I was there at the great Battle of George Square.

Yes I was that brave soldier.

I was there when the hordes laid siege and sacked the city of Glasgow

If truth be known though it wasn’t a battle.

It wasn’t a riot

It was hand bags at worse that was disgustedly propagandised by the media to turn it into a riot and firmly blame it all at the doorstep of those big bad Unionists who had the audacity, no the mere temerity to celebrate the fact Scotland democratically voted No to being an independent country and remain part of the Glorious united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

My first contact with George Square that day with the knowledge of a No vote part that I saw arranged on social media for that day, was during a lunch break early in the afternoon.

I took a wee walk down and had a gander at the square that had seen it scarred from 3 days and nights of yes voters.

What I and others saw from my quick reconnaissance mission was a terrible loony left wing ‘Political’ busker by the name of Citizen Smart AKA Alan Smart


This sad, middle aged, revolutionary sits in his bedsit and sings songs glorifying in the death of Octogenarian Grandmother.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Once Mr Smart held down a respectable day job. Mr Smart used to be head of current affairs at STV and has also run broadcasting at the Scottish Parliament!

I don’t know about you but One’s jaw has well and truly dropped and it will drop more as you read on.

You may remember him for being arrested and charged with acting in a racially aggravated manner that caused or was intended to cause alarm and distress at the 2013 Scottish Conservative Party Conference in Stirling.

Mr Smart, 54, of Dollar, Clackmannanshire, -THE FIRST REGION TO SAY SCOTLAND STILL SAYS NO!- sang a song called

“Go on home English Tories go on home, Have no got a home of your own?”, “For 300 years, We’ve fought you without fear. And we’ll fight you for 300 more.” to the tune of Irish rebel song Go On Home British Soldiers.

Somebody better tell this imbecile that the Tory party was in support of the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745 and that David Cameron comes from a long line of the Highland clan who got the rebellion started when the young pretender set foot on Scottish land.

At his trial at Stirling Sheriff Court Mr Smart of Bridge Street, Dollar, represented by solicitor Aamer Anwar (surprise Surprise) was acquitted on the charge after Sheriff Wyllie Robertson ruled that he had no case to answer.

Despite During the trial, Crown witness Christabel Wandless who is English and had been living in Scotland for 13-and-a-half years, saying
“The particular singing that I heard was singing suggesting that English Tories might like to leave.”

She added that the sentiment of the lyrics was quite clear and that they had made her feel “uncomfortable”.

Also witness, Mark McIlfatrick told the court: “If you had used anybody else, the Polish to go back to Poland, the Indians to go back to India, that is not acceptable. It’s a racist comment.”

But solicitor Mr Anwar said: “Mr Smart was referring to English Tories rather than English people.”

Mr Anwar said that any conviction of Mr Smart would also have set “a dangerous precedent”.


Dear reader we know for a fact that if it was Pakistanis or 5th Generation decedents of Irish Immigrants that were racially harassed Mr Anwar would be the first shouting his big mouth off!

And they would want him to defend them too. He seems to be a better Lawyer than he is a holiday companion to be fare!


There was a SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY stall (I know. Who  even knew they were still going) who were no strangers to George Square demos the last being the disgusting macabre dancing on the grave of an old serious ill Grandmother.

sociliast-worker-thatcher Glasgow party

Then I along with others spotted well known dissident IRA supporters Chris McCann ,Kristopher Snowden with another man unbeknownst to us. Why they where there when it was well known through out social media that Unionist no Voters had arranged a mass party in celebration of the fact. well your guess is as good as mine. But as we will see from later on in this blog they were not to be the last.


This wasnt the first time Chris McCann and Kristopher ‘Rebel’ Snowden have been at George Square at organised events. Here they are at a demonstration organised by the 32 CSM the political wing of the RIRA

kris snowden32csmAy5OTOSCcAEr1-S

You may remember Chris Mcann as he was charged in June 2013 over messages posted on his social media account following the murder of two female police officers in Manchester. He accused of allowing “grossly offensive messages” to be published that referred to the murders of Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone.

The two women were shot dead by a gunman in cold blood who lay in wait after calling 999 and reporting a fake burglary. Dale Cregan was already on the run for killing a father and son and is serving a whole life sentence.

McCann, from the Gorbals area of Glasgow, was arrested after police were alerted to his Facebook post within 24 hours of the police officers being murdered. The message also included a reference to former Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, who had been shot dead a few weeks earlier in a suspected gang feud.

It read: “F*** your GMP [Greater Manchester Police] only 2 of yous should have been 22 of yous.

“Thats karma coming back to bite yous ratbags for removing the cross monument honouring the late great Alan Ryan.”

“Hope more of you get took out watch out for they housebreakings ha ha ha boom TAL32.”

The charge stated that the comment “desires that officers should be killed” and is alleged to have been posted on a public social media site on an account in his name.

In January Chris McCann, once reported to be a leader of a notorious Glasgow gang, was jailed McCann for ten months by Sheriff Ian Miller .
As McCann was lead away he shouted “scumbag” at the sheriff and “that’s what you are a f****** rat”.

Father-of-three McCann, of the city’s Gorbals area, whined to police that he did not write the message.

He said another person was responsible after McCann gave him details to access his Facebook page.

McCann further added he knew the message was there but did not authorise it.

Had McCann gone to trial he would have lodged a special defence of incrimination blaming a mystery friend.

Des Finnieston, defending, told the court McCann was “completely stunned” by the message and agreed with police that it was “despicable”.

In 2007, McCann, who has a string of previous convictions, was said to be a ringleader of a gang called Young xCross Cumbie.

The mob made headlines when three members were locked up after young father William Smith was battered to death near his home in the Gorbals.

David Harvey, George O’Connor, Jason McFadden along with Iain Stevenson were jailed for eight years for culpable homicide.

A video of the killers during a court appearance appeared on YouTube titled “The troops in the high court fur murder”. The clip was posted by someone with the username chrismccann1888


So from early on we are talking early afternoon we have a deeply criminal, dissident IRA terror supporting element in George Square.


I saw very few, if any openly Unionists No voters or Union Flags.

When I returned later on in the day though I was met with a jubilant wonderful celebration of Great Britain and love of the Union.

I saw whole families some who had come from other parts of the world. Grannys, Grandads, Mothers with babies in prams, dogs getting in on the act with union flag collars,disabled people and tourists and people of all colour all joining in the carnival atmosphere.

One image that remains was of an African family all taking turns to get the picture in front of an enormous union flag with Drumchapel emblazoned on it.

Alex Thomson ITN Journalist and channel 4 presenter openly walked and chatted unmolested with the people he so cruelly labelled as “underclass” during the witch hunt of the Rangers Tax Case.

There was, near the middle of George Square a group of unionists on the east side of George Square and a group of nationalists on the west side chanting towards each other.

The Unionists were the loudest and more organised in the song department. All pretty tame stuff here is some of the ditty’s I heard from the big bad Unionists.


FLOWER OF SCOTLAND (yes! really flower of Scotland)







The Nationalists was more just vulgar negative and sectarian insults Knuckle draggers, sub human scum, Orange bastards, Nazis the usual slurs though you wont see them on your TV screen or in your newspaper.

The fist sign of trouble was an angry bald Scottish Nationalists with a Lidl special kilt outfit that looked liked he had been sleeping in for 3 days and nights. He seemed to think it would be a good Idea to make his way towards a group of celebrating Unionist No voters made up of mainly OAP’s and shout



He was quickly escorted away out of the square by Police.

Then there was a Scottish Nationalist NED that broke ranks from the 2 groups shouting at each other in the center and sneaked behind the Unionist group at the Sir Walter Scott Column.

The Sir Walter Scott Monument had been cordoned off by a Steel fence -just like the rest of the George square monuments- because of hooliganism and vandalism during the previous 3 days from those lovely, salt of the earth, always up for fun, Jolly Craicsters the Scottish Nationalist.

The Scottish Nationalist NED – or Irish republican NED as you will soon find out by what he shouted- got worrying beside the monument and right behind the Unionist Group and shouted


“UP THE ‘RA” and


The Scottish Nationalist/Irish republican NED then proceeded to get into a fight with a young Unionist that took umbrage to this sectarian and racist abuse being spat at them.

If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of some Unionists in alerting and directing the Police towards the suicidal Scottish National IRA Yob then he would have been surely on the receiving end of a severe beating.

Thankfully he was arrested before this could happen and went to spend all of Friday night, Saturday,Sunday at one of Her Majesty’s Police stations and then up in front of the wigs on Monday.


The next sign of trouble was in the north part of the Square when a Shaven headed thug with a saltire aggressively waiving it at Unionists and wanting it placed beside the many union flags around George square.

The unionists had no problem with this as Saltire’s where openly being waived along side the Union flag. The shaven headed thugs mask slipped soon when he started SHOUTING ABOUT IRELAND and Snarling something about a butchers Aprons.

Next sign of trouble was a man who was described to me as being “a well known Irish Republican” was spotted. His presence seemed to cause most trouble with  Unionists who had spotted him Shouts of “Child killing bastard” and “Murderer” were heard. He was protected by about 20 police officers and arrested.

After this event it was then the Unionist crowd then spilt into St. Vincent Street and were kettled by Police

IT was as this was happening a massive traffic jam built up on all roads at the junction of St. Vincent street and George square while “the dirty IRA provo bastard” WAS STILL in the Police van.


Beside it I got talking to lets just say two elderly women, senior citizens the type that utter bigoted bastard Jim Sillars would like to see up against the wall on his day of reckoning for voting NO.

They told me more about the “IRA bastard” -not their words- in the Police van they said something about The SNP and him being on a panel or board for IRA terror marches in Scotland.

It was all quite hard to understand and all over the place as the two grannies were quite rightfully terrified at why people who hated the United Kingdom and no voters so much that they would run kamikaze style into a unionist party shouting vulgar sectarian slogans promoting anti-British IRA terror?

The two elderly ladies went on to say

“they (Nationalists) have had their party 3 days and night they have had trying to call it independence square why would they want to come back here tonight and spoil ours?”

It was shortly after the kettling of the unionists that I left the square feeling that the little pockets of unionists throughout George Square would be susceptible to attacks from rabid sectarian racists Nationalists on the prowl.

I went to a nearby pub to watch the rest unfold before eventually heading home.

It was whilst in the pub the kettled Unionist fans in St. Vincent street marched them up Buchannon Street and then into West George Street. The Unionist’s and Police were followed by a large organised group of extreme Scottish nationalists and as we can now say with out doubt from the evidence I have provided dissident IRA terror supporters.

All the pics that appeared where of the Unionist side being held back by a line of Strathclydes finest, but what were they being held back from?
If you believe the propaganda from the media you would think

But as we have seen from earlier in this post dissident Irish republicanism ugly face was represented in the form of the RIRA’s political wing the 32 counties sovereignty movement.

The mob that tried to gatecrash the Unionist party was an organised mixture of extreme Scottish Nationalists and Dissident Irish republican group of thugs, That this blog has been banging on about for over two years now.

That is part of this extreme Scottish nationalists dissident IRA terror supporters group seen disgusting kicking a boy who is helpless on the ground!


If the bitter IRA version of Paul Weller -seen kicking a defenceless boy on the ground- is not a member of the Green Brigade I will George Galloway’s fucking hat.


As I have explained I saw animosity from the Scottish Nationalist side. Snarling contorted faces making offensive gestures and that was earlier on in the night when the inoffensive banter was high.

Why did none of their pictures make into the national press?

Why was all the majority of Cameras trained on the Unionist side?

All the pics that appeared where of the Unionist side being held back by a line of Strathclydes finest, but what the hell were they being held back from?

Why well we all no the answer to that question dear reader.

It doesn’t fit the agenda.

For over 20 years anything or anyone in Scotland showing outward pride in the United Kingdom has been tarred with being a bigot. This also leads to a level of Anti-English racism promoted in the media that quite frankly would sickening you to bottom of your stomach.

FOR CHRIST SAKE even Alex Thomson, himself no friend of Unionism -no doubt forged from his days reporting in Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles- said that the propaganda from the usual suspects of Rangers and British hating internet bampots , so called Journalists and the despicable Sunday Herald partisan comic was a load of bullshit!

Now I will admit the Friday celebration for No Voters was amateurous at best and no wonder it attracted people that were not backwards in coming forwards.

No Voters young and old have been intimidated with in an inch of their life by an over zealous maniacal, brainwashed Yes Vote Campaign. Some of those I saw on TV had almost Psychotic Cult-like eyes

I think the official Better together campaign as a thanks to all their campaigners and voters should hold an official last night of the proms style concert in George square. With big name stars to celebrate our glorious victory over narrow-minded pie in the sky Scottish national socialism on the 18th of September.

I for one would pay!

Wouldn’t it be Brilliant George Square turned into a Last night of the proms type event to celebrate Scotland’s rightful partnership in the union.

But you know as I do dear reader the well heeled classical music loving people that would attend that proposed concert would be met with the same venom by the Scottish Nationalist side. This isn’t about hating “loyalist Nazis” -an oxymoron if ever I heard one- No dear Reader this is about hating Great Britain and anyone who dare claims to be proudly British in Scotland

One thing that these anti- British bastards will need to get through their thick bigoted skulls is that we will not be intimidated.

We are not Scared.

This is our country and we are not budging ONE Great British imperial INCH!




Agent Provocateur


An agent provocateur (French for “inciting agent”) is an undercover agent who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act. An agent provocateur may be acting out of own sense of nationalism/duty or may be employed by the police or other entity to discredit or harm another group (e.g., peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a crime – thus, undermining the protest or demonstration as whole.

You will remember the Mod looking fellow with the Yellow Adidas jacket kicking the denfeceless boy on the ground with the help of his friend. See below.



Below is taking from the TAL fanzines facebook. TAL of course being the acronym for Tiocfaidh ár lá the slogan of the Provisional IRA, Is an anti-British pro IRA, thinly disguised as a Celtic fanzine. Founded by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain among others.


It reads

Here’s a YouTube video that refutes the accepted narrative of those who “walked away” from confrontation last Friday night. Here’s YES campaigners and anti-fascists putting the loyalists on their heels…

I’ve got no probem at all with those who do not want to fight. My problem comes when they try to use their own excuses for not fighting the fascists in order to discourage others from doing so.

On another page I’ve seen SWP types (including the two clowns I blocked from this page tonight) react to this video by doubting that it was fascists that were being confronted and suggesting that this mob were simply attacking anyone carrying a Union flag! I kid you not, they are actually going out of their way to try to disprove what went on last Friday and provide a narrative that it was just ‘violence for violence sake’ on both sides.

C@nts like that are the enemy within…

A link to a video is provided

The Video quite clearly follows a group of YES NEDS attacking anyone with a Union Jack and “FUCK YER UNION JACK” can quite clearly be heard. It Climaxes in the arrest of the man in the Yellow Adidas jacket assaulting a man with Union flag shorts on with a weapon,

It can be seen better from 0.14 seconds onwards in this video below.

You can perhaps say this could be 2 unionists fighting over a tiff.

You could say the MOD took exception to the mans Bermuda shorts.

But the more than likely scenario is that the man in the Yellow Adidas jacket is an anti British No voting bastard hell bent on violence.

Here’s a Link to Alex Thompson’s report on Channel 4 News. Look from about 1 min 14 secs on when the Nationalist gets lifted.

You can also clearly see it better from this screen grab from a tweet.


Look at the red arrow. Is this the same Yes thug mingling among the old and the young of the No vote party?

If so this sends a shiver down my spine.

Why was he lurking about?

What if he had that weapon along the whole time he was there?

One dreads think of such premeditated evil!


  1. colin wallace says:

    Superb. I just knew you’d be along with the goods on these bastards. Keep it coming.

  2. Undine Downie says:

    My daughter was in Glasgow that night…she was intimidated by a number of people because of her presumed vote in the referendum….I myself was verbally abused in the run-up to the referendum….by no-voters! I won´t tar all no-voters with the same brush, but extremism is always nasty!

  3. Allways Soverign says:

    Brill idea about a last night of the Proms in George Sq! It was exhilarating last year at Glasgow Green. Must see!

  4. john hamilton says:

    fantastic well written totally agree 100%

    • Alex salmond says:

      Wot a pile of bigoted
      anti Irish
      anti Catholic
      did you mention about the two girls
      brit thugs beat up spat on
      or did u leave that bit out?
      How about the setting bins on fire in glassford street blocking the road chasing 2 police (you tube)

  5. Mary lees says:

    Thank you for your huge effort to ensure the truth be heard although as we both know the blame was always going to be directed at the loyalist community of which I have been part of for over 35 years. I am a 41 year old mother of two and have attended a great number of parades over the years and can honestly say I have rarely witnessed any trouble and if I have it’s never by any member of the loyalist community but people who have come to watch the parades over which we have no control. In a country that accommodates a variety of cultures and religions but condemns there own makes no sense to be honest. I took part in the pro union parade in Edinburgh and am very proud to be part of the loyalist community as are my daughters and have many great friends who are Catholics and fully aware of my loyalist connections and it never causes problems. The idea that we are violent catholic hating thugs is absolutely outrageous.

  6. chris redmond says:

    It was reported in this manner because the rest of the establishment (the 99% if you will), is embarrassed and ashamed of the loyalist community. Don’t hate me, I’m just a messenger.

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