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If you have passed by GEORGE Square in last week you will see that our citys memorial to our war dead the cenotaph has been fenced off yet again. When I saw this sight which saddened my eyes once again in recent weeks my thought that there must be another anti-British republican, nationalist gathering must be near.

My fears were proven to be founded when I saw an internet poster for the so called “HOPE OVER FEAR” rally Sunday the 12th of October at a so called Freedom Square. Since there is no ‘Freedom’ square I take its George Square named after King George the 3rd.


I’m glad the YES campaign feel safe enough to return to the Scene of the so called ‘massacre’ at the hands of Loyalists as the irresponsible, lunatic Eddi Reader unsubstantiated, inflammatory spewed it all over the internet.

The list of Speakers and ‘bands’ reads like a list of Who’s who? no seriously who?

With one act going by the unfortunately -or fortunate depending on your worldview- named ISIS at this fun filled family event.
But there’s some I recognise.

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Tommy Sheridan will be speaking at what is billed as “a fun filled family event“.

If you have read the High Court testimonies under oath. You will know Tommy’s probable idea of a fun filled family event is shagging two 50 year old menopausal sisters from Blackpool with his brother in law in some sleazy swingers club as their husbands play with themselves as they watch wee Tommy’s sunbed baked arse go up and down.

Brothers and Sisters -Tommy would probably aim it more to the Sisters- if you are going to the rally make sure to bring your car keys (do eco warriors have car keys?) to chuck in the big glass bowl that will no doubt situated the erect phallic symbol of Sir Walter Scott’s column.

In fact Sister comrades if I were you I would give Tommy’s concert a wide berth. If you have read the High Court testimonies under oath Sheridan comes across as a misogynistic psychopath. Over a period of over a decade, Tommy Sheridan was sleeping around while he was SSP Leader -NO not the Sleazy swingers party. It stands for Scottish Socialist Party- His Brothers and Sisters in the SSP ousted him as he desperately tried to cling to his image of a clean living family man.

The women he slept with were forced to appear in court, to be publicly humiliated and called liars. He conducted his own defence,-Just like serial Woman Killer Ted Bundy- allowing him to use the full powers of the law to compel women to stand in front of him and be shouted at and shamed, for daring to sleep with him. It was This that his socialist Brothers and Sisters got most upset about isn’t wasn’t about the sex or cheating, it’s about abuse of power and abuse of women for political ends.

Of course Tommy is married to the fragrant Gail. Who according to herself is A devout Roman Catholic. Who must comfort herself by the fact that it doesn’t say ‘Thou shalt not Swing’ and ‘Thou shalt not steal those miniatures and packets of dry roasted peanuts’ in the King James bible. She was accused of using the same silent techniques as IRA terrorists during a six-hour interrogation at Edinburgh’s Gayfield police office and accused the Police of being sectarian for suggesting it.

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Its almost, it seems to me, that instead of living by the basic tenets of the Christian faith to make you a better person and the world a better place. Your Religion seems to be a tool to hide behind and get other people you dont like in trouble. That seems to me what Christianity sole purpose seems to be in Scotland in the 21st century. If the amount of people who get offended by other peoples views on their religion actually attended Church then there wouldn’t be so many churches getting turned into whetherspoons.

Next up we have Martin Compston


an Actor born and brought up in Greenock and Paul Brannigan

Creative Scotland Winners - Paul Brannigan

an Actor brought up in the rough working-class East End Barrowfield area of Glasgow.

These two Scottish actors have something in common. No its not that they are both Celtic supporters. It is they both got their big and some might say only breaks with no acting experience appearing in poverty porn movies by the socialist Leni Riefenstahl film director Ken Loach.

Both are limited Actors who have very little range and are type cast as violent NEDS that are the real Scotland’s shame.

Not too much of a stretch for these have a go actors with Brannigan seemingly using the method approach to acting with both his parents were ­heroin addicts and he started taking drugs at 11. He was expelled from school at 14, sent to jail over a gun battle at 17, and there’s a scar on his face from a knife fight with his own brother.

At the SNP 2012 Party Conference, Paul Brannigan spoke of his belief that Scotland should break away from the United Kingdom in 2014 and become an independent country once more.

Maybe this is Paul Brannigan vision of the future of Scotland?



“Like any other boy from Glasgow I was involved in gangs and alcohol and taking drugs. Just a rough, rough life.” Brannigan says

If you watch any of Ken Loaches poverty porn, downer fests that is the impression you and the rest of the world would get that Glasgow and west coast of Scotland is like that. I’m sorry but there is 100 000s of boys from West coast of Scotland live positive lives and are not involved in gangs and drugs.

You see Ken Loach seems to get off on showing Scotland of in its worst light forgetting about the positive storys going on in Scotland. No doubt he blames Maggie Thatcher for all his protagonist shooting up skag.

Then we have the SNP’s Austin Sheridan. Scotland’s youngest ever Councillor and no doubt wannabe next Steven Purcell. Austin made the news recently by being the target of homophobic abuse nearby George Square. A committed Yes voter he spoke exclusively to the Sunday Herald about his ordeal.


He said: “I felt quite intimidated by the crowds with Union flags so I thought I would video what was going on, just for my own safety. And then obviously those guys walked towards me and it all happened.

This was part of the intimidating scene that met Austin Sheridan


“I had a badge on that says ‘I only kiss boys who vote Yes’, so that’s probably how they knew I am gay.

No this is disgusting. No not being intimidated by people waiving the flag of your own country, but the homophobic abuse there is no need for that and I hope Austin speaks and cooperates with the Police in catching the culprits.

But I hope The Baillieston Councillor is still in a mood for talking to the press and cooperating with the law if his involvement in the disgraceful removal of the Grade B listed London Road primary school at Celtic park should come into question by the law authorities.


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Although his grasp of the truth might not be so clear as He said: “The unionists clearly wanted a reaction. Anybody standing in a square burning Saltires is looking for a reaction.”

Austin Sheridan is not only carrying on the lie of this mythical Saltire being burned he has now upped it to SALTIRES, plural.
The only flag burned at George Square was the night before and it was the flag of your country you claimed are intimidated by.

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Then there was a post about Naomi Wolf turning up and doing a speech


But this was poo pooed by Naomi herself



With Tommy’s former sister comrade putting the boot in


Naomi Wolf for those that don’t no recently  hit the headlines by saying the Isis beheading videos and suggested that they “had been staged by the US government” and queried whether Isis “victims and their parents were actors”,

The Hope over fear poster boy seems to be picture of a man from over 100 years ago that of Scottish Republican socialist John Maclean. Maclean was a revolutionary socialist. A Marxist, Maclean was elected an honorary vice-president of the Congress of Soviets and appointed Bolshevik representative in Scotland.

JMP 1_jpg

Maclean was also an active member of the Co-operative movement I wonder if he would have approved of the Co-op banks special relationship, their mates rates with the Millionaire playboys at Celtic Football Club whilst they continue to shaft small businesses and the little man?

In 1915 he was arrested under the Defence of the Realm Act. In 1918, Maclean was arrested for sedition and was sentenced to five years penal servitude, and imprisoned in Peterhead prison near Aberdeen. During his imprisonment in Peterhead Prison he went on hunger strikes. Whilst in prison MacLean also stood as a candidate for Gorbals in the 1918 General Election. Remind you of anyone?

Harry McShane recalls in No Mean Fighter At meetings during the December 1918 General Election, the audience would stand up and sing “God Save Ireland” at the end of the meetings.

Maclean formed the Scottish Workers Republican Party which combined Communism with a belief in Scottish independence.
Maclean’s call for a Communist Republic of Scotland was based on the belief that traditional Scottish society was structured along the lines of “Celtic communism”. He argued that “the communism of the clans must be re-established on a modern basis” and raised the slogan “back to communism and forward to communism”.

This is quite clearly bullshit being the proud member of a Clan this romanticism suggest is just that. The clans were laws onto themselves and were almost in constant battle with each other. The Clan system of course was extremely hierarchical.

I mentioned Eddi Reader at the start and it was her great uncle IRA bomber Seamus Reader was good pals with John Maclean and she he fully supported the violent up rising in Ireland.

MacLean wrote the pamphlet The Irish Tragedy: Scotland’s Disgrace,

JMP 3_jpg

giving the brutal facts about what he called Britain’s terrorist campaign or ‘war of attrition”. He also laughed at Britain’s contention that it was holding Ireland In order to defend the Orange Protestants who, It was maintained, would have a rough time of It If the Irish Catholics came to power.

I think the ballad “Remember John MacLean” somes it up best

He fought for the Irish people,
he was Ireland’s greatest friend;
against the might of Empire,
he backed them to the end.

No wonder the song adopted by IRA terror ‘Something inside so strong’ has also been adopted by the 45 movement and is used as a slogan on the poster.

If you think that this man who incited violent bloody revolution. Who’s utopia his land of milk and honey was the formal Soviet Union that collapsed and imploded under its own weight in its fight against the West, freedom and democracy.

The Soviet Union in return honoured Maclean by printing a commemorative postage stamp depicting Maclean and naming an avenue in central Leningrad after him. It has now reverted to its original name, Angliisky Prospekt (English Avenue) no doubt to the anti British Maclean supporters anger.

If you think this man John Maclean is a good poster boy for modern day Scotland and her future then quite frankly you need put down the DOPE and your GEAR!.



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