One thing Rangers have got right on and of the park in the last three seasons has been the holding of the armed forces day in Celebration of our brave men and women of our Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, and Royal Air Force.

I am glad to spread the word that Rangers are once again holding this wonderful, generous event. Rangers will give two lucky members the chance to help carry the Club’s banner onto the pitch in support of the Armed Forces at half time during the Raith Rovers game, Saturday 18 October.

The winners and their guest will celebrate Armed Forces Day in style with pre-match hospitality, seats in the Main Stand, half time refreshments and post-match drinks.

Entering could not be easier, email putting “Armed Forces Day” in the subject line and include your name and Membership number in the email.

Closing date for entry is 12pm on Friday 10 October. The winner will be picked at random and contacted by the Club week commencing Monday 13 October.

What a wonderful prize and surely one worth entering for any proud Bear and Bearette

I said at the start that I am glad that Rangers are hosting this wonderful event because Rangers are hosting this event -the only kind I know of in Scotland but is a regular occurrence in other parts of our United Kingdom- once again under continuous anti-British attacks from the bigots, ‘press’ and from so called Politicians

The first year the celebrations for our Armed Forces was held in November of 2012 when Rangers played Alloa Athletic at Ibrox. Despite you having to have either having a Rangers season ticket, buy a ticket or pay for it on Rangers TV to view if you were from overseas and it also being played when a near full card of Scottish games being played at the same time. It seemed to have been witnessed by the majority of Rangers haters on the Vipers nest of anti-British hatred that is the Scottish Football Monitor.

The Scottish Football Monitor you will no doubt know is the bastard son of the Rangers hating, disgraced and defunct sectarian Rangers Tax Case Blog.

The zenith of this internet bampottery was in the form of a letter that was posted on said site. From a mr “John Clarke” a so called Celtic fan who must have did either of the following that of having a Rangers season ticket, bought a ticket or paid for it on Rangers TV to view if you were from overseas and it also being played when a near full card of Scottish games being played at the same time. To have such an informed opinion in order to write said letter below.

john clarke says:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 23:56

This is my letter to GOC Scotland.

Major-General N Eeles,
General Officer Commanding Scotland,
Edinburgh Castle,EH1 2NG.

Dear General Eeles,

You will, I imagine, share my dismay that Army, Navy and Royal Marines service personnel were participants in a travesty of a ‘Remembrance’ parade at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, during half-time in a football match being played between The Rangers FC and Alloa Athletic last week-end.
Whatever the original intention may have been, the occasion was allowed to degenerate into what I can only describe as a show of sectarian support- by the military personnel involved- for one particular section of Scottish society and one particular football club.
It was in no way respectful of the men and women ( among whom I include my own father) who suffered death or injury in the second World War, but was an absolutely undisciplined display of sectarian bias by the army unit(s) involved, who, I believe had balloted to be present because of their personal support for the aims and ideology of The Rangers FC.
In my view, the officer who authorised the use of tax-payers’ money for such a shameful partisan display, and the senior officer present on the day ( if indeed, any officer was present) should be asked to apologise to the people of Scotland for being so crassly insensitive to the feelings of many like me, who distance themselves from the poisonous ideology behind Orangeism and who do not wish their support for the Armed Forces of this country to be predicated on a false assumption that Orangeism equates to patriotism.
I am copying this letter to Rear Admiral Hockley (Flag Officer Scotland and Northern Ireland) and to Major-General Davis, CBE RM (Commandant General Royal Marines)

Yours sincerely,
(name not supplied)

One does not know if mr ‘John Clake’ has written such a strongly written letter to his club Celtic about the club and its fans disgraceful conduct on multiple days of remembrance of our wonderful Armed Forces.


And of course Ross County’s disgusting charade of not observing a minute’s silence on a live TV SPFL game that so happened to be against Celtic.

The second Armed Forces Day was held in November of 2013 at a match at Ibrox against Stenhousemuir.

The time the spectacle of 50,000 proud Brits in Red, White and Blue honouring our brave Armed Forces seemed to react in a more organised campaign of internet bampottery in conjunction with the usual high profile Rangers hating bigots.

Which lead to both the Army and police investigating complaints of offensive chanting by members of the armed forces at a Rangers match at Ibrox.

Police were understood to have been sent footage and photographs of the event.

The allegations arose after videos by fans posted on social networking site YouTube appeared to show soldiers in uniform interacting with fans while singing about proscribed loyalist organisations.

What aroused so much anger once again in the hearts and minds of the anti Rangers British hating bigots to cause them so much offence?

Well it appears it was anti Irish terror songs and chants about the death of Provisional IRA terrorist Bobby Sands. The cold blooded sectarian psychopath starved himself to death in a hunger strike propaganda coup in HM Prison Maze in County Down, Northern Ireland in 1981.

A spokesman for the Army in Scotland said: “We are aware of a number of complaints of sectarianism against members of the Armed Forces at the Armed Forces Day Match at Ibrox Stadium at the weekend.

“The Army and Police Scotland, assisted by Rangers Football Club, are investigating these complaints. Sectarianism is a breach of the Army’s strict values and standards.

“If any personnel are found to have fallen short of these values and standards they will be dealt with by administrative or disciplinary action by the chain of command and, if necessary, by the police.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We are aware of concerns regarding a number of individuals at the Rangers v Stenhousemuir game at Ibrox on Saturday September 28. These are being investigated.”

A spokesman for Rangers added: “The club is aware of complaints regarding the conduct of Armed Forces personnel on the pitch at half time and understand that Police Scotland are investigating the circumstances therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

Seriously has the Police force in Scotland got nothing better to do with its time than protect anti-British bigots who get upset about songs mocking anti-British terror and terrorists?

Whats next?

FIVE years in prison for singing “Hitler has only got one ball” ?

FIVE years in Prison for mocking and celebrating the imminent death of another -like Bobby Sands- British born Islamic States Jihadi John?

lets hope when Jihadi John meets his maker it comes at the hands of the Brits and is as slow and as painful as that murdering bastard Bobby Sands.


The influential people who helped the usual suspects of anti-British internet bampots campaign in having another kick at Rangers and by default Great Britain were…

Scottish Green Party Leader Patrick Harvie despite having been thrashed in the Election this man is somehow an MSP who is no friends with the Armed Forces at the best of time. A man so deluded and hypocritical that his argument for an independant Scotland was based on the future price of Scotland’s fossils fuels. A man who is so deluded in his pie in the sky environmental la la land that he would probably think we could defeat the global Islamic caliphate by means of a dance off with them to Bronski Beat and Erasure.


patrick harvie

George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford West and by accounts a Dildo enthusiast if a woman who claims that he had an affair with her then paid for her to have an abortion is to be believed, was among the critics. He would raise what he described as “Scotland’s dirty deadly secret” when Parliament reconvened and challenged First Minister Alex Salmond to comment on what he described as “the hate-fest of sectarian bigotry” and the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to comment on the participation of uniformed soldiers

George Galloway is of course no friend to her Majesty’s Armed Forces  in 2005 he was condemned and accuse of putting the very lives of the Armed personnel in dangers when he let out a hate filled diatribe.

In a speech broadcast on satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera, he said: “The Iraqi resistance is not just defending Iraq. They are defending all the Arabs, and they are defending all the people of the world from American hegemony.”


In his broadcasts, one on Syrian TV, Mr Galloway said: “Two of your beautiful daughters are in the hands of foreigners – Jerusalem and Baghdad. The foreigners are doing to your daughters as they will.

“The daughters are crying for help, and the Arab world is silent. And some of them are collaborating with the rape of these two beautiful Arab daughters.”

“These poor Iraqis – ragged people, with their sandals, with their Kalashnikovs, with the lightest and most basic of weapons – are writing the names of their cities and towns in the stars.”

The Iraqi fighters had “decided, when the foreign invaders came, to defend their country, to defend their honour, to defend their families, their religion, their way of life from a military superpower, which landed amongst them”

“It’s not the Muslims who are the terrorists. The biggest terrorists are Bush and Blair.”


Our old friend the ubiquitous Alex Thomson


And last by no means the disgusting IRA anti-British terror supporting bastard that is Roy Greenslade who wrote

Will mainstream media report on sectarian singing by British troops?

Were he condemned the Armed Forces for ‘Singing Sectarian Songs’ and Scottish media not printing it even though as he puts it

“it is difficult to make out the exact words on the video posted on YouTube, people have identified sectarian songs and chants celebrating the death of the IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.”

“Rival Celtic fans were quick to point to songs that are supposed to be banned from all Scottish football grounds under a new law passed by the Scottish parliament.”

Oh really Roy and how does one prey tell know this as the Scottish parliament have not published a list of banned songs.


Roy Greenslade if you are a keen reader of this blog dear reader will know is a Lord Haw Haw type figure -Lord Haw Haw being William Joyce an Irish fascist who produced anti-British propaganda for the Nazis in World War 2 – he appears to have been in the British Newspaper industry for decades this would include Fleet street at the height of the provisional IRA bombing campaign. All during this time Roy Greenslade -when he was managing news editor of The Sunday Times- wrote secretly for An Phoblacht, the Sinn Fein Provisional IRA propaganda rag under the pseudonym was George King

Roy Greenslade considers John Downey who was convicted of IRA membership on May 21, 1974, and was also wanted in connection with the murder of two UDR members in a car bomb in Enniskillen on August 28, 1972. A good friend and Neighbour in Donegal

This year Roy Greenslade stood surety for John Downey at the old baily as he was accused of being the Hyde park bomber and murdering Corporal Roy Bright, 36, Lieutenant Anthony Daly, 23, Trooper Simon Tipper and Lance Corporal Jeffrey Young, both 19, who were slain when a bomb packed with 30lbs of nails exploded as the Blues and Royals rode to the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

article-2567709-1BAF409700000578-789_306x423article-2567709-1BD32EAE00000578-600_306x423article-2567709-1BD3532200000578-192_306x423article-2567709-19EE8FC0000005DC-842_306x423 (1)

John Downey -seen smirking below- is also suspected of a second explosion in a Regents Park bandstand hours after the Hyde Park bomb, which killed seven Royal Green Jackets bandsmen.

images (2)

What sort of country have we become when bloodthirsty anti British pro IRA terror apologists the likes of Roy Greenslade et al try to hold the moral high ground on decent British people?



Anyway the bitter campaign -much like the IRA campaign Roy Greenslade seems to be up to his arse in- was to no avail with both the Army and Police assisted by Rangers football club investigations found no wrong doing to have taken place.

The Rangers Trust at the time aptly said “Rangers fans should stop singing Derry’s Walls the same day Scotland fans stop singing Flower of Scotland.”

“Is singing expletives about ‘Proud Edward’s Army’ at a Scotland match ok?”

I am glad to see that Rangers are carrying on this tradition at Ibrox park of respecting our proud British roots and allowing us and future generations to show our heart felt gratitude to the good guys!



  1. Charlie Wood says:

    Really brilliant and right too the point and to hell with all those terrorist loving fenianists and GSTQ

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