Now I started this 2 part blog with the shadowy lending fund Mathon and how and why it was named.

This got me thinking of something closer to my heart Rangers and the shadowy Margarita Holdings that is slowly but surely losing its control of Rangers thankfully.

I say thankfully because I really don’t know why they are still here.

I know why Mike Ashley is still here he is the beneficiary of some of the most onerous one sided anti- Rangers contracts ever shat into existence, that gives him a licence to print money, but Margarita -who got in on the ground floor at 1p a share- seemed to be hemorrhaging losses from where you think the share price used to be just a few months ago.

The share price has dropped in value no thanks to -with the help of their puppets the Easdales- all their baffling financial decisions that they have helped to force on Rangers.

These are the actions of “men” who do not have Rangers at heart.

These are the actions more akin to the enemy of Rangers people Rangers haters the collective noun being BHEASTS, who have a deep, dislike of what they perceive Rangers Football Club stands for. From all the boasting of Charles Green Rangers now find themselves back to square on right where the SPL “Sporting Integrity” cabal wanted us and it was all the fault of the fans, us, if you’re stupid enough to believe them.

So why pick ‘Margarita’ ?

Could it be named after Saint Margaret of Scotland?

Saint Margaret or Sancti MARGARITA in Latin was a Queen of Scotland in the 11th century. MARGARITA grew up in a very religious environment in the Hungarian court. Andrew I of Hungary was known as “Andrew the Catholic” for his extreme aversion to pagans, and great loyalty to Rome, which probably could have induced Margaret to follow a pious life.

MARGARITA’S biographer Turgot, Bishop of St. Andrews, credits her with having a civilizing influence on her husband Scottish King Malcolm by reading him stories from the Bible. She instigated religious reform, striving to make the worship and practices of the Church in Scotland conform to those of Rome.

She also worked to bring the Scottish Church practice in line with that of the continental church of her childhood. Due to these achievements, she was considered an exemplar of the “just ruler”, and influenced her husband and children – especially her youngest son, later David I – also to be just and holy rulers.

“The chroniclers all agree in depicting Queen MARGARITA as a strong, pure, noble character, who had very great influence over her husband, and through him over Scottish history, especially in it ecclesiastical aspects. Her religion, which was genuine and intense, was of the newest Roman style; and to her are attributed a number of reforms by which the Church of Scotland was considerably modified from the insular and primitive type which down to her time it had exhibited. Among those expressly mentioned are a change in the manner of observing Lent, which thenceforward began as elsewhere on Ash Wednesday and not as previously on the following Monday, and the abolition of the old practice of observing Saturday (Sabbath), not Sunday, as the day of rest from labour ”

Unlucky for all those boys who where raped, tortured and abused at Fort Augustus school near Inverness (a favourite haunt of Jimmy Savile) She invited the Benedictine order to establish a monastery at Dunfermline in Fife in 1072.


In her private life, MARGARITA was as devout as she was in her public duties. She spent much of her time in prayer, devotional reading, and ecclesiastical embroidery.

Malcolm seems to have been largely ignorant of the long-term effects of MARGARITA’S endeavors, not being especially religious himself. He was content for her to pursue her reforms as she wished, a testament to the strength and affection inherent in their marriage.


MARGARITA instigated the restoration of monastery at Iona a pilgrimage popular with Roman Catholics.

She died at Edinburgh Castle on 16 November 1093. St Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle, which was founded by her son King David I. The chapel is still an important pilgrimage place for Roman Catholics today. It was there the now disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien -with it has been alleged to me 1 of the 4 priest that reporting him to the Vatican for abusing him playing the role of St Ninian- Britain’s most senior Catholic clergyman invited over a thousand pipers, hundreds of school children and dozens of historical characters to greet the now disgraced Pope Benedict XVI and entertain the crowds gathered in Edinburgh to greet him on the morning of September 16 2010.


In 1560 Mary Queen of Scots had MARGARITA’S head removed to Edinburgh Castle as a relic to assist her in childbirth and In 1597 her head ended up with the Jesuits at the Scots’ College, Douai, France, but was lost during the French Revolution.

The bulk of her relics were destroyed in stages during the Protestant Reformation, now that is got to hurt if your a devout Roman Catholic and the Church itself we all know their history and how they made fortunes from their cult like flock just to see such ‘Miraculous relics’!

Now you might be saying this sounds like a bad Dan Brown novel but come on look at the facts the last two “owners” was Green and whyte the last player Whyte signed in the January transfer window Mervan CELIK just days before he knew he would be taking Rangers into Administration and left soon after in March 2012.

Come on Somebody who hates Rangers and what they think they perceive is writing the script here.

We know by the Tims patter of  Zombies and jelly and ice cream it is absolutely shocking, honking!

Look at the facts of all those important dates in the life of Rangers I have listed as Malcolm Murray would say

“as a Scottish Mathematician, I know coincidences don’t happen”

Well look back at all those dates I posted in the first part of this blog, that’s a hell of a lot of coincidences.
Speaking of Zombies that reminds me the date I haven’t mentioned yet, probably the most important one yet!

31 October 2012 the day The Rangers Football Club PLC entered liquidation on.

Halloween, the night of the living dead, Zombies! pure pish!

Or if you subscribe to the Margarita theory could it have a more darker sinister sectarian motive?

You see dear reader the 31 October is not only the date of Halloween. It was the day that Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg in 1517, sparking the Protestant Reformation!
Still think its far fetched?


Look at the context of Rangers troubles in recent History it was in the run up and during the Scottish Independence referendum. The most disgusting, anti-British, antagonising, frightening period of my life living in Scotland all stoked by the shadowy, nefarious hand of the Vatican!

Don’t take my word for it take the word of Professor Tom Gallagher, a Scottish Catholic historian and at one time a cheerleader for anti-British pro-IRA terror Phil Mac Giolla Bhain but since has opened his eyes and saw Phil for the bigot tarred with the sectarian brush he is!

Who when writing in the Spectator in a piece called

The Scottish Church showed little statesmanship or common sense during the referendum

Savaged the Roman Catholics church in Scotland’s disgusting, partisan behaviour towards the SNP, Alex Salmond and the YES campaign.

Dont take my word for it! Composer James MacMillan a rabid Celtic fan who is no friend of Rangers also commented stating his disappointment that the Catholic Bishops had

‘turned a blind eye to priests and officers of the Church who campaigned openly for one side in the referendum’,


‘we have heard nothing from them about the disgraceful bullying tactics operated by thuggish nationalists, who hounded down Catholic MP Jim Murphy in the streets.’

What better in the run up to trying to destroy our Great Britain than to try and destroy the Scottish institution that many perceive to be the last great Bastion of Britishness in Scotland!

Now I ask you, If they have the power to try and destroy a Country then why wouldn’t they even blink at trying to destroy a Football club, especially one like Rangers?

What we have here dear Reader, if founded, is the biggest anti-British conspiracy since gunpowder, treason and plot and it would be ironic that the same religious zealoted bigots would be behind the two!


One comment on “PROJECT ‘MARGARITA’ part 2

  1. andrew says:

    bravo, it just gets better and better,the tide is turning and the rats are churning, take care sir

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