We’ve all seen them in the tabloids. The showbiz power couples, that are joint at the hip that go by a single portmanteau the Brangelinas the Bennifers swanning about their luxurious yachts moored of the coast of St Tropez.

Scottish Fitbaw seems to have its own power couple with their own portmanteau of PHAGGERTY.

This Power couple seems to be a rather dubious seedy hate filled Power couple with one of the duo Phil Mac What ever his name is this week and Angela Haggerty making up this British hating, Rangers hating not so quite as easy on the eye Brad and Angelina.

Swap the luxurious yacht for a Isle of Bute dingy and the mansion in St Tropez for a compact and bijou but n ben in Donegal and you will have the setting for this deranged duo

Yet this Duo seem to have more in common with a more infamous more deviant couple the Moors murders Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley.

Instead of entertaining and bringing joy to peoples lives like the previous Hollywood power couples.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Angela Haggerty seem to have the same blood-lust and down right malevolent thirst to wallow in and constantly relive violence just like Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley.

They also have morbid fascination with the deaths of infants like Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley.

The object for Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Angela Haggerty sick desire seems to be the death of a two and a half year old called “Sevco”.

They have spent the entire last two and a bit years of their sad pathetic hate filled bigoted lives willing this two and a half year old to die like deranged morbid ghouls.

Before you go running to the nearest Police Station to report these two macabre malcontents. “Sevco” is just a figment of these two malevolents anti-British Pro IRA terror minds.

Of course just like Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley had deviant violent fantasies and ‘dreams’. These things soon manifest themselves in the real world themselves either through the individuals themselves or whipping up others in a hate filled frenzy.

Celtic Legend Kenny Dalglish the former Celtic manager and player who made 27 Old Firm appearances scoring seven goals summed these two malevolent deviant bigots up to a tee when describing the bheasts who placed a £3000 advert in the Scottish national comic

“It’s like asking me why a ­psychopath does what he does. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have an answer for what they’ve done.”

Yip on the same day over 40,000 Rangers fans were at Ibrox to honour Fernando Ricksen and Celtic Football Club giving £10,000 to the charities.

Some Celtic fans remain in the dark ages with Phil Mac Giolla Bhain being extremely dim!

On that very day were there was so much joy in Scottish football with Celtic fans and members of other clubs in attendance at Ibrox he shat out a blog called

‘The Fenian blood festival’

That reminds me of a member Irish Diaspora -All be it via his West British Great Great Grandfather serving as part of the British Army in Queen Victoria’s Empire and his 13 year old Anglo Indian bride- more comfortable in his British Skin, Billy Connolly once said in a legendary stand up routine for ITV.

I paraphrase

“Where do perverts go to meet each other? I mean you cant walk up to a complete stranger in a bar and say excuse me do you mind dressing up in rubber and beating my bum with a daily record”

It always puzzles me how Ian or indeed Myra broke the question of how they would like to murder Children to get off sexually.

I mean surely you have the chance of 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% of the population saying.


Then running off to the nearest Police Station to inform on the seriously ill malcontent.

But as we all know today is a far different day than it was in the day of Your Ian and Myras.

The internet allows for all sorts of perverted and obsessive forums to exist for like minded deviants to attract each other and converse their wildest fantasy’s with each other before they even meet in real life and for deviant couples to encourage and goad each other deeper and deeper into a web of depravity.

Like many mentally deranged serial killers self awareness isn’t Phaggertys bag.

I mean if Ted Bundy, with his Adrenalin pumping hiding in a bush with his rape and torture kit ever took one look at himself in his minds eye he would say -if a rational human being that is-

“what the hell am I doing with my life?”

That amazing lack of self awareness was evident in Miss Haggertys tweet as seen in the RT below (miss Haggerty has since deleted the tweet).


If Fred and Rose West ever had any notion of self awareness and humanity they would’ve surely looked down at their blood stained hands as they were hacking of their own daughters head and would’ve shouted to the heavens


Talking of Fred and Rose West. Maybe this deviant couple explains the sordid hatefilled Phaggerty couple more aptly.

You see like Fred introduced Rose to his sordid sick crimes it then became clear that Rose soon became the dominant member of the deadly duo.

frdownload (2)

Just like Phaggerty, as far as I have been informed, It was Phil Mac Giolla Bhain who introduced Angela Haggerty to his hate-filled Rangers obsession.

Angela Haggerty was apparently working at a small local radio station on the Isle of Bute worrying about ferry time tables and engaged too!

To of all things an….an….. ENGLISHMAN

God forbid what her Irish, Scottish Nationalist pals would think of that

It seems Phil Mac Giolla Bhain who is apparently twice the age of Angela Haggerty -I know I thought she looked in her late 30’s too- groomed Angela Haggerty into his hate-filled obsessional mindset from his Donegal lair.

It is deeply creepy that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain who is old enough to be miss Angela Haggertys Daddy seemed to have hit it off so quickly and not only that Haggerty has quickly picked up the Dominant role.

You see despite Phil Mac Giolla Bhain constant crowing of breaking the massive Rangers Tax bill that ended up never existing.

He has been asked constantly to debate live on TV and Radio and explain himself.

He has refused every time like the shite bag, coward he is!

Apart from the times he has been allowed on Radio Clyde by Jim Delahunt to spout unchallenged his Hate filled bile.

Miss Haggerty on the other hand has grasped the any chance to get on the BBC with both hands.

Anyway back to the most important thing.

The first old firm game in three years.

Do not rise to the devious British hating duo lust for blood and hatred.

I’ve spent a half hour writing this doing the best thing taking the piss out of them exposing their pathetic agenda and laughing at them.

Enjoy the game.

Laugh at the obsessional Tims.

But don’t expect Phaggerty to be there at Hampden. Phil will be watching it on an illegal down load site even defrauding his beloved club of yet more needed monies and as we all know Haggerty couldn’t find Parkhead with a sat nav.

With Her first game being according to her the last game of season when Neil lennons Celtic ended up failures once more with Rangers winning the League at Kilmarnock.

The best outcome of the semi-final not only for me as it would mean Rangers winning would be for big Jon Daly to score a winning goal in 90th minute for Rangers at the Celtic end. Only for him to be met by a barrage, a torrent, a tsunami of anti-Irish, sectarian hatred from the all inclusive Celtic fans.

Then you will hear the cry from Donegal and Bute for miles as their tiny little bigoted minds cry in unison

“Computer no worky”

As a real Irishman from Dublin puts Celtic to the sword.

download (3)

Phaggerty would be wise to phone the number big Jon is advertising.


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