Once again the usual Anti-British, Pro IRA terror, parasitical, Rangers hating cabal -that try to eek out a living stirring up hatred in Scotland- are out in force once again.

This time they are drumming up hyperbole once again claiming Scottish born Irish players will be in somehow a state of fear and alarm once they cross that white line of that place in the east end of Glasgow uncomfortable in its own British skin and has promoted anti-Britishness from the top down from its very inception in 1888.

The reality, in the cold light of day is that Irish players whether domestic or foreign born are more than likely to be the victim of serious assault in a Dublin hotel with their mad dog, violent psychopathic dictator masquerading as a coach Roy Keane.

download (1)

The players in Question Are Aiden McGeady and James McArthy. Now these players could go and play for the moon for I care about the SFA Eleven.

But the fact is they have Irish Grand Parentage and that means under FIFA Rules they are illigable to play for Ireland.

In doing so they shoot down these Anti-British bigots argument that Scotland is unfriendly place for Irish People. Not just unfriendly but if an outsider was to believe the rants of these hate-filled bigots you think the Clyde had been turned red by the blood of Irish people.

You see in Aiden McGeadys case from what Im aware from an interview i saw his Grandfather left rural Donegal in the 1950’s an illiterate non-English speaker and came to make a living in that capital of anti-Irishness, Scotland because his beloved Ireland was incapable of providing a living for him.

No one asked Grandad Mcgeady or his descendants to come over. No one forced him. No famine. They choose to come to Scotland of their own accord.

They chose a life in Scotland over a life in the Republic of Ireland.

Scotland must have provided for them for his Glasgow Grandson Aiden to still be there long enough to turn his back on the Country that provided work for his Grandfather and his decedents when Ireland could not.

But I’m going to cut them in their Anti-British, Pro IRA, 5th columnist tracks once again.

You have to bear in mind Dear Reader.

The spurious claims of racism from these demented Rangers hating Celtic supporters come amidst one of their players Aleksandar Tonev being found guilty by the SFA of calling Aberdeen player Shay Logan a, and I quote “BLACK CUNT”


Another Celtic player Leigh Griffiths still up on a charge for being filmed in a pub calling another professional Footballer from Eastern Europe a and I quote “A FUCKING REFUGEE”.


An Irish born Celtic player that Ireland seems to have turned their back on Anthony Stokes. Who shouts his undying love for his and his “Fathers” close personal friend Alan Ryan RIRA leader in Dublin. A terrorist that would have seen people as legitimate targets for killing simply because they are British.


All this has seemed to have passed these anti-Racism crusaders by as they seem to be very tight lip about their own.


Angela Haggerty is once again HOACHING!.

Hoaching with hypocrisy!

Her and her little hate-filled anti-British, pro IRA cabal are and have yet again let the mask slip for the whole world to see yet again.

She has been writing in an Irish paper about Racism in Scotland but fails to mention all these racist crimes from Celtic players. Ms Haggerty interviews Professor Tom Devine, a man, a Roman Catholic Bigot. who likes to distort Scottish History for the benefit of him and his puppet masters- In my humble opinion that is of course- who said recently in a BBC Radio Ulster interview, that all the Orange order in Scotland was made up of a “Social Underclass”


Well Tom despite all your propaganda. I would suggest more Irish Catholics would be in more danger getting in your swerving Jaguar XJ8 when your doing 40mph in a 70mph section and your twice over the booze limit, Than they would be watching or playing at Celtic park this Friday.

Also she fails to mention the abuse that Celtic Supporting Irish fans have given players from around the world for having the temerity to play for Rangers Football club.

Ireland and its fans are a public embarrassment for the the Football Association of Ireland for booing players from around the world just because they play for a team in a foreign country, Scotland called Rangers.

Obviously these bigots boo Rangers players for what they perceive Rangers to stand for and that is Britishness, Unionism and Protestantism.

Rangers Players who have been targeted and victims of these hate-filled bigots are as follows…

Georgian Shota Arveladze. Australia’s Rangers duo Kevin Muscat and Craig Moore. Norway’s ToreAndre Flo, Neil McCann and Barry Ferguson were continuously booed when Scotland played in Dublin. Rangers stars Chris Burke and Alan Hutton as part of Scotlands under 21’s and Denmark’s Peter Lovenkrands.

But these anti-British, Irish bigots are thankfully in a minority.

In fact in 2003 Celtic football club came under pressure to act against supporters behind a website defending the ‘right’ of Irish fans to boo Rangers players at international matches in Dublin.

A founding member of Sport Against Racism in Ireland (SARI) has written to Celtic Park complaining about the website.

Ken McCue, whose father was an Irish international in the Forties and Fifties, claimed in his letter that the sentiments expressed on the website are in breach of Celtic’s social charter.

This states that Celtic is ‘an inclusive organisation being open to all regardless of age, sex, race, religion or disability’.

SARI even contacted Uefa to complain and prompted the Football Association of Ireland to condemn the jeering.
Celtic have confirmed they received the letter of complaint.

At least one of those behind the website is a season ticket holder at Celtic Park.

The founders of the website refused to answer questions when asked from The Observer newspaper in Ireland about their campaign to keep booing Rangers players. Instead they pointed to their site for an explanation for their defense of the jeering.

It states the website was founded to ‘protect the good name of Celtic and Ireland supporters who have been vilified in some sections of the Irish media’ and that jeering visiting players who play for Rangers is neither racist nor sectarian.

But McCue disagreed saying Scottish Old Firm rivalry should have nothing to do with the Ireland international team.

‘I am well aware that Celtic have made great strides in combating sectarianism over in Scotland. Their social charter is commendable but they must act against those behind this website,’

he said.

‘The Republic of Ireland side is not Celtic’s sister side in international football.’

Irish Football fans took to the social media of the time, internet forums, to condemn these bigots. As follows

Booing at Landsdowne Road

The one thing I didn’t like about the match was the booing whenever a particular member of the Georgian team came into posession of the ball. I don’t recall the player’s name but he plays for Rangers and apparently this was the excuse. I felt it was in very poor taste. The Georgian’s may have been rivals but they were also our guests. Some of the people in front of me took part in the booing and they seemed to regard it as a joke.

Before the match in the Landsdowne Hotel, a father brought his two young children in for a meal and Des Caren, the gentleman I couldn’t place, remarked how great it was that going to an Irish international match is such a family event. But if they are going to be exposed to the concept that it’s OK to abuse someone as a joke just because they play for a particular team, then I’m not so sure.


No, it’s not OK to boo

A few months ago I commented on the booing that went on at Landsdowne Road whenever Shota Arveladze was in possession of the ball. The reason? He plays for Glasgow Rangers. There is concern that the behaviour will be repeated tonight when Ireland plays Austrialia because two members of the Australian team, Craig Moore and Kevin Muscat, also play for Rangers.

The behaviour has been condemned by senior figures such as Fran Rooney, the FAI’s chief executive and Ireland Manager Brian Kerr. However, the message doesn’t seem to have gotten through. Someone by the name of E. F. Fanning has set up a Website called it’s OK2boo (I’m not going to link to it) to fight for his right to boo Rangers players at Irish internationals. This is nothing more than thuggery dressed up in respectability. Mr Fanning even has the gall to say he is doing it to “Protect the good name of Ireland and Celtic supporters.” Interestingly enough, Mr Fanning’s name appears nowhere on the site. However, his name and address are readily available through the Whois lookup function at Network Solutions It has been pointed out to me that Mr Fanning’s name does in fact appear on a press release on the site. While I regret that error, it does not detract from my main argument.
If Mr Fanning wishes to protect the good name of Ireland and Celtic supporters he should either shut up or stay away from Irish international matches and persuade his friends to do likewise.

And a post on an internet forum as follows in full.

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Hmmmm ok2boo.com registered to:
E.F. Fanning (ok2boo@eircom.net)
+353.00 353 87 xxxx
FAX: +.
xx Main Street
Dublin, Dublin

I’ve anonymised this only because I dont think people should be victimised for their beliefs.
Nor their creed, colour, race, or football team….
Oh and speaking directly to the people behind ok2boo … if you dont like me doing this:
a. look up “poetic justice” in the dictionary.
b. tell the guys “who crash websites”, cos I guaruntee you I’m a lot ****in’ scarier then they are and I dont take well to such threats personally or to people in the industry. I think we both understand.
Hugz and Kisses!

DeVore is offline

This E F Fanning chap who these Irish posters find an embarrassment. Wouldn’t be the same E F Fanning that is close friends with Hate filled British and Rangers hating bigot and Angela Haggertys mentor Phil Mac Giolla Bhain?.

edna fanningsfeffanning

It also says the “PEOPLE” -plural- behind the Rangers hating website. Was Phil Mac Giolla Bhain in cahoots with E F Fanning attacking Rangers on the internet from way back in 2003?

If so its time or club grows a set of balls and deal with these bastards and the people in Scotland’s polite society that secretly agree with these anti-Rangers bastards once and for all!

So its OK for Angela Haggertys Puppet master and Hero Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and friends to justify booing of players because they play for Rangers but not for the Tartan Army to boo players who they see as turning their back on the counrty of their birth?

E F Fanning has also been in the papers with our good auld friend Sinn Fein/ Provisonal IRA propagandist Roy Greenslade. Both are greeting about the treatment their great leader Gerry Adams is getting of the Irish press after allegations of cover ups of 100s of Rapes and Child Rapes by IRA members.

Awwww Diddums you hear that E F Fanning? That is the sound of the smallest violin in the world playing for your disgusting bloodstained “political” party Sinn Fein as its chickens finally come home to roost.

edna fanningisreal

To BOO or not to BOO that is the question.

I really couldn’t give a toss.

I wont be there.

The SFA select side will not be seeing 1 penny of my and many other Rangers fans money in the near to distant future.

But if I were. I would be more inclined to boo Aiden McGeady for being in my humble opinion a diving, cheat!

I’m just sitting back laughing at the usual Rangers hating suspects tearing into each other.

On one side we have the anti-British, anti-Union, Anti-English, Little Scotlanders the Tartan Army. On the other the usual Anti-British, anti-Union, Pro-IRA terror lovers that pollute and stir up hatred in Scotland in a vain attempt to try and justify their little cottage industry.

I’m just laughing my head off at the very short honeymoon that these strange bedfellows. The Tartan Tories and Pro IRA Fenian Marxists, these brothers in British hating arms.

Who where metaphorically winching each other over the deluded thought of an Independent Scotland only a few weeks a go.

But now are at each others throats.

LOL bloody Marvelous.

God forbid the state of Scotland if these hate-filled idiots actually got there way at the referendum.

And that is the real story -that has once again being ignored- is why would a player representing his own country be booed and abused even before he has kicked a ball for his own country.

Why are the Pro-IRA anti-Brits and the Pro-SRA anti Brits not in bed once again and both booing Rangers players for what they perceive they represent?

Lewis MacLeod was selected for this week internationals and ever since has faced a barrage of hate on social media from so called Scotland fans for doing so.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the bigots in the Tartan Army give Lewis MacLeod the same disgusting treatment that fellow Rangers player Ian Black waiting on the Easter Road touchline got even before he had a chance to kick a ball for Scotland.

The real tragedy of this story is the future for wee McGeadys, McCarthys and even kids with madey up Irish surnames like Mac Giolla Bhain.

Why should the SFA youth set up plough money into the future of these young boys only for them to dig up a Granny and Grandad and choose to play for Ireland because of a deep seated hatred of the country they were born?.
Believe you me the SFA youth pot of money will only be getting smaller with people like Alloa’s Mike Mulraney

download (2)

and Celtics Peter Lawwell hovering over it like Vultures.


3 comments on “HEY BOO! GET OFF OF MACLEOD

  1. Gordon says:

    Robbie Keane and others have never been booed at Ibrox when playing for English teams ?
    A very blinkered view as usual.

  2. AB6 says:

    Great piece,really good reading.

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