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On the 27th of October. POLICE Scotland revealed the 45-year-old will be subject of a report to the procurator fiscal in connection with alleged extortion and breaches of the Computer Misuse Act and Communications Act in regards to the release of Rangers secrets on the internet.

Last year, the Ibrox club was rocked by revelations on Twitter by an anonymous informant, known only as ‘Charlotte Fakes.’

Police were called in to investigate if private emails and other forms of communication had been intercepted by illegal means.

Police Scotland have now confirmed that, following an arrest, a man is to be reported to the procurator fiscal.

A spokeswoman for the force said:”A 45-year-old man will be subject of a report to the procurator fiscal in connection with alleged extortion and alleged offences under the Computer Misuse Act and the Communications Act.”

Lets go back two years ago dear reader.

On Friday 17 February 2012 20.00 GMT the Guardian in its infinite loony left wing wisdom. Allowed the now discredited, defunct and sectarian motivated Rangers Tax Case blog to write in its paper.

In only a way that a paper who employs a sickening sinn fein provisional IRA propagandist like Roy Greenslade. Who I recently see was disgustingly and hypocritically having a go at a woman who as a 16 year old young girl claims she was raped by a member of the Provisional IRA. Greenslade has a bee in his bonnet because this woman is linked to a party in opposition to Sinn Fein. What is he suggesting that the young girl brought the rape upon herself so in 20 years time she could -when opposed to Sinn Fein- use it against them.

An Absolute vile man.

I say Hypocritical because his main complaint was that the BBC should have disclosed her now Political leanings.

This coming from a cretin who as working as an editor in Londons fleet street wrote under the pseudonym ‘George King’ propaganda in support of Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA. Without very much declaring it.


In the 2012 Guardian piece. The discredited, sectarian motivated Rangers Tax Case waxed lyrically starting with a disturbing antagonistic rebel rousing revolutionary quote from a past president of the United States of America Samuel Adams.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”

Some other “highlights” were

Yet for all of its ugliness, I love it. A large part of my “two score and change” years on this planet has been devoted to supporting my team, Celtic. Actually watching the team would be a very small part of the time expended. The obsession with your team colours many other aspects of life for those unfortunates who find themselves pulled into the vortex that goes along with supporting either of the Glasgow giants.

The phrase “two score and change” years is very telling. RTC is good at quoting ex presidents one of the most famous being Abraham Lincoln who said in the Gettysburg Address in 1863

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

referring to the Declaration of Independence 87 years before his speech., written at the start of the American Revolution in 1776

But this “Two score and change” would suggest that the person behind the RTC Blog is for sure over 40 but the change would mean just that.

A little over!.

So we could suggest that that would be 41, 42 or 43.

This Blog as it states at the start was written in Friday 17 February 2012 so forward on 2 years and that would bring us up to the same age range of the the alleged Rangers extortion culprit.

Also from the Guardian piece

“It is easy to feel powerless in this world. “Why bother? What can I do?” Even as a student, I did not join protest marches. While most of my generation screamed: “Can’t pay! won’t pay!” about the hated poll tax, I could and I did. Raging against the machine seemed like Sisyphean futility and talk of changing the world was for poets and artists. To me, practical people just got on with it and made the best of events. Cynicism was a uniform I wore with pride. Against such a background, I make an unlikely campaigner and the last person anyone would pick to give voice to a silenced and disenfranchised community.”

Being a Student at the time of the poll tax which was introduced in Scotland in 1989 and England and Wales in 1990. This would concur with the 45 year range as a student at the time would be in all probability in their late teens and early twenties.

But lets get back to the Story.

Rangers the Club it appears have been the victim of an alleged serious crime. Extortion on its own can see a prison sentence of 15 years.

THATS FIFTEEN YEARS!!!!! no fucking cake walk.

The thing that gets me is why this scoundrels name is withheld?

We live in a world when some Rangers fans names have been put in the public domain by the media for the most trivial of alleged crimes even before they know they had been charged.

So why is this bigots name not revealed?

Is it because he is the high profile Rangers Tax Case blogger.

Does this anonymity only happen to Celtic fans?

If it is indeed a Celtic fan . Then it would also marry with the fact that the Rangers tax case blogger was and is a Celtic supporter and has links to some serious influential people in politics, the media and sports and his identity and the fact that he is the Rangers Tax blogger would cause them great embarrassment.

It wouldn’t be the first Celtic fan charged with a serious crime to be granted anonymity.

In 2008 a 19-year-old CELTIC fan – known only as John D – appeared in court after spending more than four months behind bars in Can Brians jail. He was sentenced to four years in jail by a Spanish court for two drink-fuelled Champions League attacks.

The court was told how, on March 3rd 2008, the defendant, who was drinking with his dad and eight fellow fans in the Sinfo pub in the town of Sabadell, first started an argument with a group of rival supporters, then, “without apparent motive or any kind of provocation,” smashed a half-litre beer jug against the head of one of the Barcelona fans.

He then smashed a second jug over the head of the owner of the bar, when he tried to restore order.

Both victims required stitches in hospital and the fan was quickly arrested He was later identified by three witnesses

It emerged later his family had paid £2300 in compensation to the victims, which helped to reduce his sentence. He was then sent back home to Glasgow to serve the rest of his prison term.

A court source said: “The expectation is that in the short term, he will be placed in a prison in Scotland.”

Now I find this deeply disturbing that this Violent NED is walking about Scotland rubbing shoulders and working with good people who are totally oblivious of what this violent psychopath is capable of.

Despite Freedom of information request being put in to disclose this violent malcontents identity


He and his violent crime still remains anonymous to people and co workers future partners etc who innocently walk by him.

How this Celtic NED got anonymity when even the Celtic fans still denying their guilt in the Amsterdam riots were named and shamed I really do not know.

In 2008 the United Kingdom was still in the grip of New Labour. Jack Maconnell a man who has been very outspoken on football violence was still very much involved in the cut and thrust before taking his comfy seat in the House of Lords.

Surely he should have been on his soapbox to out this cretin and prove he isn’t just a one sided mouth piece by making sure this NED had no hiding place.

Surely New Labours Dr John Reid who was very much part of the Celtic board at the time of this sickening violent attack must have been ashamed by this Celtic thugs actions? Surely he must not agree that this NED should not be granted anonymity?

Getting back to the Rangers Tax Case Blogs piece in the Guardian piece. Probably the most telling thing was this part of it.

“Rangerstaxcase.com has become a platform for some of the sharpest minds and most accomplished professionals to share information, debate, and form opinions based upon a rational interpretation of the facts rather than PR-firm fabrications.”

You read about spies being granted anonymity for the sake of National security.

So why is the alleged Rangers extortionist and the violent NEDs name not in the public domain?

Is it not the case just like the British hating pro Irish terrorism Phil Mac Giolla Bhain that it might not be them and their identity that is the problem but the identities of the

sharpest minds and most accomplished professionals”


“share information, debate, and form opinions based upon a rational interpretation of the facts rather than PR-firm fabrications.”

Surely these people if their identities where to be revealed divulging secret information to a sectarian motivated Rangers hating blog  wouldn’t be a matter of National security.

Would it……?



  1. Declan McGlumphy says:

    Oh dear, this cretins attempt at journalism has failed badly. He has the same prose as the hate filled Gub. Is that you Gub? your attempt at journalism, well, a few tips..you need an education first of all, secondly, you have to be impartial, and thirdly it helps if your prose makes sense. I struggle to see how you fit in any of those categories?
    The RT case was about 4 years ahead of all of you, now, you try to be important by doing detective work ( a few years too late btw) and come up with a load of bs.
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, that the attempt at uncovering (God only knows) comes too late, maybe if you had done it when your own club was cheating and lying you might still have a club. Instead your club died …liquidated, yes liquidated not out of administration but the full blown bhoona liquidation. Too little too late. Some might say that’s a good thing.

  2. Scott Macboy says:

    Ok Declan, maybe if you get your facts correct then you might want to send an email to BDO and ask them what their position in the “liquidation” of RFC is. Here’s what you will be told. The investigation into RFC and the events leading up to and after administration are ongoing and therefor it is inappropriate to comment or speculate on its outcome. I think BDO might know a bit more about what’s going on regarding their investigation of RFC than one of Phill Mcmanofmanynames faithful followers. Go spout your pish on one of your own fans vile always obsessed pages.

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