Le Suicidé is a small oil painting by Édouard Manet.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain / White / Derrig / O Gorman / Gillivan / McGillivan delete as appropriate has always been a joke figure to the Rangers family.

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Even when he was the go to useful idiot for the sectarian Rangers hating bigots working at the top of their fields in their various professions to feed their sometimes very confidential information to him.

Some of that information came against the strict instruction of the Scottish Police force.

When he brought out his rehashing of his blogs for gullible Rangers obsessed Celtic fans to buy.

The Rangers family laughed.

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But its all seemed to go very black and quiet for Phil and the Celtic and Journalistic family have joined in on the LOLz-fest.

No more “big exclusives” for years now.

In fact I actually thought Phil must have had a wee mishap. Or his medication was upped.

But Phil has came back onto the scene through a number of articles on the Copland Road organisation.

I’m led to believe it is an overseas Rangers website set up by an American a fine upstanding staunch brother in the global Rangers family.

The Articles one called You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil by Brother Shane Nicolson published on 22nd of July 2014 http://www.thecoplandroad.org/2014/07/you-talk-some-amount-of-shite-phil.html

and one titled You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil: Madey Up McCoist Meeting Edition published on the 12th August 2014 By Rangers fans spokesman Brother Chris Graham. http://www.thecoplandroad.org/2014/08/you-talk-some-amount-of-shite-phil.html


These articles seem to concur with my diagnosis that Phil’s – well placed just as bigoted as he is – sources have seemed to have left him hanging from a rope and crawled back from under the rocks from whence they came.


With blunder after blunder or should that be Honest mistake after honest mistake that if put into context of the Scottish refereeing world would see Phil reffing down the public park.

Or put into context of the REAL Journalistic world would see Phil being told to clear his desk and being frog marched by security even out of the Daily Record’s offices.

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Phil seems to be making a complete arse or should that be the Irish Gaelic translation thóin of himself.

Here are Just some of Phils honest mistakes or should that be PHIL MAC LOL AGAINS from the Copland road organisation articles highlighted by Brother Nicholson.

Phil suggesting that Kingsnorth had traveled to Scotland for crisis talks. When Mr Kingsnorth confirmed he was in Italy on the day in question.

Phil claimed McCoist and the Rangers team spent two nights away in a plush hotel before the Ramsdens Cup Final in April. Which an eyewitness called bullshit on as they saw the team, including McCoist, leave the stadium around 4 p.m. for the game.

Phil Makes up-or the voices in his head sorry “sources” do-stock exchange announcements that never materialise.

Phil stated that Imran Ahmad would win his court case in the court of sessions, he didn’t.

Phil has claimed on several occasions that Graham Wallace was about to walk. Hes still at Ibrox.

Phil’s made a complete arse of it when 28 million shares had been traded in RIFC. 43% of the company,when it was actually 28,000 shares that had been traded.

Phil said George Letham, who provided a loan of £1 million to the Club, does not have security over the loan. When stock exchange announcements contradict that he does indeed have security.

Next up is Phil proclaiming that Rob Shorthouse will be the new Director of Communications at Rangers. This is met with a rebuttal by the man himself where Phil then attempts to convince him he is indeed the front runner. Incorrect “on this occasion”.

Phil announced that Barry Ferguson would be the new St Mirren manager. Only days later Tommy Craig was appointed.

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This is out and out Churnalism Dear Reader.

The So Called “Rebel Journalist” Phil has become a parody of himself!

He has became everything his loony left wing Rangers hating IRA pals hate.

Churnalism that is when Main Stream Media journalists-that Phil derides so much- just “churn” out press releases to the public verbatim without questioning or researching what is being said and finding out if there is any truth in it.

In an a blog called ‘Regarding Alistair’ by Chris Graham Phil Mac Giolla Bhain tells of a meeting at Ibrox taking place, following the Hearts game, on the future of manager Ally McCoist.

Brother Graham states “There was no meeting. The various members of the board dispersed sometime following the game and did not attend a meeting either electronically, in person, or perched on the back of the club unicorn.”

Phil then goes on to make up made up arguments that took place at a meeting that never existed.

The disgusting vile Rangers hating bigot uses the name of the late great Sandy Jardine to try and validate his Rangers hating BULLSHITE.

This vile bastard has the audacity to use Sandy Jardine the very man who did so much to Hold Rangers together when the sectarian bigots in high places that used Phil as an useful idiot tried to destroy it in a prejudicial witch hunt.

The voices in his head even brings in the Family of Sandy Jardine to his make believe hate filled Ramblings.

I have to admit Dear Reader I wasn’t being totally honest in my opening gambit.

I came across Phils Blog recently by accident.

I was like many others saddened to hear the Death of one of the best comedians and to be fair Actors that ever lived.

images (4)

Robin Williams.

So I clicked a link by the Heralds Robbie Dinwoodie about a friend of his view on his death and it led me to Phils blog and what looked like a piece on Robin Williams.

I could have fucking kicked myself.

But I wasn’t to blame.

Who would have thought that a well respected CHIEF SCOTTISH POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT who covered Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles would be such close friends and by de facto TARRED WITH A SICKENING SECTARIAN BRUSH with a scumbag terrorist glorifier like Phil?


As always the blog was about Phil.

As only a narcissistic ego maniac like Phil could. He managed to Hi Jack Robin Williams death and give it poor me, poor me, poor me.

He even manages to crowbar the Irish Famine in!

I shit you not.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain goes on to wax lyrical about how Robin Williams effected him……

Phil gushes on his blog.

I don’t know if Robin Williams planted a tree, but his chaotic genius planted light into the dark and he made me laugh when I was often at my lowest

There was something about his stream of consciousness improvisation that scooped me up and dumped me on a life affirming roller-coaster.

For me Robin Williams was my mind altering substance of choice for all of my adult life.

Although I loved his movie characters it was the improvising Robin Williams onstage that unleashed his raw genius.

I would laugh uncontrollably.

I’m an only child, but I imagined having a big brother who was funny and smart like that.

I loved Robin Williams for his genius, but most of all for his humanity.

Moreover, I never got the sense that any minority or disempowered group were the targets

I always felt better after being in his electronic presence.

Last night I cried at the news of the circumstances of his passing.

Today the world is one genius short.

Just as well Robin Williams wasn’t a internationally respected grade one referee employed at Hampden park or Phil and his hate filled hypocritical lynch mhob would be burning effigies of him till he was publicly hounded from his Job.

Now you tell me Dear Reader is the above videos of the Comedian that is such an inspiration to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain any worse than what Hugh Dallas forwarded – not made- forwarded on in an e-mail?


It seems Phil Mac Giolla Bhain can filter what he does and does not find funny by if it is told by a person he perceives to be British and Protestant.

Just as well Phil the hypocrite didn’t know Robin Williams was an Rangers fan or else he would have hounded him into a Jail Cell.

What you don’t believe me?

Watch this video

Who else would pretend to be a Jew when asked “whit fit dae yae kick wi?”

We all know because of Celtics disgusting politically hijacked fan base. Jews are persona non grata at Celtic park.

Who would be so outspoken on the atrocity of systematical child rape on an industrial scale committed and covered up by the hierarchy in the Roman catholic church?

It’s certainly not the Celtic way.

download (8)images (5)

If he did find out that Robin Williams was a closet Blue Nose then he would be probably be starting an internet campaign with fellow mentally illness sufferer Angela Haggerty to harass and chastise Robin Williams close family and friends to get them to pay his debts.

It is claimed he had confided to a family friend that he had ‘serious money troubles on the verge of bankruptcy’ and worried about his family’s financial security shortly before his death.

Last September, Williams revealed he was having to put his huge California ranch and vineyard up for sale for £22 million to cover some of his debts

If only people like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and his putrid puppet Angela Haggerty were not so cruel about people effected by debt and mocked them day in day out creating such a stigma that people think there is no other option.


Then maybe big Celtic fan Billy Connolly’s wee pal Robin Williams would still be alive.

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Who knows?

What ever it was Robin Williams was not messing about!

Police confirmed he appeared to have died from asphyxia after hanging himself after slashing his wrist’s while his wife slept in another room.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain / White / Derrig / O Gorman / Gillivan / McGillivan is mentally ill.

That is a fact that cant be denied.

He admits it.

That I am told is the first step to getting help.

And if you dear reader suffer from it please seek help.

My advice is don’t go to the same Doctor Phil goes to as he is appearing to blog the longest suicide note in history.

But Phil doesn’t suffer this illness in silence oh no he unfortunately shouts it from the rooftops.

Hating Rangers and what he perceives them to stand for seems to be his coping mechanism.

But that is all over now.

Phil’s days are numbered and he knows it!

His usually reliable sources are gone vanished like a puff of smoke.

images (9)

As we can see he is no longer their useful idiot.

He is tarred with a sickening sectarian brush according to Britain’s biggest selling newspaper The Sun no less.


Ridding society of prejudicial attitudes is a job for all of us.

Do yourself and your family a favour Phil.

The whole “Rangers are dead” concept shines a light into the dark psychosis of the anti-British bigots mind.

The mental gymnastics that he has to do on a daily basis to confirm that Rangers are dead but yet still manage to hate it the same way he has always done would drive the average Timothy doolally if they were not already.

Football Clubs cant die you fucking imbecile!

People do!

Your close friends during the sectarian motivated Rangers Tax case witch hunt Paul McBride Q.C and struck off solicitor Paul McConnville are DEAD.

download (10)download (11)


Even I wouldn’t say Celtic are dead if the alleged State Aid cases that the European Commission are currently investigating catches up on them.

Even if European Commission find all the land deals between Celtic and Glasgow City Council are illegal and the Co-op bank start playing hard ball with them for their money back.



They are a football club who compete in the sport of association Football.

Phil can at least take comfort that Brother Walfrid and the Church that founded his beloved Celtic would not give a suicide victim a proper Christian burial and the would be rotting and burning in Hell’s fire for all eternity.

A dogma that has helped grow the stigma of suicide for centuries.

images (6)

The problem isn’t really Phil what ever his name is.

It never was.

Phil is just a mentally unstable hate filled vulnerable individual

Its the people that use and hide behind the mentally vulnerable cretin as an useful idiot for their own agenda.

It is them that is and always was the problem and they will be brought to justice by the Rangers family.

Their day will come.




  1. Orange Tatty says:

    great blog, and so true

  2. johnnylowe1888 says:

    Dear me, what a fuckin crackpot, delusional, xenophobic wee world you live in. I bet if you had your way you’d be painting the grass blue and smashing the green traffic lights. Been pmsl reading this shit! the paranoid ramblings of a sevconian right enough.

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

    Just cant get enough Hail, Hail

  3. Billy says:

    Think you should add a link to the VB email you have on site or at least say where you got it from? Well done on the article.

  4. Belses BlueFin says:

    Good stuff from your and the lads at CRO. Phil mac away wi the fairies is a bigger embarassment for state aid fc than their drubbing by Legia Warsaw.

    The sooner that liars and terrorists lovers like him and his “bestest” buddy “without benefits” the hag herself are hunted off into the wilds of Mordor where they belong the better.

  5. almac says:

    Keep up the good work .more people will find this blog . we’ll done

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