I was reading about the highly illegal Dodgy tax dodging Film companies employed by Celtic Football clubs players and Clubs hierarchy, whose sole purpose is to rob the public purse of much needed monies.

I mean come on Celtic Football Club!

Think about the poor of the east end of Glasgow that you purport to care so much about, the Hospitals, the Kidney dialysis machines, the incubators, the nurses, the food banks, and not to mention properly equipping our brave armed forces that you were for the first time ever so concerned about recently.

I wondered if they were funding the forthcoming Brother Walfrid “Blockbuster” directed by Rabid Celtic fan Peter Mullan?.

The reason I remember this film project was not because of the outlandish claims of 3 time Oscar winner and Millwall fan Daniel Day-Lewis making the front page news .

As you can see from the video below

It looks like more Bob Holness Blockbuster than Hollywood Blockbuster!

No but the reason I remembered it was because on the same day a far more newsworthy story about Eppie Sprung Dawson, a 27 year old English teacher from Catholic secondary school St Joseph’s College Dumfries had been found ‘unfit to teach’ by a disciplinary panel.

Eppie Sprung-Dawson St Josephs.article-2424986-1BB6FD79000005DC-445_634x632

Coming hot on the heels of the scandalous abuse and breach of trust of the Mrs Sprung Dawson affair was the Bernadette Smith sordid story. Bernadette Smith, was a 35-year-old mum of three who taught history and English at Bannockburn High.

Her victim was a boy of 16, Gary Ralston who she abused her trust, responsibility and position and began an ‘affair’ with him.

Gary said Smith had called him to her classroom in September to tell him she had “feelings” for him.
He said the teacher then took him to a local park, where she kissed him and left two lovebites on his neck.
And he said that after his family heard about the affair and told the school, Smith came to his home in Cowie, Stirlingshire, and spent the night with him in his bed, partially dressed.

Gary said: “She took her T-shirt off. She left her bra and jeans on. She had her husband’s name tattooed on her back.

“She was under the duvet with me and I took my top off. We were cuddling and kissing and didn’t go any further.”
Smith, who was fired over the scandal, now calls herself McMenaman, her maiden name.


I was disgusted to see some people shout on social media “on you go wee man!”

Just because they are quote, unquote attractive on the face of it intelligent women, does not make them any less sexually depraved to the majority of the United Kingdom,

Than say the fat, greasy, bullying, abusive peadophile boys club football coach.



Than say the creepy Dogger exposing himself sexually in the public park.


Both of these women manipulated their way into positions of power over young impressionable youths and then went on to abuse their position in the most depraved, devil like way!

Anyway back to the sordid Eppie Sprung Dawson affair.

It wasn’t the fact that she was caught having sex in the front seat of her car in a layby after she had driven her 17 year old pupil out to the countryside from a school dance that they had both attended. That I remembered.

Not the fact a passing police patrol spotted condensation on the car windows, and when officers approached they saw Sprung Dawson and the boy naked from the waist down.

That She was spared jail after Dumfries Sheriff Court heard how she had been abused as a teenager by a man 29 years her senior.

That she was married to her lecturer husband Ranald, the son of the former Solicitor General for Scotland Lord Dawson.

That she was accused of grooming the teenager by ‘buying’ their son with gifts such as Xbox computer games and rugby shirts.

That it was believed the couple had been having sex for up to four months before they were caught.

The fact she was placed on the sex offenders’ register after admitting her wrongdoing in court and has now been banned indefinitely from her profession, but disgustingly she can apply to be reinstated to the teaching register in two years.

She was told to complete a course of psychosexual counselling as part of a six-month community payback order.
The fact The Scottish Government will now decide whether to put her on a list excluding her from working with children or vulnerable adults. (lets hope they do)

No but, Ironically it was the School she was teaching at the Catholic St Joseph’s College in Dumfries, southern Scotland.

You see, I say Ironic because it wasn’t just Celtic Brother Walfrid single handedly started up (if you believe the hype, that is). He also was heavily involved in the foundation of St Joseph’s College in Dumfries.

The Prestigious institution which is run by Dumfries and Galloway council now but still as a former St Joseph’s pupil said at the time of the sordid scandal

‘It is a Roman Catholic school and is very religious – they still hold Masses in the mornings.’

Was originally under the of the Marist Brother religious order and taught by Marist Brother Monks.

And it was during that Roman Catholic religious orders -so linked with Celtic Football Club- reign were the first sign of child rape abuse came to light.

You can see how well linked they are to Celtic pictured below is a picture of Celtic Manager Willie Maley from the 1930’s outside the School.


In May 1998 A FORMER teacher at the exclusive Roman Catholic St Joseph’s College boarding school was jailed for eight years yesterday for sex offences against two boys. Norman Bulloch, 46, a member of the Marist Brothers teaching order, assaulted the boys at the school more than 20 years before.

Jailing Bulloch at the High Court in Kilmarnock, Lord Cameron told him: “You must recognise the appalling nature of these offences, which took place over a substantial period of time.”

Bulloch, of Princes Street, Dundee, admitted sexually abusing one boy, several times between 1973 and 1976, and committing indecent acts.

He also admitted indecently assaulting another boy and committing an act of gross indecency on him.
The court had earlier heard that Bulloch left the Marist Brothers in 1991 and went to teach at a private school in Cyprus the following year.

According to sources at the school, Bulloch was beginning his sixth year there as a teacher in English and maths.
When details of his crimes emerged the year before, police flew to the island with an extradition warrant but Bulloch returned to Scotland voluntarily and was charged last October.

Bulloch’s offences began when he held mock medical check-ups on the first boy in his bedroom over a three-year period, and by the time the youngster was 14 this had progressed to sex acts.

The year before, the prosecution of another former Marist Brother at St Joseph’s, 74- year-old Thomas McCann, was abandoned on medical grounds.

Nobody from the Marist Brothers would comment at the time. Omerta, the vow of silence.

The Marist Brothers of who Celtic so proudly boast about, continued their disgraceful behaviour as the fought tooth and nail when a FORMER pupil who was sexually abused by a teacher at their school sued the Catholic religious order in 2000.

He claimed the Marist Brothers Roman Catholic teaching order failed in their duties to protect pupils’ health and welfare.

He lodged an action at Dumfries Sheriff Court suing them for £50,000.

The Marist Brothers, of Kinharvie House at New Abbey, near Dumfries, defended the action.

They claim the abuse was carried out in circumstances which the school could not have detected.
The full case can be found here.

St Josephs College Dumfries




Below is an excerpt.

“The Defenders’ failure in supervision enabled a physically domineering and aggressive paedophile such as Brother Norman to continue, unchecked by any monitoring by the Defenders, to continue (sic) with a system of abuse over consecutive years, whilst the Defenders were charged with the health, safety and welfare of the Pursuer during his time in the Defenders’ care. The Defenders did not operate a system of supervision of the behaviour of the Brothers, specifically they did not supervise the behaviour of Brother Norman. The Defenders did not operate a cyclical system thereby changing Brother Norman’s Rec Master dormitory each year … This was in direct conflict with the Defenders normal practice which did provide for each year to have a new Rec Master. The Defenders did not operate a system of two Brothers being present in the dormitory at night. … The Defenders thereby failed to follow their own basic procedure to operate the change of the Rec Masters on a cyclical system and to have two Brothers present in the Pursuer’s dormitory throughout these years. Their failure to follow these basic procedures to ensure supervision created a maximum opportunity for abuse to occur. They failed to provide the presence of two adults, namely two Brothers, at night in the dormitory. Had they done so the activities of Brother Norman would have been likely to have been discovered at an early date. The Defenders’ departure from their normal practice of a cyclical system for the Rec Masters and to have two brothers present in the dormitory meant that there was no supervision of Brother Norman’s activity. The Defenders’ system was also defective in that the separation of the old building where the dormitories were housed created a physical isolation which Brother Norman took maximum advantage of.”

3.3 The pursuer goes on to aver that in the academic year 1974/75 he feigned illness and was sent to the school sick bay. While there he was sodomised by Brother Norman on a number of occasions. The pursuer avers that the defenders failed in their supervision of the pursuer whilst he was in the sick bay. He further avers that his behaviour deteriorated as a result of the abuse which he had suffered. He avers (at page 13):

“Had the Defenders initiated an adequate system of either supervising Brother Norman or monitoring the behaviour and achievement of pupils, the continuing abuse would have been discovered and prevented.”

What are the Chances of that eh?

Two of the institutions set up by Marist Brother Walfrid would later be involved in two high profile Child rape, hardly fought court case scandals after years of cover up and denial.

Ironically at the same time these young boys lives were being made a living hell and some would never fully recover from it this picture of Celtic manager Jock Stein and Celtic Chairman and founder of Celtic boys club Sir Robert Kelly was taken at St Joseph’s College Roman Catholic boarding school.


Also a note of Interest. Celtic Football Club wasn’t the only club to be linked to St Joseph’s College Roman Catholic boarding school. Athletic Bilbao was started by Former Pupils from the Old College, who were Basques, on return to their homeland.

What’s the chances of that, eh?

Two clubs known for their support and Glorification of terrorist acts, Killing innocent men, woman and childrn cowardly committed towards the country they live in and claim to be ‘oppressed’ by.

Lets never forget that all this vileness we know about today and some we do not know about yet! All took place at where Marist Brother Walfrid is buried as the video below shows.

The individual in the video is allowed to spout words to the effect that Glasgow was a hostile, place to live in for Irish Catholics all backed by the nods of Celtic’s CEO Peter Lawwell and hosted on the Celtic Football clubs official youtube account.

Well I put it to you that being an Irish Catholic in such institutions as the one started by Brother Walfrid in Dumfries is a dangerous place to be!

If he knows all his history, Peter Mullan who directed the harrowing Magdalene sisters film -Ironically shot entirely on location in the Dumfries and Galloway area, South-West Scotland- about 4 teenage girls who were sent to Magdalene Asylums, (also known as ‘Magdalene Laundries’), homes for women who were labeled as “fallen” by their families or society and systematically abused by the people put in charge of their care. The homes were maintained by individual religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

The film was initially made because victims of Magdalene Asylums had received no closure in the form of recognition, compensation, or apology, and many remained lifelong devout Catholics.

Former Magdalene inmate Mary-Jo McDonagh told Mullan that the reality of the Magdalene Asylums was much worse than depicted in the film.

If he knows all his history, Peter Mullan should make the film, a warts and all film and include all the disgusting things That has sprung forth from Brother Walfrids legacy. Making some parts of Glasgow/Scotland very frightening very dangerous no go areas.

I will leave the last word to a brave survivor of the depraved, vile, most evil abuse at the hands of the Marist monks at St Joseph’s College Roman Catholic boarding school.

I went to St Joseph’s Roman Catholic College in Dumfries between 1971- 1976. Now it would not have made a cat in hells difference what the make up of the Town Council was then ! .

These Perpetrators within the Marist Brother Order knew they could get away with abusing us. Because they knew they had our parents full trust and any allegations against a Church Servant would be dismissed by the Police ! It took us 25 years to bring our Perpetrator to justice at Dumfries ! .

Never give up seeking justice..


2 comments on “HAIL, HAIL FOR HOLLYWOOD part 1

  1. Craig whyte says:

    your bitterness and fantasy fills me with joy knowing you team is dead !!! Long live the Celtic P.S get it right up yeez 😂

  2. Gismho says:

    I’m somewhat amused by what the writer has written. As a person who attended a catholic school in Scotland (for six years) run by the Marist Brothers, I cannot understand the venom in this article. The school gave me a reasonable, arguably good, education (which allowed me to later graduate from university) and, as such, some credit must be given to the Marist Brothers. Yes there were “deviants” and yes some of the brothers acted “irresponsibly” (to put it mildly) but to paint a picture of wide scale paedophilia is wrong. And no, I do not support Celtic, I have no religious affiliation (I am a life long atheist) and have not lived in the UK since 1970.

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