Two fat midfielders…….. number 88

Now this blog has been highlighting reasons why many people find Neil Lennon and the way he has conducted himself morally repugnant.

Neil Lennon when Celtic gave the job to the inflammatory loose cannon could have done a lot to dampen these feelings from rival fans. For a start he could have came out and publicly apologised for these disgraceful scenes

But no apology was forthcoming. Neil Lennon reverted to his confrontational antagonistic angry, hot headed type. Declaring “WAR” on the SPL and football authorities his usual confrontational, antagonistic manner.

I do not know why Neil Lennon has such a personality he seems to have more 2nd prizes from Glasgow Street fights than he has 2nd prizes for Celtic.

In recent months the old adage “with friends like these who needs enemies?” has been very apt. With Celtic men lining up to get a kick in at Lennon.

Ronny Deila has gave Neil Lennon it tight by demand better standards of fitness and nutrition at Celtic after replacing him as manager.

Deila with the public backing of major shareholder Dermot Desmond said ‘Dermot and Peter are very intelligent. They have seen football for many, many years. They know how to build things

‘They wanted a change and that’s why I came in. If not, they would have gone for a manager with much more experience and would have done it more like it was done before.

‘It’s a club thing, they are going in a new direction. That’s why I’m here. You have to keep on and I believe in what I am doing.
‘I know the process is taking time, but I believe in it and I know I have the people with me to do it.’

The Norwegian has crackdown on players eating chips and drinking fizzy drinks.

With Neil Lennon retorting ‘It’s disrespectful when a new manager comes in and immediately says: “The players aren’t fit enough”.’

Ronnie Deila responded

“You have to see from my squad what I was taking over.

‘When I see the tests players are doing I see they have a lot to improve.

‘Maybe I see things differently from what Neil was doing.

‘For me, to be professional is to be a 24-hour athlete. If not, then you can go and start working outside football. That’s not so hard. You can be amateurs again.

‘For me, I think from what I have seen abroad and what I have experienced myself it’s important. We just have different ways to do it.’

“It’s not about what they were doing before. It’s all about how they are in the moment now. Maybe I see things differently from what Neil was doing.

“You have to understand that I can’t be stupid when I say things like that.

“If Neil gets irritated by me saying we can work on how we eat and improve that’s up to him.

“For me I think from what I have seen abroad and what I have experienced myself it’s important.

“We have different ways to do it. Do you think Andy Murray eats chips?”

“If I feel I’m not being treated fairly then I get emotional. I am an emotional guy.

“So far things have been very good but this is something I think is very important.

“It takes time to adapt. You don’t come in and think you are the king.

“You have to work at how you want things and watch things and people have to get a chance.

“That’s what I’ve been doing. But when you are being assessed a lot you also have to do the changes you want to do.

“I know what I want and I’m going to go for it. In the end only time will tell if I succeed or not.

“But I am really enjoying the job and looking forward to every match. I am going to win things – that’s why I am here.”

Now I’m going to back Neil Lennon here if you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know that Neil Lennon was instrumental in bringing in super fit Jim McGuinness from the county Donegal GAA team.

A team steeped in Provisional IRA terror as they play in the Harvey and McGlynn memorial cup. The GAA match commemorates two IRA men, Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn, who died when a bomb they were carrying exploded prematurely 200 yards from the customs post at Kilclean on 10 August 1973 killing the two IRA men.


Anyway this public spat -which is still continuing to this day with Celtic men lining up to wash Celtics dirty linen in public- has it appears Led to yet another Daily Record Journalist Keith Jackson banned from Celtic Park for an indeterminate period ban following the one life long Celtic man Hugh Keevins got, two years ago for asking questions the leaders at Celtic park dont like.

The Daily Record you will remember from this wonderful David Leggat blog http://leggoland2.bl…rd-and.html?m=1 dear reader.

That according to said blog. “PETER LAWWELL is set to effectively become the new editor-in-chief of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail.” as “part of a grubby commercial deal which will see the Daily Record and Sunday Mail sign up to take money from Celtic to do all of Celtic’s printing.”

“Which will effectively silence the voice of a free press in Central Quay as far as football matters, as well as many political and cultural issues, are concerned.”

“Making it is a sad sorry and sinister day, not merely for the two newspapers, but for Scottish journalism and for freedom and democratic debate in Scotland, which is becoming an increasingly dark, dangerous and undemocratic nation.”

Well here is a few questions our intrepid Journalists in the Scottish press can ask when was Neil Lennon effectively persona non grata at Celtic park?

Was Neil Lennon pushed or did he jump?

Was Neil Lennon position becoming untenable and was he becoming persona non grata at Parkhead as earlier as a month before he left Celtic to what it looked like to walk into the Norwich city future.

In February 2012 to much public fanfare Neil Lennon joined the Celtic Charity Fund Board of Trustees. The Charity Fund was formed back in 1995 Shortly after Pacific Shelf 595 Limited took over Celtic.

This reorganisation of the Celtic Charity Fund Board of Trustees was to support and monitor the implementation of a new strategic direction for the Charity Fund.

Following the recent announcement of the appointment of Ian Hughes to the position of Celtic Charity Fund CEO, we are now pleased to announce the formation of a new and extended board of Trustees.

The new Trustee Board will be made up of
Chairman: Chris Traynor, CEO of BE Capital Group;
Peter Lawwell, CEO Celtic Football Club;
Neil Lennon, Manager Celtic Football Club,
Eric Riley, Finance Director Celtic Football Club,
Adrian Filby, Commercial Director Celtic Football Club,
Gavin Kelly, CEO of Kinmont Advisory Group,
Craig Paterson CEO Football Aid.


Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell was quoted at the time as saying “Celtic was established with charity at its core and I am pleased that through the great work of the Charity Fund we are able to continue to uphold the ambitions of our founding fathers, 125 years after the club’s formation.

“The essence of our club will never change – a club open to all and here to play its part in helping others within the wider community. This is our heritage and will be something which is with us forever.

“Celtic Charity Fund has enjoyed tremendous success already as one of the world’s leading sporting charities. We now aim to build on this success, to develop this work further and ensure we do more and more to support those in need.”

This blog can exclusively reveal that Neil Lennon was removed from his position as trustee the Celtic FC Foundation Trustees board over a month before he left Celtic by ‘Mutual consent’




This Screengrab was taken from the Celtic Charity Foundation Trustees website as evidence, that on April the 10th 2014 it appears to be that Neil Lennon has been removed from Celtic Charity Foundation board as a trustee

Is this evidence that Neil Lennon was being forced out ?

Was this the first sign of him being deleted from the Celtics future?

Why would a manager who was clearly being touted and backed by Peter Lawwell to stay at Celtic for 10 in a row be removed from such an integral and important part of Celtics whole ethos a third way through Celtics football clubs master plan of domination?

Would this have anything to do with it?

This video was from Match of the day 2 on the night of 6th of April the same day Norwich sacked manager Chris Hughton.

Was this the last straw for the Celtic board? Did Peter Lawwell order Neil Lennon into the office when he got his flight back up the road to tell him his time was up?

Was the man the fans coined the phrase “WE ARE ALL NEIL LENNON” trying to work his ticket out of Paradise and leaving the parkhead faithful in the lurch?

With his right hand man Johan Mjallby leaving on the 22nd of April this would kind of back up this story. But then why did they not get the Norwich job that Neil Lennon was hotly tipped for?

This would also mean that Peter Lawwell would have an extra month to scout a new Manager and he still came up with the dream team of Ronny Deila and John Collins.


If there are any Charity experts out there maybe you could help here are the Celtic Charity Foundation details

The SCIO was incorporated on 21st October 2013 as a result of a Change to SCIO application by Celtic Charity Fund SC024648 which was a Trust registered as a Charity since 29th March 1996.

Maybe we could get our auld pal Kevin, @Corsica1968 aka Alziratu to find out whats going on?.




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