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According to the Urban Dictionary

severe malky

The art of slashing someones face with a blade or sharp cutting implement.

“wee goagsy wiz gittin battered oafy the big yin till he pulled a chib oot eez poakit nd gave um the severe malky”

The recent transfer day hosted by the excellent and fast becoming a Great British national treasure Jim White -who incidentally was hounded from the parochial hate filled little back water of Scottish television for his fawning but very true Brian “why are you so good” Laudrup interview- reminded me of the Malky Mackay Vincent Tan saga.

Why? you may ask. Well I will explain.

You will remember last August Vincent Tan reported Malky Mackay and his right hand man Iain Moody to the FA and accused of being racist, sexist and homophobic in a shocking series of text messages dating back to their time together at Cardiff City.

This story came to light just as it looked as if Malky MacKay was about to be installed as new Crystal palace boss nearly half a year since being sacked by Tan at Cardiff.

Here below is what was texted

‘Fkn chinkys. Fk it. There’s enough dogs in Cardiff for us all to go around.’

On the arrival of South Korean international Kim Bo-Kyung

‘Go on, fat Phil. Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers’

On football agent Phil Smith

‘He’s a snake, a gay snake. Not to be trusted’

On an official of another club

On August 16, 2012, a list of players proposed by a French agent is forwarded, stating to Mackay that ‘he needs to rename his agency the All Blacks’.

‘Not many white faces amongst that lot but worth considering.’

On a list of potential signings

‘I hope she’s looking after your needs. I bet you’d love a bounce on her falsies.’

On a player’s female agent


In a separate exchange a picture entitled ‘Black Monopoly’ is sent, with every square a ‘Go To Jail’ square.
Sent to members of Cardiff’s staff

Of one African player, it is stated: ‘Doesn’t look like a good cv. And he’s Nigerian.’

Absolutely shocking you will no doubt concur dear reader.

What is more shocking was the absence of condemnation from the usual suspects who eek out a living in Scotland in the sectarian/racist cottage industry.

Maybe it was because Malky was an ex Celtic player and not Rangers that left them unusually tongue tied?

Anyway we, like them, we might be missing the real story in this sordid affair.

You see these messages only came to light after a dawn raid on Moody’s south London home in March this year, as part of Cardiff’s investigation into eight controversial transfers.

I remember in the dying days of Malky Mackays reign at Cardiff feeling sorry for Big Malky. There was a media battle being played out with the media presenting Big Malky as the honest hardworking squared jaw Brit (not sure big Malky would like that) and Vincent Tan as the evil bond villain. Yet another crazy foreigner owning one of our British clubs and treating MacKay with contempt. How dare he after big Malky got them promoted to the promise land.


But when you look closer at the real story you soon start to feel sorry for Vincent Tan and angry that it appears hes been quite clearly the victim of what looks like a conspiracy against him.

Vincent Tan suggests Cardiff paid way above the market value for a number of players. The club spent £50m spent on eight players that summer, but Tan believes the true market value should have been nearer £30m.

He then enlisted Mishcon de Reya,and their investigation resulted in around £3m being withheld in payments due to agents in deals authorised during Mackay and Moody’s tenure at the club.

Around 70,000 text messages and 100,000 emails were allegedly recovered during the investigation.
Was Joe Ledleys transfer from Celtic to Crystal Palace included in this investigation?

Crystal Palace completed the signing of Joe Ledley from Celtic but with only minutes to spare before the closure of the January transfer window. His current Celtic contract was running out in the summer.

If so would this tweet have any basis in fact?


Frankie Bhoy when he isn’t posting pornography is usually spot on when it comes to Celtic.

Lets look closer at the story.

October 2013: Mackay’s head of recruitment, Iain Moody, with whom he had worked at Watford, leaves Cardiff.


23 October, 2013: Ian Hollyway leaves Crystal Palace

November 9 2013: Iain Moody joins Crystal Palace

23 November 2013: Tony Pulis joins Crystal Palace

December 27: Mackay is eventually dismissed as Cardiff manager.

January 1 2014: Malky Mackay at Celtic Park to watch former Cardiff City hero Joe Ledley score winner


Feburay 1 2014: Transfer Deadline Day: Celtic’s Joe Ledley joins Crystal Palace

Was Malky MacKay there to scout Joe Ledley for Crystal Palace in the knowledge that he would join up with his right hand man Iain Moody at Crystal Palace?

But that would mean Tony Pulis would be complicit in this sham or was he being shafted?

Maybe that explains Tony Pulis leaving Crystal Palace on August 14 2014. He left by ‘mutual consent’ following

clashes with the club’s owner Steve Parish over transfer deals.

Pulis only arrived at Selhurst in November the year before taking over from Ian Holloway with the Eagles bottom of

the league, and steered the club to an impressive 11th in the table.

He was handed the Manager of the Year award but just three months later he was gone.

Tony Pulis left Palace just two days before the start of the season and on the same day Martin Kelly had arrived from Liverpool on a three-year deal.

Anyway there is no loved lost between the Welshman and Crystal Palace. When asked whether he could make a return to the club, Pulis said

“Going back where? [Palace] No, no. No chance.”

Was this why Ian Hollyway left a week before Iain Moody arrived at Crystal Palace? was he pushed or shoved?

In October 2014 Vincent Tan said he was planning to take legal action ‘several agents’ over the fees they received from transfers completed during Malky Mackay’s tenure as manager of Cardiff City highlighted by an investigation conducted by leading fraud and sports lawyers at London firm Mishcon de Reya.

Vincent Tan said

‘I happened to have a manager who I think overspent,’

‘I think he…overpaid a lot of players, paid the agents too much agent fees.

‘In fact, we are going to have some court cases against several agents. There’ll be some court case coming up over this.’

Vincent Tan was true to his word when in November 2014 he started High Court proceedings to reclaim more than £50,000 they paid to football agent Paul Atkin for information he provided about discredited former manager Malky Mackay.

It’s claimed Atkin, of Pro Star Management, made an approach to Cardiff under the pseudonym Jack Anonymous offering to help the club defend Mackay’s £7million employment claim with ‘two significant pieces of information’ regarding his alleged ‘serious misconduct’.

Cardiff paid Atkin, via his solicitor, £51,500 for the information he had been touting. But on receiving it, they found it ran to less than one typed page and was either of questionable accuracy or relevance.

The first item was that Norwich majority shareholder Delia Smith had allegedly approached Mackay about managing the Canaries and the second was that Atkin’s own agency had a scouting agreement with Malky Mackay through his agent Raymond Sparkes, who also works for Pro Star Management.

Then we have the murky ‘SPYGATE’ that was conveniently overlooked in the Malky MacKay text scandal.
Spygate was the first story from the Vincent Tan Dossier to hit the paper in the week Malky Mackay was favourite to replace Pulis as Eagles boss this week.

Spygate is an absolute shocking story about subterfuge involving a match between Cardiff and Crystal Palace. Cardiff accused their rivals of obtaining Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s starting XI before the crunch clash on April 5 2014, a match the Bluebirds lost 3-0 with Joe ledley scoring.


At the time of the fixture Cardiff were one point adrift of 17th spot. They went on to finish bottom of the table, while Palace, under the guidance of Tony Pulis, finished 11th following an incredible run of form.
After Palace were found guilty of breaching Premier League rules earlier this week following a four-month investigation sparked by the Bluebirds’ furious complaint in April.

Bluebirds chiefs today sent legal letters to the Crystal Palace and Iain Moody, informing them they intend to pursue a claim for financial damages following the furore.

On average, clubs who drop out of the top-flight incur a loss of around £20m, including a massive loss in TV revenues.

Remembering this story put a dampener on my enjoyment of Jim White day. Just thinking, If true, of all those greedy parasitical agents taking hard working fans money out the game.


Lets hope wee Vincent Tan has the last word.


3 comments on “THE SEVERE MALKY

  1. bravo says:

    cheers sir well done pure bravo

  2. Bonzo says:

    Very harsh of you, to look so hard for fault amongst Catholics. Go and have a boiled sweetie, it takes the bitterness away. Also, instead of moaning, you ought to have tried living at St Joseph’s in the seventies. It was strict, we were great at rugby and football, brilliantly educated. It was Spartan in terms of comfort, but the worst thing was the food. We missed our parents. Oh, and you would have been too soft to survive it! The endless whinging of your articles shows a spoilt boy.
    We only found out about the abuse almost 20 years later. We were shocked, and it was by no means obvious, nor present in conversation at any time. We hate abuse such as this as much as you do, just as much as you seem to hate Catholic people.
    Is your criticism from an Orange, Masonic or Presbyterian perspective? It cannot be the latter, as Presbyterianism is not anti Christian, whereas the two other organisations belong to Lucifer himself. Has no abuse incident ever occurred among your social groups? If not, then you are entitled to criticise. Otherwise, may the peace of Christ our Saviour be with you.
    People really need to ease off on the bigotry. It is the province of the idiot, yet you write without grammatical error. You cannot actually be an idiot. Time to stop hating people. How many Catholics have done you a good turn in life? You would ignore it if you knew, perhaps.
    Oddly, this hectoring repetitive criticism is found in the ” Holy Willie’s Prayer” by the Masonic Robert Burns, whom I would liked to have met, his brilliance a light in any room.
    It refers to public denigration of sinners in the Presbytery of Ayr.
    As I say, off you go and have a boiled sweetie.

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