“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. ”

A quote by Joseph Goebbels German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Goebbels was known for his zealous orations and deep and virulent antisemitism, which led to his strongly supporting the extermination of the Jews when the Nazi leadership developed their “Final Solution”.

Goebbels came to power in 1933 after Hitler was appointed chancellor; within six weeks Hitler arranged his appointment as Propaganda Minister. One of Goebbels’ first acts was to organize the burning of “decadent” books. Under Goebbels’ leadership, the Propaganda Ministry quickly gained and exerted controlling supervision over the news media, arts and information in Germany.

From the beginning of his tenure, Goebbels organized actions against German Jews. These actions eventually led to the outright violence of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) on the night of 9–10 November 1938.

Goebbels and his wife Magda killed their six young children by giving them poison in their sleep, then committed suicide themselves.


Neil Mackay of the Sunday Herald newspaper. An Ulsterman from the town of Antrim, it appears to me in my humble opinion of course seems to see the Loyalist community of Ulster and Scotland in the same light as Goebbels saw the Jewish Race.


Neil Mackay of the Sunday Herald newspaper. Seems to be morbidly obsessed  with disgusting obscene explicit horror movies and the death and killing of young children.

Like Joseph Goebbels, Neil Mackay sees himself as a bit of an author. His book All The Little Guns Went Bang, Bang, Bang (nope I’ve never heard of it too) After completing his doctorate in 1921, Goebbels worked as a journalist and tried for several years to become a published author also.

All The Little Guns Went Bang, Bang, Bang. Is it appears worryingly at quick glance a semi auto biography of Neil MacKays young life fantasies. It tells truly horrific story of two 11 year olds, Pearce Furlong and May-Belle Mulholland, who meet one summer in Antrim, Northern Ireland. It’s the early 1980s, and their games and shared fantasies quickly spiral out of control, with theft, arson and violence eventually leading to murder.

This echos Joseph Goebbels who wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, Michael. In this he revealed the psychological damage his physical limitations (having a clubbed foot, and, in a lesser sense being so far from the Aryan ideal, having brown eyes and dark brown hair and standing at only 5 ft 5 in) had caused. “The very name of the hero, Michael, to whom he gave many autobiographical features, suggests the way his self-identification was pointing: a figure of light, radiant, tall, unconquerable,” and above all “‘To be a soldier! To stand sentinel! One ought always to be a soldier,’

Goebbels commissioned a series of antisemitic films including The Eternal Jew and Jud Süß (both 1940). Jud Süß is widely considered to be “one of the most antisemitic films of all time” Goebbels’ antisemitic propaganda promoted stereotypes of Jews as materialistic, immoral, cunning, untrustworthy, physically unattractive and rootless wanderers.

Neil Mackay sees himself as a bit of film-maker also. His last film was an investigation into the rise of the far right in Europe and America.
Neil Mackay, dispite the clearly Ulster Scots name seems to have a bee in his bonet about ‘Ulster scots’

Do not let the name fool you. James McLean -the British Northern Irish professional footballer Plying his trade in England- Is what they would call in the nationalist Irish communities of Ulster a self confessed ‘unrepentant Fenian bastard’ supporter of pro IRA anti-British terror despite having an Ulster Scot name. It has been said and printed in the media that people with such names are seen as outsiders in the nationalist republican communities and sometimes to compensate for this they become more active and more zealous in the nationalist cause.


One story I have found that Neil MacKay has wrote for the Sunday Herald appears to me his dismay of a British army’s double agent, Alfredo Freddy Scappaticci who operated at the very heart of the IRA for 30 years

MacKay writes.

He has said to have kidnapped, interrogated, tortured and killed other IRA men suspected of being British informers and to have provided his military handlers with the information which led to three IRA terrorists in Gibraltar in 1988 by the SAS.

Scappaticci was paid an estimated £80,000 a year by British intelligence. The British army knew his cover would be blown this weekend following a story the Sunday Herald carried last week revealing that rogue British agents planned to expose his identity.

Neil MacKay ends his article almost disappointed with.

“The Republican movement is devastated by the revelations that Scappaticci, one of the IRA’s most feared and admired operators, was the biggest and most damaging double agent ever to work within the Provos.”

On Sunday 21 September 2014. Neil MacKay in his capacity Head of News at Sunday Herald wrote ‘George Square Trouble: The night our readers became reporters’

MacKay gushes “You are the reporters, Sunday Herald readers. Throughout the weekend, your tweets, retweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and emails were invaluable to us trying to piece together what was happening throughout Glasgow as loyalist trouble flared in George Square.”

“After we began posting live images of loyalists giving Nazi salutes and taunting and jeering a much smaller and more peaceful group of Yes supporters, you more or less took over.”

This is quite plainly bullshite! “much smaller and more peaceful group of Yes supporters,” if anyone has read my account the rival groups at the center of George Square were about the same size as each other and given as good as the got with the only arrests and need for Police intervention being from the Nationalist/Republican side.

“You sent our images around the country, and you emailed our news desk and reporters with information on where loyalist gangs were moving in the city and what they were doing.”

“You sent us images and footage of them fighting, terrorising ordinary people and spreading disorder in a city which until Friday night had been a carnival of fun and hope, not a carnival of hate.”

You must have never got the pictures of the RIRA supporters that were mingling in this “carnival of fun and hope” that I sent to the Sunday Herald.




You must have not got the video of the rampaging YES NEDS that were targeting any No voters with Union Jacks that I sent to the Sunday Herald.


“Where throughout the week students, office staff on their lunch breaks, and families had sung Caledonia and Labi Siffri’s Something Inside So Strong- a song adopted by the IRA terror cause-in George Square, by Friday night the songs had become chants – including “You had your chance and you f***** it up” – screamed with menace and hate, and interposed with singing of Rule Britannia. The heart of Glasgow had gone from Woodstock to Belfast in the space of just one day.”

The woodstock Neil MacKay speaks of is of course union flag burning, singing  go home ya huns- Neil MacKay being from ulster will no doubt know how offensive that is to the Ulster Scots comunnity- and having a party when the union dies and the singing of songs linked to Provisional IRA all over the cenotaph memorial for the British war dead.

1 (2)2Bx3vgdGIcAABylm (1)Bx1iAaECQAA9mOH

Neil MacKay continues

“And you told us what you thought of this. This was the dark face of Unionism, you said again and again in messages on social media. This was Scotland’s shame. This disgusted and repelled you. You – the 45% – responded to our requests for information by liaising with each other online and getting the information to us when you could.

And then you decided to act not just as reporters but as investigative reporters. We had heard that the loyalist violence was being co-ordinated online by a hardline group with connections to Northern Ireland. So, we used social media to ask you to help us find out if this was true – there was too much chatter and activity online for any one news desk to check every lead – and you helped us.”

This is some of the gems these investigative reporters came up with.

First there was the magical burning Saltire that burned so brightly that it could be seen by people behind their computer screens 500 miles away.

bs17bs5bs6bs7bs8bs9burning saltire liebs12


It wasn’t all just ‘normal’ twitter bigots you had so called professional bigots also.



Comedian Mark Nelson nope never heard of him



Of course what they had been seeing was the pics of flares being set off from the “woodstock” Indy peace party the night before



Then it was the Scandalous lie that a No voter had stabbed a yes voter.


Neil MacKay obviously still bitter from chairing “Scottish Independence: Irish Consequences” National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. on Thursday 22nd March 2012 continues.

The entire loyalist demonstration had indeed been orchestrated online, it turned out. You sent us the online poster headed “Scotland Said No” asking for demonstrators to come to the city center at 6pm. The poster was circulated widely by Britain First, the far-right party set up by ex-BNP members, which has a strong following in Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland.

Then you sent us the social media exchanges of various loyalists you had been monitoring online. One read: “Glasgow riots were crazy, absolutely brilliant buzz. Rule Britannia!”

One post from a Rangers supporters’ club called on members to gather at “17.00 on the street behind the Louden [Bar] and the Bristol Bar on Duke Street”. It went on to give a “map route … to all cars”, and instructed followers to go to “George Sq for a party”.


So are No Voters not allowed to arrange and meet up and celebrate Scotland remaining British now?

Is the very thought nefarious? Verboten in Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Neil MacKays new 45 jacobite republic?


How the hell did you think Yes voters spent 3 days and nights of anti-social behaviour, pishing vandalism and binge drinking in George Square crawling all over the Cenotaph?

Do you think they just sporadically, spontaneously met up in George Square by telepathy?

No you bigoted imbecile with a clear agenda they used Social media.

It was organised by uber sectarian anti British pro IRA Left wing groups egged on by the SNP that most of Great Britain would find disgusting just as Neil MacKay finds these extreme right wing groups.

“You then identified to us a group of Rangers football fans called the “Vanguard Bears” as being the organisation most involved in the “aggro”, as people dubbed the violence online. By Saturday morning, multiple sources were confirming that the Vanguard Bears were the main instigators.”

“Last year, Police Scotland said it had received complaints of a “death list” posted online by the Vanguard Bears of individuals its sees as being opposed to the club.

The Vanguard Bears, which has close links with loyalist groups in Belfast, posted an image showing journalists, politicians and people involved in football, including the face of late QC Paul McBride – a prominent Celtic supporter and friend of Neil Lennon.”

A ‘Death list’ sounds so sinister. It appears from what I can see seems to be a list of Rangers hating bigots who were outspoken and hypocritical during the Rangers Tax case. The two -anti Rangers- men highlighted. One by all accounts a heavy cocaine user who died with £200 to his name. A man who was buried with full honours at a ceremony in St Aloysius Roman Catholic church. A church that would have condemned his relationship with his partner as an abomination. The other a disgraced solicitor with his history no doubt catching up on him, both died of Heart attacks.

Now if the Vanguard Bears have got voodoo dolls or are experts in the peaudo sciences that are in the film “The men who stare at Goats” then they have got nothing to worry about.

The Progressive Unionist Party – a Northern Ireland political party affiliated with the loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force – also met with the Vanguard Bears supporters group last year to discuss opposition to the independence referendum.

Of course you wouldn’t get Irish National Political Parties involved with anti-British IRA terrorism involved with not just Celtic fan groups but Celtic Football Club itself.


No Sir-ee

MacKay continues Yesterday it posted a statement online reading: “Our voice is on the rise, we must by actions, not words or political soundbites, ensure our Union is defended.”

This was rebuffed better than I could ever do on my humble blog by D’artagnan here

D’artagnan who I only know through the internet is an absolute gem of a man a wordsmith an absolute giant who rises body and soul above the flotsam and jepson of internet bampottery.

A War hero. A man who has served his Queen and Country with distinction. An intelligent articulate wordsmith of a Rangers man ready to defend Rangers from its many haters at the drop of a hat. No doubt this proud man infuriates Ulster man Neil MacKay.

MacKay continues “As Friday night wore on into the early hours of Saturday, you, our readers, were even able to keep our reporting staff out on the streets informed about events at our offices. Two men started a fire by the generator which powers the offices of Sunday Herald, The Herald and the Evening Times. Soon you were tweeting images of the fire and asking if we were all OK. We were – though we were out of action until early yesterday afternoon because of the power outage caused by the fire. Police are now investigating.”


Here is the Sunday Heralds Jonathon Coates. As we all known from his employers biased agenda ‘Glasgow Rioters’ is an euphemism for NO voters and we all no from their bias that it was only Loyalists that were at the No vote party in George Square.

This has echoes of the Reichstag fire an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. It was blamed on a young mentally ill Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe, caught at the scene and after admitting starting the fire was sentenced to death. At least Marinus van der Lubbe got a show trial.

The fire was used as evidence by the Nazis that the Communists were plotting against the German government and the event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.



The fire turned out not to be arson. Turned out not to be even the Glasgow Heralds building but a pub the flying ducks electrical generator.

“You also retweeted the numerous threats and vile verbal attacks made to our members of staff in order to name and shame the loyalists trolling them online. Your support was much appreciated. On you went, overnight and into yesterday, thousands and thousands of tip-offs, leads, pictures, videos, screen grabs and support. You became an integral part of the newspaper.”

“During the independence campaign, we tried our very hardest to give you the voice in the media you wanted and no-one else was giving you, and you repaid us over the weekend by becoming our eyes and ears – and joining in and becoming a part of the voice of the Sunday Herald. And for that, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.”

Oh I must have missed those 1000’s of tv and radio hours Alex Salmond and co had to try and convince Scotland to vote for independence.

Neil MacKay must have got a wee tingling in his underpants that on one of his mane sources ‘Glasgow riots’ was trending number 1 in the UK! but so was fucking ‘PISS FLAPS’ cause that is what twitter is its full of fucking imbeciles and you used it as fact verbatim.


The only thing that Neil MacKay and his Sunday Herald editor succeeded in was to rebel rouse anti-British sectarian ‘Dishonest’ social media to mischief make spread disinformation and fuel panic in the city of Glasgow.

The epoch of this was the post of someone posting a pic from a real riot the London riots from 4 years ago.


With Andrew Neil, a BBC journalist, who Salmond shat it from an interview during the whole of the Indyref. tweeting: “Some dishonest numpties using pics from Tottenham riots to claim this is Glasgow tonight. Yes and No should unite to condemn.”

If the Great British Public were not aware of your partisan anti-British agenda. They are now! your mask, as well as the mask of the 45 group has well and truly slipped even before they had time to put it on.

To anyone who went to George Square on that Friday evening for the sole purpose of causing violence and trouble I condemn you!

To anyone who stood up and stood strong in the face of Anti-British hatred and protected the young children and elderly no voters in the square that night I SALUTE YOU!

For all latest news follow @manthebheastcan on twitter.



  1. Alan Sweeny says:

    Keep it up mate, we’re really up against it with these liars

    Sent from my iPad

  2. allanwils says:

    The Herald and others new there was going to be trouble by lunchtime on the Friday, I wonder what groups they were in contact with. Most certainly, Irish dissident, left wing and extreme Celtic fans groups were among them.

  3. AB6 says:

    I thank you for all your work,keeping lazy nutters like myself informed,DANGEROUS people about.

  4. Great work, may I add that THEY refused to post my comment regards the link they craved showing the Union Flag being burned or the arseholes climbing all over the Cenotaph…

  5. DGC77 says:

    Add quite a few older hibs boys through from Edinburgh in with the Yes side, so I was informed the other day. Same ones going through Sat 12th Oct, talking about disrupting an OO march. I got this from one of these guys Thursday. Whether it was drunken bravado I don’t know, but major disruption was his aim on the 12th. 3rd generation Irish, & trying to tell me what I should have voted.

  6. Fucker4 says:


  7. BritishUnity says:

    Fly the Union Jack with Pride it is Sickening DisRespect to British Flag

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