The bulk of this was written before the trouble in George Square. The 45 movement had started up and before Professor Tom Gallagher -a Scottish Catholic historian-wrote an article for the spectator titled The Scottish (Roman Catholic) Church showed little statesmanship or common sense during the referendum

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

A quote by Edmund Burke a Protestant Irish statesman born in Dublin. A member of the Whig party in House of Commons of Great Britain His quote from over 200 years ago, but these words resonate profoundly still today in modern day Grande Bretagne.

Last Thursday Scotland was standing on the edge of a precipice staring into the Abyss.

An Abyss that would have left us without a currency for crying out loud! No Currency union with the pound! No Euro either as cold water was poured on the desire for a newly independent Scotland to join the EU.

An Abyss with No defence policy as The SNP wanted Britain’s nuclear submarines – currently stationed at the Faslane Naval Base – out of Scotland as soon as the ink drys on the charter of independence.

An Abyss with An independent Scotland’s defence policy would involve a modestly sized military force of 20,000 military personnel. Its army would be made up of 3,500 regular and 1,200 reserve personnel and the country would have four frigate warships and 16 Typhoon jets. To pretend Scotland would be defended is a dangerous fiction.

An Abyss where a Scottish NHS would’ve faced a £450m funding black hole.

An Abyss without the Queen as the head of State. Which would have seen an all powerful President Salmond or Sturgeon or Sheridan.

One shudders.

Thankfully Scotland pulled herself back from the brink from the Abyss of a very dark future for Caledonia.

All thanks to you Brothers and Sisters. The good Men and women of Scotland didn’t let evil triumph.

The good Men and women of Scotland choose the wise words and sobering realism of US economist Alan Greenspan, President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Sir Tom Hunter, Sir Alex Ferguson, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Sir Richard Branson.

Over the threats of tyrannical despots like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un both who must have saw something they liked in Alex Salmond and backed him through out the campaign.

Over the dreams and hyperbole of Great British Z listers Elaine C Smith, Stuart Cosgrove, Kevin McKenna, Prof. Tom Devine, Brian “Limmy” Limond, Greg Hemphill, Ricky Ross, Pat Kane, Alan Cumming, Eddie Reader and the Proclaimers.

To think in year zero of an independent Scotland. This list of talent-less that reads as a cast list to a Pavilion theater pantomime would be part of the political ruling aristocracy.

Did anybody else get that feeling when someone walks over your grave?

The good Men and women of Scotland did not do nothing.

They stood shoulder to shoulder, Brother and sister, son and daughter of Bella Caledonia and put an X in the no box and ROARED in one collective voice to Alex Salmond sending the champagne socialist homeward in his helicopter -with his childless wife 20 years his senior who he doesn’t like to talk about – TO THINK A -BLOODY- GAIN!

The evil I am talking about – and I make no bones about it – Was Alex Salmond.

A man who tried to do what other little short arse megalomaniacs like Napoleon and Hitler failed to do. That of breaking up this great United Kingdom of ours.

There is no hyperbole in linking Alex Salmond with Adolf Hitler.

Scotland under the SNP has been getting more repressive and oppressive big brother state to live in.Where it appears all negative talk of the SNP is VERBOTEN!

A country in which Staring at the future SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon can see you in the dock.

A country where in August 2014 just some might say coincidentally days before the referendam, a man was convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards First Minister Alex Salmond on Twitter.

Christopher Stevenson, 26, posted: “I think I might assassinate Alex Salmond” while watching a television programme about him.
Glasgow Sheriff Court heard he was reported to police by an American tourist who had seen the post online.

Now that’s fine if everybody says online oh I could kill that bloody so and so” after they have took umbrage to what someone has said on TV. Then the courts are going to be very busy indeed.

If it was only because of the sensitive, Important position that Alex Salmond that fast tracked this young mans case through the courts then fine.

Why then was BBC Scotland ‘comedian’ Brian Limond, better known as ‘Limmy’ not in front of the wigs for these disgusting tweets-seen below- on twitter?

“Would Prince William write to FIFA on behalf of the Scotland team wearing poppies? No. Cos he thinks ENGLAND won the war.”

“I’d love to slide a samurai sword up Prince William’s arse to the hilt, then yank it towards me like a door that won’t fucking open.”

“I don’t gie a fuck if Prince William’s the president of the English football whatever it is, we’re talkin poppies here.”

“England voted in the Tories KNOWING what would happen, just like Germany voted in the Nazis KNOWING what would happen. SAME PEOPLE.”


Because Brian Limond is the poster boy for the YES campaign. Because it was directed only to the royal family not his great leader Alex Salmond?

In the months leading up to the referendum the Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill came under fire for not addressing Parliament on the hugely contentious Police Scotland policy of arming of specialist police officers while on patrol.

Armed cops turned up at a road accident in Glasgow city center. Firearm units were sent to 1,300 incidents – including 100 in the Highlands – in the first year of the national force.

Alex Salmond banning the free press from his press conferences and orchestrating mass rallies to intimidate the BBC sent a worrying tone.
For a political party this has echoes of Fritz Gerlich. Fritz Gerlich was a German journalist and historian, and one of the main journalistic resistors of Adolf Hitler. He was arrested and later killed at the Dachau concentration camp.

You see Hitler didnt just start with sending the Jews to the death camps. He targeted his political enemies the free press and Academics. The type of academics that would keep asking about what the currency would be in an independent Scotland and point out that he had no plan ‘B’ other than “It’ll be fine trust me my old son” like some dodgy second hand car salesman.

After the Nazis seized power on 30 January 1933, Gerlich was arrested and held at the Dachau concentration camp, where he died on 30 June 1934 during the Night of the Long Knives. His killing was officially announced days after his murder, and the announcement was published in the international press at the time.

Gerlich once wrote, “National Socialism means: Enmity with neighbouring nations, tyranny internally, civil war, world war, lies, hatred, fratricide and boundless want.”

I think after the two years we have just went through of rabid Nationlism and now the proposed anti democratic terror campaign of the 45 movement. Dr. Gerlich words still ring true today.

Scotland now after Salmonds bully boy tactics has been put on the Index censorship map of journalists facing intimidation for the first time ever after the pro-Government protests at the BBC.

Its Alex Salmond meglomanical lust and greed for power that has made Scotland a scary divided violent intimidating country that it has been for the last 2 years and looks as if it is not going away anytime soon.

Of course the SNP mainstay of motivation is Pro-Scottish anti-English racism and bigotry, but Alex Salmond knew fine well there is only so many times you can play Mel Gibsons Braveheart and that alone would not bring what he craved and lusted for.

No Alex Salmond rattled the vipers nest -and cared not one jot of the consequences -of scum that shames Scotland that of the pro Irish republicanism anti-British IRA terror underclass vote.

This demographic is euphemistically called “traditionally working class Labour voters.”

Do not take my word for it take the word of Shetland MSP Tavish Scott who in April of this year He said that Scottish Labour needs to wheel out some of its big guns to shore up a “soft” west of Scotland vote that is bleeding support to the independence campaign.

“The Labour Party need to work out why their vote is so soft: they need to use well respected figures like John Reid and Brian Wilson – that’s a crucial element.”

It was Dog whistle politics that Tavish Scott was calling for. John Reid and Brian Wilson are both directors af that carbuncle of Pro-IRA anti-British hatred  Celtic Park.

They are both steeped in Pro IRA anti-United Kingdom hatred. With Brian Wilson openly admitting he sings IRA songs and as for Dr John Reid well I will let George Galloway describe him for you.

Tavish Scott said that he had dealt with Salmond” all his political life and he was the most negative politician he knew, who “always plays the man, not the ball” and whose constant attacks on London government were “implicitly anti-English”.

Mr Scott claimed that anyone arguing for preserving the UK “got a mouthful of abuse”. He added: “I despise that form of campaigning, but we never see it criticised by Salmond or Sturgeon.”

These extremist pro-IRA anti-British pondlife are not to be cultivated in Scotland. They are to be exposed as the anti-British terrorist scum that they are. They are to be publicly shunned and the full weight oh her Majesty’s judgment to be hammered down upon them!

These are the cretins that have memorial dinner plates of provisional IRA terrorists who starved themselves to death on the walls of their Scottish sink estate homes.

These are the scum, the pond life that glorify sectarian psychopaths who placed car bombs blowing up children in sweet shops on bloody friday on 21 July 1972 in Belfast.



These are the scum the pond life that glorify sectarian psychopaths Provisional Irish Republican Army  and it has been claimed that members of the loony left wing Red Action who placed a bomb inside a bin outside a McDonalds in Warrington which murdered children 12-year-old Tim Parry and Three-year-old Johnathan Ball.


These are the scum the pond life that glorify sectarian psychopaths who placed one of the biggest car bombs the world has ever seen in Omagh. Killing among many a pregnant woman with twins out shopping.


These are the Scum that glorify in the death of the 3 SCOTTISH soldiers John McCaig, Dougald McCaughey, and Joseph McCaig, (ages 17, 18 and 23) murdered by the IRA in cold blood. Their memorial to this day is still vandalised by Irish republicans


It is these bastards whose idea of democracy is the Bomb and the bullet over the ballot box!

These peoples idea of engaging with the democratically elected United Kingdom government is the bombing of the Brighton hotel and the mortar attack on 10 downing street that nearly wiped out a democratically elected Parliament not once but twice.

If Scotland did become an independent Nation then these people would be front and center at the driving wheel. The extreme right wing would rise to counter act this.

Scotland would’ve been like Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles and the Balkans at worst.

Look at the regions that put all common sense, logic and empirical evidence in the bin and let out a big Braveheart FREEDOM cry and declared for Yes

Dundee, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire

All epicenters of immigration from Ireland in the past -not a bad thing in itself- but the residue of Anti-British, promotion by Pro-IRA underclass scum is!


The tweet above was from Jeanette Findlay of Glasgow University. The thought that she has the power to shape young adults minds chills me to the bones.

The thing is though Alex Salmond was only using these Irish nationalists these Marxist followers of the Fenian ideology of an united Ireland to gain power. As soon as he achieved his goal he would have thrown them to the kerb.


You actually believed that Scotland would be some sort of loony lefty socialist utopia.

The SNP would still have the most seats at the Scottish Palariment. Alex Salmond would not let go of power just look at his eyes hes a megalomaniac.

No wonder Rupert Murdoch was sniffing about. Do you think he would be backing a socialist marxist loony left wing utopia?

The ‘Tartan Tories’ would have lived up to their name.

Alex Salmond would have sold your pie in the sky childlike unworkable dream down the river before the ink on the declaration of independence was dry!

And quite rightfully so.

The YES Cult where actually behaving like this woman in the video below. Instead of Obama meaning that she wasn’t gonna have to pay her bills and put gas in her car change that to Salmond and you got get a good idea of the delusion that was in the air in Scotland

Another thinly disguised anti-English lie from the YES campaign I heard was from a convoy of ruddy faced booze bags Nats in people carriers as the boomed over a mega phone that “A vote for YES would mean an end to Tory rule”

This Lie was Ironically played over a Big Country song. Ironically I say, because the lead singer of said group committed suicide and that is what surely our Country would have done if we were stupid enough to vote for independence.

Yes “A vote for YES would mean an end to Tory rule” along with “An independant scottish Government will give you the government you voted for” is quite plainly BULLSHITE!

In the last General election the Conservative party polled 412,855 just 78531 votes behind the SNP!

Put the conservative vote against the loony left wing fringe parties that made up the rank and file of the Yes campaign the likes of Scottish Green , TUSC, Scottish Socialist party, Socialist Labour, Scottish Jacobite (I know dont ask) and Communist parties. Would see the Conservative party 412,855 votes thumped the combind assortment of nutters votes of a pawltry 25714.

Where are the Conservative votes going to go in an Independent Scotland? Are the Yes-tapo going to magic them away?

Vanish them?

Ethnically cleanse them?

One worrying thing was youngsters still blaming Margerat Thatcher for everything. Margerat Thatcher premiership ended in 1990. That would mean you would be 24 if you were born at the time of her leaving.

One wonders what there parents are teaching them at home.

Scotland voted and Scotland got the Government it voted for during 3 straight General elections from 1997 up until Labour was defeated in 2010.

The two Prime ministers of New Labour Tony Blair-Tony Blair is more eligible to play for Scotland than some of the players we have now- and Gordon Brown are Scottish.

Brothers and Sisters what we need to do is in the next election vote politically in the best interest of Scottish unionists at heart. Proud scots who are also fiercely British. We need to rise up in strength in Numbers. So that we will never be duped by a snake oil salesman a dodgy second hand car sales man a degenerate gambler this shyster

If we rise up as one. No longer taking the silent dignified majority role and roared collectively as one!

Would we ever be duped by a pied piper of Holyrood type chancerlike Alex Salmond leading us to oblivion on a tissue of lies with the pipe dream of Independence?

Who managed to lead the rats over the cliff and was coming back for your children

To qoute a giant of UK politics who died in the week running up to the Scottish referendrum



4 comments on “SCOTLAND STILL SAYS NO!

  1. Cove says:

    Factually accurate and there is no way even if Yes did win that our country would become a Natzi state…I believe it would have been resisted to counter the fascist pigs. It would have led to a civil-war and the partitioning on the 28 via the 4. Shetlands would cede to the UK and that’s where all the oil is …similar to the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. The nazis would have been in a small state and similar to the ISIS caliphate !

  2. Anne Roberts says:

    Excellent article. Thank God we have someone like you

  3. Alan says:

    What party do you think Protestants should vote for in the coming election?

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