to be from the protestant British community or a member of the Orange Order or God forbid a Rangers fan.

Indeed if you fall into any of these demographics you can also forget the Mission Statement of the Glasgow Commonwealth games in their Our Values section…. and I quote.

Ours is an inclusive organisation which epitomises the values of integrity, responsibility and endeavour and in which all our people are valued. We will engage our Games partners in the spirit of trust and openness. We will be passionate in our work, and encourage flair and creativity in all that we do

According to the Herald newspaper and I emphasise according to because the once quality Glasgow based broadsheet standards have fallen so far and low that it now resembles a more partisan version of the Catholic observer, reports that and I quote.


A NORTHERN Ireland Commonwealth Games fan has been forced to leave a Glasgow bar for displaying his country’s flag after workers argued it was sectarian.

Colin Rice was in JD Wetherspoon pub Campderdown Place underneath Queen Street railway station when he became embroiled in an argument with staff members after draping the flag – which features the red hand of Ulster symbol – over his table.

The 47-year-old, from Belfast, and his friends eventually had their drinks taken from them and were asked to leave, as other Commonwealth fans – who were also displaying flags of their country – looked on shocked.

Mr Rice said: “I’m here for the Commonwealth Games and I’ve taken in a lot of sports and everywhere I’ve went I’ve taken the flag of my country with me.

“There were lots of people with different flags, Scottish, English, South African, and people wearing different tops to match too.

“I put my flag on the table and within about two minutes a member of staff came over and asked me to put it away.

“I asked why and she began linking it to the Orange Order. I explained that I had never had anything to do with the Orange Order and it was the flag of my country, but she still insisted that I remove it.”

Mr Rice claimed a further two staff members then attended and again asked him to remove it.

When he tried to explain that he had been at the Rugby Sevens at Ibrox, one worker said ‘that’s why’ – linking the flag to Rangers.

The sports fan added: “The tone was just so offensive. I explained that I’m not even a Rangers fan, but then they snatched our drinks away and we were asked to leave.

“I was outraged. I felt like I might as well have had a swastika on my flag.

“I’m not naive, I know things like this can be a problem at football matches, but this is the Commonwealth Games and this is the flag of a Commonwealth country and these bar staff were too ignorant to realise it.”

“At this stage, we don’t believe we can do anything else to rectify the situation.”


So we can assume that according to Mr Colin Rice’s version of events confirmed with the unreserved apology and pathetic offer of a free dinner from the JD Wetherspoon pub chain, that the bar workers at the Camperdown place are ignorant anti-British sectarian bigots.

Why would they in the space of two minutes of a fellow commonwealth nations flag being unfurled would the red mist descend on a FEMALE employee of the JD Wetherspoon pub chain then backed up by her two fellow employees of JD Wetherspoon pub chain.

It appears it was an anti-British unionist political red mist that came down on the offended JD Wetherspoon pub chain employee with the red hand being alluded to in the flag quickly escalating to the Orange Order then the nuclear option of the big bad Rangers.

Ironically these same anti-British anti-unionist sectarian bigots work in a pub that is named after one of most significant actions in British naval history.

The Battle of Camperdown on the 11 October 1797 was led by a Scottish hero from Dundee.

The Battle of Camperdown 1798 by Thomas Whitcombe active 1783-1824

Rule Britannia. Britannia rules the waves indeed!

British admiral Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan defeated the Dutch fleet off Camperdown (north of Haarlem)

It must sicken these narrow-minded bigots that they have to work in a pub that reminds them of one of the finest and important Naval victories that secured centuries of British supremacy for the British Empire.

All led by a Scot that rose up the ranks of the greatest navy in the History of the world and left his name and mark on the British Empire.

Indeed Several ships have been named HMS Duncan after him.

A statue by Westmacott, erected at the public expense, is in St. Paul’s.

Duncan Street in Leeds town centre is named for him. The pub on this street honours him with its name and many pictures and paintings.

The Galapagos island, now known as Pinzón Island, was named Duncan Island.

A statue of Duncan was erected in 1997 in his birthplace, Dundee, on the corner of High Street and Commercial Street.

Several public houses, including one in Soho, London, the Admiral Duncan a gay pub that was the scene of a terrorist bombing in 1999, perpetuate his name.


But lets get back to the crux of this vile bigotry the workers saw the Northern Ireland flag and immediately thought Rangers the bastion of British unionism in Scotland.

But as the article tells us the man explained he isn’t even a Rangers fan. yet they still continued to persucute him. Explaining he was a proud Ulsterman.

This is a clear sign of anti-Irish racism.

Where are all the anti-Irish racism rent a gobs Mentally Phil what ever his name is this month?


Nil by Mouth?

images (1)

Peter Kearney the Roman Catholic propaganda minister in Scotland?

download (4)

Where are they when this proud Northern Irishman, this proud Ulsterman needs defending from this extreme form of brain dead bigotry?

or do they only represent people they perceive to be Irish republican Roman Catholics?

Well if that is the case surely that would be bigoted in itself dear reader.

Lets educate these bigots so inflamed by the sight of the red hand of Ulster.


The Red Hand of Ulster is a symbol used in heraldry to denote the Irish province of Ulster. It is an open right hand coloured red, with the fingers pointing upwards, the thumb held parallel to the fingers, and the palm facing forward. It is less commonly known as the Red Hand of O’Neill.

Its origins are said to be attributed to the mythical Irish figure Labraid Lámh Dhearg, Labraid of the Red Hand, and appear in other mythical tales passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition.

The symbol is rooted in Irish Gaelic culture and is particularly associated with the Uí Néill O’Neill clan of Ulster.


According to one myth, the kingdom of Ulster had at one time no rightful heir. Because of this it was agreed that a boat race should take place and that “whosoever’s hand is the first to touch the shore of Ireland, so shall he be made the king”.

One potential king so desired the kingship that, upon seeing that he was losing the race, he cut off his hand and threw it to the shore — thus winning the kingship.

The hand is most likely red to represent the fact that it would have been covered in blood. According to some versions of the story, the king who cut off his hand belonged to the Uí Néill clan, which apparently explains its association with them.

Another variation of this story concludes that it was none other than Niall of the Nine Hostages who severed his own hand in order to win his crown from his brother.


A different myth tells of two giants who engaged in battle. One had his hand cut off by the other, and a red imprint of the hand was left on the rocks.

So you will agree Dear Reader the red hand belongs to the ancient myths of lesser Britannia/Britannia minor.

Mr Rice was apt when he said “I was outraged. I felt like I might as well have had a swastika on my flag.”

These bigots who see RED at the sight of a Red hand have been raised in an environment daily drip fed to believe that the Red hand of Ulster is sectarian.

For Christ sake just take a search of the paper that printed the story, The Heralds and other Scottish media archives for stories involving sectarianism.

You will find the flag used sinisterly and ubiquitously.

What I suggest to you dear Reader is if you happen to pass the camperdown place pub on your travels to Ibrox either for the Hibernian tonight or Hearts game at the weekend.

Go into it with the flag of Northern Ireland draped over you walk up to the bar CALMLY and POLITELY and ask the manager what he thinks is wrong with the flag of another nation of this UNITED KINGDOM.

download (1)


And why they employ people who are bigoted towards people who make up this UNITED KINGDOM!


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