I was reading recently a fascinating tale about 4 men reported to the Crown Office over the £400 million collapse of a investment fund called Heather capital .

The apparent leader of these 4 men who had a scheme ,if you will, is a certain Mr Gregory King.

Gregory King apparently named his lending business after Mathon, the gold lender of ancient Babylon, a wise man who had his favourite piece of financial guidance carved inside the lid of his money box:

“Better a little caution than a great regret”

This got me thinking about other mysterious, clandestine, underhand groups and ‘Projects’ and what they could have been named after.

You may have read on my blog about a certain ‘Project Victoria’

Now you will see that the two main figures involved in ‘Project Victoria’ that was labelled by some as a plan to “destroy the structure of English cricket” was Stewart Regan and Lalit Modi.

Now if you have read my previous blogs, You will find that Stewart Regan is from a family of fervent Irish nationalist republicans- his brother Stephen Regan is a Professor at Durham University co-director of The North East Irish Culture Network- and Lalit Modi whos Grandfather -apart from being a war profiteer, doing very well for himself in the 2nd world war- had, it appears, no love lost for the British Empire.

Now with this knowledge, it doesn’t take a leap of logic to suggest that ‘Project Victoria’ this apparent, 5th columnist plot to destroy English Cricket could be named after the Empress of India Queen Victoria.

The very Monarch that ruled over an Empire that the sun never set on and allowed the very sport of Cricket to be spread around said Empire.

You could see my bewilderment that nearly 5 years down the line both of these characters are heavily involved in the Rangers saga.

As Malcolm Murray would say

“as a Scottish Mathematician, I know coincidences do not happen”

You know, dear reader, If you are an avid reader of my humble blog, then you would know that this blog has made some outlandish claims that on the face of it seem fanciful at best but they have came to fruition and turned out to be 100% true.

Like the then, leading Roman Catholic in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland having to resign after he was exposed on this very blog as being close, lifelong friends with Child murdering, corpse shagging, serial beast Jimmy Savile.

But there is times were I have had to self censor (yes dear reader I do sometimes self censor, sometimes) and withheld a Blog. This was the case after I attended a Rangers fans meeting on the 28th of November 2013.

I self censored not because I didn’t believe what I was writing could be true. I believe it still today as I did then, but there’s a point when you have to be able to bring your audience along with you.

I believe if I published my blog the day after the Rangers fans meeting of 28th of November 2013, even my most ardent fans (if I have any) would be saying to me

“Away and fetch out David Ickes purple shell suit!”

But a lot has changed since that night.

Something was said that night that stuck with me. Gordon Smith said the only time he saw Craig Whyte really flustered was when he got wind that HMRC -after months of apparently turning the blind eye to the millions of Tax Craig Whyte was evading by non payment of PAYE and National Insurance- was going to put Rangers into administration on 14th of February, ST VALENTINES DAY!

Now that is telling, ST VALENTINES DAY! The day lovers send messages of Love to one another.
Now this was almost certainly not a message of love from the HMRC!

Why pick that day when you could have basically pulled up Craig Whyte on any day of the months before when he was running up MILLIONS! that’s MILLIONS in unpaid TAX?

It’s quite simple they where sending a message!


Who can argue with that when Pro-Irish terror, anti-British bigot Arsenal and Celtic fan Damian McBride worked closely with HMRC and is openly admitting in the press that people working within HMRC where leaking confidential Information left, right and center.

Just like the rival factions of the Mafia- and I use that word specifically on purpose MAFIA -sent each their rivals a “message” on the ST VALENTINES DAY massacre!

If you look back at the dates of the key events in the SECTARIAN,ANTI-BRITISH RACIST witch hunt -and I use my words specifically very carefully and on purpose once again- you will find that the ST VALENTINES DAY date was not the only anomaly.

On Wednesday July 4th 2012 Scottish Premier League clubs voted whether to admit the ‘newco’ Rangers to the top flight. They resoundingly said no to New Co.

Now we all know July 4th is Independence day. Was this the Cabal sending their message that they were now Independent from the Big bad Rangers?

We all heard them boast that they had a stand alone policy………… Well they are not boasting now!


On the same day July the 4th a long, stormy meeting of the Scottish Football League took place with no clear view about whether Rangers would be put into the SFL First Division or in the third.

After a meeting described by the SFL itself as “full and forthright”, the clubs agreed they will take a definitive vote on Rangers on 12 July.

THE 12TH OF JULY………….. You could not make this shit up!

On the 12th of JULY the date Ulster Scots celebrate the Battle of the Boyne a date synonymous with Loyalist Rangers fans. SFL clubs voted on the very future of Rangers, whether to allow Rangers to be entered at the bottom tier of Scottish Football or -Ironically as the “Sporting Integrity” cabal wanted- Parachuted into Division One. SFA chief Stewart Regan even threatened the SFL clubs of a “slow, lingering death” for Scottish football.

Stewart there maybe a “slow, lingering death” for your “Sporting Integrity” paymasters but the wee clubs that Rangers fans filled their grounds on the way up, if run correctly, will be sorted for years to come.


Anyway no decision was not made on the Glorious 12th and it was made on the next day Friday the 13th.
Unlucky for some?

Now you might think all this a bit far fetched but this wouldn’t be the first time, if proven, a sectarian, racially motivated bunch of zealoted CUNTS! with a love for Anti-British terror, have used specific dates to help drive their message across!

Weeks after 9/11 when the world was still stunned by the atrocities that just unfolded in America, the brilliant late, great Christopher Hitchens wrote that September 11 was specifically chosen to send a specific message.

We all knew 9/11 was an act of terrorism that was beyond doubt, but as we might have thought that this was in retaliation for something America did recently in the middle east. Christopher Hitchens knew as we would soon find out that this was something bigger.

Christopher Hitchens wrote – like Gavrilo Princip chose the date of Serbia’s 14th century defeat in Kosovo to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand and white supremacist Timothy McVeigh chose the anniversary of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas to commit his atrocity. -9/11 was specifically chosen because It was on September 11 1683 that the conquering armies of Islam were met, held, and thrown back at the gates of Vienna.
Christopher Hitchens quite rightly spotted that the twin towers attacks where going to be the start of something bigger.

The Muslims picked that date 9/11 because the one in 1683 was the beginning of the decline of the Ottoman Muslim Empire on the world stage and that these attacks was the start of the comeback. That is still continuing on our very doorstep today sadly.


Carry on reading this explosive expose in the next episode


And you can decide if another group of Religious extremists used an important date of a huge geopolitical defeat in the History of their cult to ‘get back’ at their ‘Enemies’.


One comment on “PROJECT ‘MARGARITA’ part 1

  1. bravo says:

    well said mate , ps who is this republican sean clerkin seems he has a licence from salmond and his sidekick

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