I was angered, shocked and sickened to the pit of my stomach when I read recently that Police where probing Jimmy Saviles involvement into the death of a young girl from Roecliffe Manor children’s home in Leicestershire in the 1960s.

Just when you thought the whole sordid Jimmy Savile affair couldn’t sink any lower.

It did.

I was even more angered, shocked and sickened to the pit of my stomach when I also read that this wasn’t the only death of a young girl that Jimmy savile was being linked with.

In October 2013 Sun journalist KIERAN CORCORAN reported how Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire’s local vicar has called for police to investigate the murder of a girl.


13 year old Lindsay Jo Rimer was dumped in a canal in 1994 just miles from where Jimmy Savile would often take holidays just miles from her home.

The Reverend Graham Kent, who was a Methodist minister in the town when Lindsay was killed, and his parishioners urged officers to investigate any potential links between Savile and Lindsay Jo Rimer, who was strangled and dumped into a canal in 1994.

Jimmy Savile would regularly stay near the home of Lindsay Jo Rimer around the same time she was killed in 1994. Local people have called for the disgraced star to be investigated in relation to the unsolved murder case.

The former Top of the Pops DJ was never interviewed by police, despite being a regular visitor to the area 19 years ago when the murder occurred.

Lindsay was taken while walking to a Spar store in Hebden Bridge at 10pm to buy cornflakes. She was found five months later in a canal weighed down by a 20lbs rock.

During the early 1990’s he often stayed alone in Cragg Vale, a few miles from where Lindsay lived with her family until shortly before her disappearance.

The star had been a familiar presence in the area since the 1960s, and spent time in a caravan owned by a friend which he parked near a pub called the Hinchliffe Arms.

A local man used to let him keep his Rolls-Royce in his garage.

This might seem fanciful, hyperbole, the script of some bad ‘B’ movie but as former detective John Stainthorpe ‘Child perverts soon become child killers’

In November 2012 John Stainthorpe was interviewed.

The former detective who worked on the Yorkshire Ripper investigation says Jimmy Savile was questioned by police in connection with the murders.

John Stainthorpe, who worked for the West Yorkshire force for 40 years, says the disgraced broadcaster was considered a suspect in the notorious case after members of the public contacted police saying they though Savile was the killer.

Speaking to ITV’s Calendar News, Mr Stainthorpe said:

“When the Ripper was really active, one of the suspects put forward by the public was, in fact, Jimmy Savile…Obviously, it was not he, but he was interviewed along with many others.“

Mr Stainthorpe said he felt the anonymous member of the public who contacted police was “aiming in the right direction” when they suggested Savile, going on to add “child perverts soon become child killers”.

Mr Stainthorpe claims that Savile was questioned by detectives comes after it was reported that the body of Sutcliffe’s third victim Irene Richardson was discovered just yards from Savile’s flat.

Miss Richardson was killed in 1977 close to Savile’s three-bedroom penthouse, which overlooks Leeds’ Roundhay Park.


But, Dear Reader lets get back to the beginning and the death of the young girl at Roecliffe Manor children’s home in Leicestershire in the 1960s

Police launched an investigation into whether or not Jimmy Savile was involved in the death of a young girl from the care home.

A witness -who was recovering from tuberculosis at the home between the ages of four and nine- said he was also attacked by Jimmy Savile and a friend with “a Scottish or Irish accent” claims to have seen him drag the girl away from Roecliffe Manor children’s home in Leicestershire in the 1960s.

The next day the girl, called either April or Elizabeth, was found dead.

Leicestershire Police today said that an investigation into the claim “is ongoing”.

The allegations were made as a report was released into Roecliffe Manor children’s convalescent home that concluded that sexual abuse is “likely to have taken place”.

The victim’s allegations first came to light when he contacted Operation Yewtree investigators, who have looked into hundreds of claims of abuse at Savile’s hands, claiming he was abused by the former DJ on at least four occasions.

The victim said a man “called Jimmy” would come to the home, bringing books and film reels, and “would have us kissing and cuddling him”.

The victim told her “he managed to make you feel loved and cared for” but had later abused him.

On a few occasions, the man said he and another little girl were taken from Roecliffe in the back of a camper van by Savile and a male friend, who had an Irish or Scottish accent.

He said that when taken out of the home, they would go to a motorway service station or for picnics.
The alleged abuse took place between 1959 and 1964.

Referring to the separate allegation where a girl “was seen, by the informant, being dragged away by someone who he states was Jimmy Savile and his friend”,

The victim said he was told the following day by the home’s matron that the child, who was the girl he traveled with in the camper van, had died.

The Victim was said to have came across as “a sincere and honest individual” and gave a “consistent account of his memories of his time at Roecliffe”.

download (4)

Who was Jimmy Savile’s friend with “an Irish or Scottish accent”

Was it Jimmy Savile’s Life long friend Canon Denis O’Connell?

image001 (Small)

Fr. Denis O’Connell was born in Milford, County Cork, West Britain on 15th Feb 1918.

He was trained for the priesthood at St Patrick’s College Thurles where he was ordained on 15th June 1941 by Bishop Jeremiah Kinane of Waterford & Lismore specifically for missionary work in the Diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Fr. O’Connell then spent all of his life as a priest in Scotland.

From 1941 till 1960 Fr. O’Connell moved around Scotland from St Machan’s Lennoxtown, St Agatha’s Methil in Fife, St Columba’s Edinburgh, teaching at St Mary’s College Blair’s, the Scottish Junior Seminary in Aberdeen and St Margaret Mary’s Edinburgh for 3 years until 1960.

Then Fr. O’Connell went to the BBC at Hatchend in London for almost 2 whole years where he was to work as a consultant on Catholic & Religious broadcasting making many radio and TV appearances whilst working for Fr. Angelus Andrew who was Head of Religious Affairs in the BBC at that time.

This posting would give him access to many famous personalities which considerably influenced his ability to organize public events in subsequent years!


If so this would match the Time line of the alledge murder of the young girl at Roecliffe Manor children’s home in Leicestershire
Back in Scotland, his first appointment as Parish Priest proper was at Our Lady’s, Stoneyburn in West Lothian from 1961 to 1965.

Fr. O’Connell was then appointed Vice Postulator of the Cause for the Beatification of the Blessed Margaret Sinclair taking over this post from Monsignor McQuillan in 1964.

It was at this time 1964 Jimmy Savile’s mother who had originally got to know Fr O’Connell in his role as Vice Postulator of the Cause for the Beatification of the Blessed Margaret Sinclair.

She had a devotion to Margaret Sinclair following a period when the young Jimmy had been very ill after a fall. She always attributed his recovery to Margaret Sinclair’s intercession.

Jimmy and Fr O’Connell formed a close friendship when Jimmy’s mother died which lasted until the then ‘Canon’ O’Connell himself died in 1997.

Jimmy Savile had a strange at best and dubious at worst relationship with his Mother of whom he called the ‘Duchess’

images (7)

He kept one of his many flats he owned as a shrine to her with wardrobes full of her clothes he kept covered in polythene and had dry cleaned every year.

At Fr O’Connell next Parish, St Matthew’s Rosewell in Midlothian where he served from 1965 to 1972, he founded the National Centre for the Cause of the Beatification of Margaret Sinclair.

From this time onwards and in all the Parishes in which he subsequently served, Fr O’Connell organised many annual Pilgrimages to St Matthew’s Rosewell as well as to Mount Vernon Cemetery in Edinburgh where the remains of Margaret Sinclair had been buried for 76 years.

More recently in 2003 her remains were moved to their current location, in the shrine at St. Patrick’s, Cowgate in Edinburgh.

The pinnacle of his time in this post as Vice Postulator came in February 1978 when the Cause for the Congregation of the Saints in Rome petitioned His Holiness Pope Paul vi who recognised Margaret Sinclair’s case and raised her status from ‘Blessed’ Margaret Sinclair to that of the ‘Venerable’ Margaret Sinclair.

in 1972 Fr O’Connell arrived in St Patrick’s Kilsyth on the same day as his new assistant Priest, Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

images (3)

According to O’Connell’s obituray Cardinal Keith O’Brien was Canon O’Connell’s Altar boy.

Fr. O’Connell was elevated to the Cathedral Chapter by the then Archbishop O’Brien on the 2nd of Dec 1986 whilst still serving at St Patrick’s Kilsyth.

Fr O’Connell association with the BBC was used to good effect either for fund raising or for community events.

Fr O’Connell staged a free open air concert in Kilsyth in 1976 by the Bay City Rollers, then at the height of their fame.

Fr O’Connell was said to have vaguely knew serial sex offender and convicted paedophile Tam Paton their manager to get the Bay City Rollers to play Kilsyth for free.

download (10)

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG was a frequent visitor during the period when he had a hit TV show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ or was in between presenting ‘Top of the Pops’ or hosting a show on Radio 1 and could often be seen at 10 O’clock Mass of a morning, sporting a kilt.

You could always tell when he was in Kilsyth as his white jaguar car was parked outside the Parish House.

In return for Jimmy’s frequent visit’s to Kilsyth and tireless fundraising, Fr. O’Connell built a fountain in the front piazza at St Patrick’s in his name to recognise his charitable work.

Why a UK TV megastar -and lets face it the BBC made this creep one- would spend so much time in the sleepy backwater of Kilsyth, well your guess is as good as mine.

Look don’t take my word for it!

Take the word of a courageous witness from Kilsyth. The man who was a schoolboy at the time said:

“Savile was here often over a period covering the mid-1970s. We were amazed to see him at first because he was always on TV. When we saw him about the town, he was always with Fr O’Connell or Fr O’Brien.

“They went out of their way to court publicity, because they were raising money for charity.

“We would see the flash Roller parked outside the school because it was right next to the priests’ house and we’d know Savile was in town.

“Over the next few days, you would see him out and about in the town, normally with the priests.

“They were always on a fundraising exercise. It was always assumed that Savile stayed with the priests overnight. I’d say over three to four years, you would see Savile twice a year. It got to the stage that it was no longer a surprise.

“As I got older, there were stories that Savile had stopped coming to Kilsyth because he had been interfering with young girls. It was the talk of the place for a while.

“We were always told that Savile came to Kilsyth because his mother was friends with Fr O’Connell.”

Jimmy Saville & Housekeeper Catriona Canavan with Fr O'Connel Rev McLachlan and Kevin Kelly Celtic Chairman

There is also a worrying story from January 2013 of Scottish Police -after they were contacted by the Metropolitan Police team working on Operation Yewtree -investigating the identity of Jimmy Savile’s male accomplice as it’s revealed the predator did not act alone.

Officers in Fife received a complaint that relates to the predator TV star and a male accomplice.

Savile’s Scottish crimes were committed in the Strathclyde, Northern, Lothian & Borders, Grampian and Fife Police areas.
The inquiry was at an early stage and detectives were liaising with officers in London.

The age and gender of the Fife victim, as well as the date of the offence, have not been disclosed. It was not clear if police know the identity of the accomplice or if the victim has only provided a description.

Mr Sinclair said: “To date, five disclosures have been made across the UK which relate to crimes which took place in Scotland.
“All of these are being investigated by Scottish police and liaison with the Crown will continue to ensure that these investigations are properly managed and concluded.”

The Met’s Giving Victims a Voice report, published on Friday, identified three strands of offences – those committed by Savile, by “Savile plus others” and those people who have reported unconnected sex crimes following the publicity.
The Fife case has been filed under “plus others”.

Look I don’t know about you dear reader but I am getting fed up of reading these stories of people like these getting away with their sexually depraved crimes swept under the carpet by the Scottish Legal establishment.

I you are like me don’t get angry lets get JUSTICE for the victims. Join with me and contact the Leicestershire Police and try and help them identify Jimmy Saviles friend with the Scottish or Irish accent.

Send them the pictures of Cannon Denis O’Connell

Canon OConnell at Leslie in Fife (WinCE)

The force said its investigations into the alleged abuse were ongoing, and urged anyone with information to call 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

If you have any hearing difficulties or a speech impairment, a text phone is available on 18001 101.

Text message access for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired people.

Text 07624 818 901

You can contact Leicestershire Police by post

Leicestershire Police
Force Headquarters
St Johns
LE19 2BX

clearly marking your envelope with the department or individual you want to contact.

Contact by fax on 0116 248 2427

If you are calling from outside of the UK please dial 0116 222 2222.


Cardinal Grey and Fr OConnell at St Patrick's (Medium)

When the idea of a Catholic journalists’ guild was mooted in the archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, then Archbishop Gordon J Gray asked the then Father O’Connell to be first chaplain.

He knew Father O’Connell would get others involved.

I wonder who the Journalists were in the Guild and if they served succulent lamb of God?

What ever it was it must have been tasty because they would rather print stories about alleged book fiddling than……….


  1. Orange Bastard says:

    Sir Jimmy Saville……Friend and confidant of the Royals…Prince Charles Fixer..You know “Jim’ll fix it for You Charlie Boy” Hun Bastard.

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