Why does Lalit Modi want to spend nigh on £40m to acquire shares to get control of Rangers in this the most dark, uncertain period in its history?

Why Would Lalit Modi want to pay 50p, well north of the shares market value. in the financial basket case that Rangers has become?

Of Course it makes total sense to me that Lalit Modi would want to.

Lalit Modi as a boy- in predominantly Hindu, India- attended the private St. Columba’s School in Delhi. Situated next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Why wouldn’t he?

It just goes to show how attractive our multi-cultural, all inclusive club is now-a-days

After the last 30 years that we have signed a high Profile Roman Catholic player from the clutches of Celtic, had a Roman Catholic captain, had a Roman Catholic Manager its good to see we are an attractive proposition for people all over the world. Its just a pity all the narrow minded bigots seem to still be here in Scotland or make the trip from Ireland every week.

St. Columba’s was founded in 1941, by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a Catholic society from Ireland also informally known as the Christian Brothers. In 1886 the Pope requested that they consider setting up in India and a province of the congregation was established there.

The Congregation of Christian Brothers (officially, in Latin: Congregatio Fratrum Christianorum; members of the order use the post-nominal “CFC”) is a worldwide religious community within the Catholic Church, founded by Blessed Edmund Rice.

The Irish section of the worldwide Christian Brothers were strong supporters of Irish nationalism, the Irish Language revival and Irish sports. In most of their schools in Ireland Gaelic football and hurling were encouraged as opposed to other sports and there were even examples of boys being punished for playing soccer. Conor Cruise O’Brien called them “the most indefatigable and explicit carriers” of the Catholic nation idea.

I wonder if those traditions and Ideas carried all the way to India?

I wonder if those Irish teachers informed the young Lalit Modi on how

“Glasgow Rangers FC is an institution in itself given the history and lineage of the club,”

“Glasgow Rangers have a fabulous fan base, a solid home and heritage that dates back over 100 years, all of which make for great long-term value.

It does not surprise me that Lalit Modi would want to invest a fortune in a club that many percieve as a bastion of Britishness. Modi The Grandson of an Indian Entrepreneur who started the Modi empire under the British Empire and who In 1926 was insulted on the basis of his nationality by an Englishman working in India by the name of Mr. Turner, after the young Modi outbid him during a public auction. An incensed Grandad Modi subjected the Englishman to a beating.-

Lalit Modi Grandfather Gujarmal after the end of the Second World War, the British government wanted to give a knighthood on Gujarmal for the exemplary service provided by his companies during the War. But Gujarmal told them to stuff it and for the British to confer on him an Indian title instead.

Why would he not want to invest in a club that Weekly sings the praises of the Daughter of the person his Grandfather snubbed?

Let us all hope the convicted the man arrested on charges of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, assault and second-degree kidnapping. Does not have the same temper as his Granddaddy at the E.G.M in March

It does not surprise me that the proud alumni of St. Columba, Lalit Modi -educated at the hands the congregation of Christian Brothers, who in the late 20th and early 21st century were exposed of a long series of scandals involving emotional, physical and sexual abuse of Irish children in the congregation’s care, stretching back over a long period of time. Similar abuse emerged also in other countries where the congregation had had a presence, including Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.- Would want to invest in a club whos fans bravely high-light such atrocities in song under fear of imprisonment.

Why wouldn’t he?

Its a no brainer

It was reported in the Indian press in September 26, 2013 that Modi, according to an insider from the All India Football Federation (AIFF), wanted to launch an IPL-style football league.

Why would Lalit Modi waste his time being in total control of a new, fresh, razzmatazz style league with the potential of 1 billion customers in its own country alone. When he could buy control of Rangers at probably its most rudderless, depressing time in its history by offering existing shareholders £40 million for the privileged?

It’s Simple, its obvious he’s a Bridgeton Delhi boy!

Rangers are the only team he wanted to own.

I’m just surprised he’s waited till now to do it. Hes been in the UK since 2011 and from this tweet below he has been well aware of the clubs plight.


The story he has linked was from

and was titled

“Full extent of Rangers FC claims against Collyer Bristow laid bare”

It lists the full allegations against Collyer Bristow and former partner Gary Withey relating to the firm’s advice on the takeover of Rangers FC .

Also that Mark Phillips QC, acting for the club’s administrators, Duff & Phelps, a series of damning accusations were revealed in full for the first time. Collyer Bristow stands accused of “deliberate deception” over client Craig Whyte’s doomed bid for the football club.

The above tweet is also referring to Collyer Bristow successfully representing cricketer Chris Cairns in his high profile defamation action against Lalit Modi in England’s first Twitter libel trial.

It was reported in the press recently, that in late in July also in the year 2013, Rafat Rizvi attended a luxurious VIP bash at a villa in Barbados, just a couple of hundred yards along the beach from the world-renowned Sandy Lane Hotel to celebrate the launch of a new big-money cricket venture, the Caribbean Premier League.

I wonder if Dermot Desmond the major shareholder of Celtic popped in ?

Or did he even listen to the Founder of Verus International Ajmal Khan speaking at the official launch of the CPL T20 event in Barbados.?

It was at his Sandy Lane hotel!

Not only is Dermot the de facto owner of Celtic. He is also the owner of Sandy Lane Hotel along with fellow “Coolmore mafia” members JP McManus, the legendary gambler, and John Magnier, the racehorse trainer.
Desmond bought the Sandy Lane Hotel in 1996 during a holiday there and spent more than £230m refitting the 112-room property.

I remembered this from the sordid story of David Morrison Ferrari-loving hedge fund manager 2002.

Morrison and his wife were staying at the Sandy Lane Hotel as guests of Desmond and was supposedly at Desmond plush hotel to meet up with Celtic mad Desmond after months Of Dermot Desmond putting him off.

Their relationship at the time was said to be “strained”.

Desmond flew to Los Angeles, A day before Morrison arrived in Barbados, effectively standing up his fund manager.
On that same trip David Morrison was charged by the Royal Barbados Police Force that he

“Morrison sexually harassed Mrs Stacey Carter- Haynes,” the civil complaint that was lodged in the London High Court alleged.

The complaint says he “physically assaulted Mrs Carter-Haynes by holding her hands tightly by her wrists”.

Morrison at the time denied the charges and said it was “a fabrication” designed to “blackmail” him.

Carter-Haynes made her complaint and the hotel called in the Royal Barbados Police Force . Investigating officers determined that “there was enough evidence to arrest Morrison”. Morrison was charged with assault. Barbados has no law against sexual harassment.

The London lawsuit was not filed by Carter-Haynes, but by Dermot Desmond.

Just four months before his holiday at the Sandy Lane Hotel Morrison had launched the UK’s second largest hedge $165m fund for International Investment & Underwriting (IIU), Desmond’s Dublin-based investment company.

This sordid affair led to brokers Deutsche and JP Morgan, who invested millions in his company, launching a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Desmond and his firm, claiming to have been damaged by Morrison’s removal from the hedge fund,

At the time five of the eight founding members of staff at the London-based hedge fund were also said to have resigned. They also insisted that the claims of improper behaviour at the Sandy Lane Hotel were untrue.
Two years after the sordid affair Dermot Desmond settled with Morrison on steps of the High Court with all parties remaining tight-lipped.

As we all know Hedge funds are renowned for their secrecy and discretion.

But I’m digressing.

Lets get back to Rafat Rizvi and the villa just doon the road from Big Dermo’s pad.

The villa is apparently owned by Ajmal Khan, who was credited with transporting the idea of a Premier League franchise from India to the Caribbean. Lalit Modi is the brain child of this type of Cricket when he set up and launched the Indian Premier League.

It was reported in the press that Rafat Rizvi talked openly of his involvement in Rangers to other guests that night. How they know this one can only assume one of the guests went on record?

Lalit Modi’s cousin, Satish Kumar Modi, also has links to Ajmal Khan and was on the board of Royal Holdings Services Ltd, a company owned by Ajmal Khan.

But lets get back to Lalit Modi buying Rangers. It’s quite telling that its Sandy Easdale who has the Margarita, Blue Pitch Holding 26 percent proxy, that Lalit Modi is reaching out to.

Of course it was just coincidence that Sandy Easdale and interpols most wanted Rafat Rizvi were caught at the Rogano restaurant in Glasgow city center.

download (5)

Also reported in the press that in February of 2013, an Ibrox board meeting was cancelled at short notice so that Charles Green could meet an unnamed wealthy Indian businessman in Dubai.

Was Lalit Modi the unnamed wealthy Indian businessman?

As the Who once sang

“meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

Well I tell you something Brothers and Sisters you can do want, but this brother wont be getting fooled again.

You might swap the shares around you already own for 50p a share. But you can offer the people who really want the best for Rangers £500 a share and they will still not sell to you!



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