stuart regan

Lets cut the bullshit.

I’m getting quite tired of this charade now.

I put it to you Stewart Regan, are you in still in cahoots with Lalit Modi?

This is the question all of Scottish Football should ask SFA chief executive Stewart Regan and should not stop asking it until we get an answer.

My reasoning for this question I put to the SFA chief executive is quite simply laid out below.

Following Tony Mowbray’s departure from Celtic on 25 March 2010, Neil Lennon was appointed caretaker manager and in his own words vows to go to “war” with the Scottish Footballing establishment.

On March 31 2010 Stewart Regan in his capacity as chief executive of Yorkshire County Cricket Club has, what many would see as a clandestine meeting with Lalit Modi to “destroy” English Cricket as we know it today in a conspiracy termed “Project Victoria”

In a brilliant blog post I found from The Blue Knights facebook page dated April 30, 2012  and titled


Explains “Project Victoria” in greater detail as seen in bold below.

In April last year (2011) the English press reported on the conclusion of a libel action which detailed an alleged plan, to launch a Twenty20 cricket league in England reportedly worth £1.2 billion. The plan was called ”Project Victoria” and many believe, had it come to fruition, the proposal would have irreparably damaged English cricket.

It is alleged that the plan was revealed by Lalit Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League, during a meeting in Delhi on 31st March 2010 with Stewart Regan, then the Chief Executive of Yorkshire CCC, and two of his professional colleagues, Colin Povey, chief executive of Warwickshire CCC, and David Hodgkiss, the treasurer of Lancashire CCC. Regan took notes of the meeting with Modi and representatives of IMG, the international sports marketing firm, and subsequently produced a minute of the Delhi meeting that he then circulated to Giles Clarke, the chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board under cover of an email dated 2nd May 2010.
When he had fully absorbed Stewart Regan’s email, and the attached minute of the Delhi meeting, Giles Clarke was so shocked by its content that he described Project Victoria as ”destructive of the structure of world cricket, especially in England. Some days later, on 8 May 2010, he wrote to Mr Shashank Manohar, the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) alleging a plot to destroy the structure of world cricket, and as a result of his accusations, Lalit Modi, was charged with financial impropriety and suspended as vice president of the BCCI and barred from participating in the affairs of the Board or the Indian Premier League.
In light of Regan’s involvement with Modi at the Delhi meeting, the Chairman of Yorkshire CCC, Colin Graves, moved at light speed to distance his club from the scandal. The Delhi trip, he said, “Was a fact-finding mission. Lalit Modi did not put a proposition on the table. There were no secret proposals, no secret agenda, nothing underhand.” Oh really?
His statement is in stark contrast to the view of English cricket supremo Giles Clark, and it should be noted that Graves was not at the Delhi meeting and is solely reliant on Regan’s account of what took place.

“We attended that meeting in an educational capacity, as we wished to learn more about how the IPL has gone from nowhere to being one of the biggest sporting businesses in the world inside two years,” said Regan immediately after the BCCI made public the accusations against Modi. Thereafter he made it clear that he would not comment any further and he has been true to his word – his lips remain sealed!

I have been unable to obtain a copy of the minutes of the Delhi meeting and it is, therefore, impossible to establish what actually passed between Modi, Regan and his two colleagues. However, Regan’s role remains the subject of speculation and suspicion in some quarters, and questions continue to be asked about how he (and his colleagues) could have been so naïve – so gullible – as to continue to participate in a meeting which was so potentially explosive for English cricket. Remember, this was not a mere ‘spot-fixing’ scandal but a major conspiracy described as ruinous for English cricket.

Giles Clarke maintains that Regan’s notes of the Delhi meeting provides clear evidence that Modi had presented the English counties with a commercial proposition wherein if they supported his idea, the IPL would guarantee each county a minimum of $3-5 million per annum plus a staging fee of $1.5 million. An incredible and very attractive inducement to undermine the existing cricket regime in England!

If that is the case, and knowing the full implications of Modi’s proposals, why did Regan not withdraw from the meeting? Why did he not tell Modi that he was exceeding his remit? Why did he not explain to Modi that this was purely an ‘educational’ exchange? Why did he not tell Modi that he did not have the authority to broker any agreement? Why did he not tell Modi that his plans would be extremely detrimental to English cricket? In other words, why did he not tell Modi ‘where to get off?’

On the 28th July 2010, Stewart Regan Joins the SFA in the capacity as chief executive replacing former Rangers player Gordon Smith.

Stewart Regan appointment was shrouded in mystery and controversy -something once again the brilliant blog post I found from The Blue Knights facebook page dated April 30, 2012  and titled


addresses it more in depth as follows in bold below

In July 2010 the weather was rather dismal. There was some infrequent sunshine, but long suffering Glaswegians mostly had to deal with spells of scattered showers and heavy rain. Nothing new as far as Glasgow weather goes, but the month turned out to be more depressing still when on Wednesday, 28th July it was announced that Stewart Regan had been appointed as the Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association.

Mr. Regan, a native of County Durham, joined the SFA after four years as Chief Executive of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. But even before his appointment was ratified – even before the ink was dry on his lucrative contract – his appointment was shrouded in mystery and controversy.

It is alleged that the recruitment and selection process (if, indeed it can be called that) was subverted by individuals who consciously ‘touted’ Regan for the job. Many believe that Regan was ‘hand-picked’ for the job and was urged, initially by telephone, to apply for the post. During that infamous phone call, it was suggested to him that he might wish to apply for the SFA job, and later it is alleged the caller went much further and specifically invited him to apply for the job, which of course he did to the everlasting detriment of Scottish football and Rangers FC in particular.

Not long after his appointment, the rather suspicious link between Kevin Reid (John Reid’s son) and his best buddy Paul Nolan of Nolan Partners (who helped the SFA to recruit Regan) was uncovered by our own Rangers Media, and we now know of course that Regan and Peter Lawwell worked together during their time as employees at Coors Brewers. We also know that Nolan Partners is a business supplier to Celtic, and that the rumour mill suggested that the SFA committee tasked with finding a new Chief Executive was headed by Eric Riley, a prominent Celtic director. Some might, therefore, conclude that Regan’s appointment was a stitch up.

Not a very auspicious start for Stewart Regan, and a highly dubious appointment made in the total absence of the transparency and openness that Mr. Regan so recklessly and glibly espouses.

Upon his appointment he said, “I am aware there is currently a great debate on the way forward for Scottish football and it is my intention to bring all the relevant parties closer together to achieve the obvious common goal of improving the overall standard of the No.1 sport in this country”. A laudable objective, but one that he has signally failed to achieve!

Was Stewart Regan the right man for the job or is he simply the Lawwell lapdog that we all believe him to be? The available evidence would, perhaps, suggest the latter. In fact it would not be unfair to say that the ‘relevant parties’ he referred to in his inaugural statement are as far apart as ever, and the Scottish game irreparably damaged, fractured and factionalised under his abysmal stewardship and his blinkered partisan support for all things from the Dark Side.

For instance Lawwell’s appointment to the SFA’s new Professional Game Board was greeted with considerable suspicion by many, given the bitter and acrimonious legal disputes between the two organisations over disciplinary procedures and, particularly, their vitriolic clashes over the Dougie McDonald affair. Other high profile disputes characterized their relationship up to the point at which Lawwell was appointed to the Professional Game Board.
A Celtic statement read: “It is well known that following events last year, Celtic called for a fundamental review of the processes and procedures within the SFA. We fully supported Stewart Regan’s plan for reform and we feel that the creation of this new board is a very positive outcome of the SFA’s own review. Peter Lawwell, on behalf of Celtic Football Club, will be pleased to accept this invitation to join the professional game board.”
You can bet your life he is! Yes, I’m quite sure he is tickled pink to think that he now has an influential ‘foot’ in the SFA camp and ready access to its malleable and gullible Chief Executive, Stewart Regan. I wonder would he have been so pleased, and Celtic so willing to ‘bury the hatchet’, had he been excluded from this prestigious, hand-picked committee?

However, we should not be so surprised by Stewart Regan’s courtship of Peter Lawwell and Celtic, or his antipathy to all things Rangers, after all Mr. Regan is no stranger to intrigue, controversy and scandal as his tenure as Chief Executive of Yorkshire County Cricket Club suggests.

Stewart Regan seems to lurch haplessly from one crisis to another and the ‘Delhi incident’ certainly has not enhanced his credibility – if, indeed, he ever had any! His judgement and competence is suspect, and as each day passes it becomes more apparent that he is incapable of providing the innovative leadership that the SFA so desperately needs. He is a bumbler and a buffoon; a comic character with no charisma and no clout. His position as Chief Executive of an organisation constantly ridiculed and under relentless attack by all and sundry, is fast becoming untenable, and what little respect he may have had, has all but disappeared.

His unholy alliance with the evil empire at Parkhead and his willingness to ‘kow tow’ to the dark and dangerous forces who seek the demise of our great club is repugnant. Prime amongst those dark forces is Regans sycophantic and Machiavellian buddy Peter Lawwell, a man well versed in the art of sophistry – the clever use of arguments which seem true but are really false in order to deceive people.

There is no doubt that Regan has been deceived by Lawwell and others, although I believe that he is content to be deceived. Indeed, I think that was the purpose of his appointment – he is the ideal patsy!

Within the first months of his appointment at the SFA, Regan had to manage the Scottish football referee strike thanks to Neil Lennon keeping his promise of going to “war” with the Scottish Footballing establishment. Foreign officials had to be drafted in as replacements.

At the same time, Hugh Dallas- A man who has always been a bogey figure for the Celticminded so much so that his house and himself have been physically attacked-was removed from his position as head of referee development, amid controversy about an offensive email.

The email was highlighting the disgusting stance Pope Benedict XVI’s had taken in dealing with the attrocity of systematic peadophilia, abuse and torture of Children worldwide under the “care” of his Church.
Since Hugh Dallas forwarded on that image at the time of the Bishop of Romes visit to the United Kingdom at tax payers expence, in a great time of economic austerity. Pope Benedict XVI has had to resign as the Bishop of Rome because of the growing atrocity of systematic world wide Child Rape at the hands of the Roman Catholic church and subsequent cover up of said child rape.

No apology to Hugh Dallas has been forthcoming from the SFA.

It was just around this time when Stewart Regan was having a lot more success at totally dismantling the Scottish Football Association than he did with English Cricket -around November 2010 – that CRAIG WHYTE pops up onto the plot. With plans to take over the manageable Lloyds bank debt, the phantom Big Tax Case and pump at least £25million into Rangers for new players over the first five years of his ownership.

At the time the “business tycoon” claimed negotiations were at an “early stage” and that the Ibrox club could be in new hands before January.

It was only until May 2011 Craig Whyte finaly got his filthy hands on the club.

On JULY 5TH 2011 Lalit Modi’s posed for the press -Ironically for a man who lives under 24-hour protection because he is the target for underworld hitmen – outside of a 7000 sqft 5-storey mansion in Sloane Street in upmarket Belgravia ,a district in Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea he bought.
Conveniently just 7 minutes away from the original destination for the Rangers E.G.M in March.


Then in November ,after McCoists team conspired to get thrown out of 2 European competitions at the first attempt. Craig Whyte was running up millions of debt by not passing on the Tax deductions of Rangers employees -because believe you me they were paying their Tax- to HMRC who were suddenly very shy and backward coming at chasing up debt. Rangers suddenly take on 2 Indian footballers Jeje Lalpekhlua and Sunil Chhetri on a weeklong trial with Rangers.

Since when did we suddenly feel they need grow our brand in the cricket mad sub-continent?

It was as if suddenly we had 100s of 1000s of mad Rangers fans in India we could punt Rangers too.

(If there is 100s of 1000s of mad Rangers fans in India. I apologies. Make sure you sign up to Rangers first and Buy Rangers!)

Also when Craig Whyte was breaking the law running up millions of pounds. The crime was apperently reported to Stewart Regan who apparently fiddled while Rangers burned. A long way from the image Stewart Regan like to project of the no nonsense “Fit and Proper” inforcing gaurdian of his precious blue chip clubs of the assocation he is charged with to protect.

We all know the damage Craig Whyte was allowed to do to our club while the usually pro-active Stewart Regan sat on his hands.

So this brings me back to the original question Stewart were you a willing participant in the attempted destruction of one of the greatest sporting institutions in the world?

I say attempted destruction because Rangers have been allowed to continue up the leagues until they got back to the original position that the “sporting integrity” cabal originally wanted.

That is a disorganised shambles. Allowed to get humped week in week out using our name to try and maintain TV money. That is a soulless, lifeless club hamstrung in the first division.

All this from a debt free, standing start and £22 million being raised in the city not mention all the money the loyal fans have put in.

Now a lot of money has been squandered on the playing field but in relation to turnover it is acceptable and if you think that’s were all the moneys went- Remember there has been no upfront signings- you’re deluding yourself.

Hopefully we will find out were it all went someday and with 5 charged with fraud with what I’m hearing more to come in an on going court case and 1 on an alleged extortion charge I’m sure the Rangers family will.

So I ask you again Stewart Regan are you a part in a sort of Scottish Football version “Project Victoria” ?



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