Like Charlie Nicholas I was sitting here thinking and I thought to myself if Stephen Thompson was to fart in the woods and his sycophantic, obsequious, succulent Jam slurping lick-spittle Jim Spence wasn’t there to report it would anyone really give a flying FUCK?

I mean apart from the time Jim McLean -a man who was raised in the Rangers minded heart lands just outside Larkhall- ruled the roost at Tannadice Dundee United are and always be a footballing non-entity of a diddy team.
This was once again enforced with the recent 4 game pumpings in under a month against Celtic.

Those games saw United lose a League cup final, out of the Scottish cup and further adrift of their so called new firm rival Aberdeen.

These 4 Ill tempered affairs that saw Dundee United only match Celtic in the amount of fouls they committed and Manager head to heads!

Indeed there was more cards dished out at these games within the month than at the best performing Clintons in Great Britain.

But yet there was no Alex Salmond SNP summit called on these shame games.

POLICE OldFirm 174022

These humpings from Celtic were not helped by Stephen Thompson selling his crown jewels Gary Mackay Steven and Stuart Armstrong to said team that gave them said humpings!

These signings would have astounded you if you believed BBC Jim Spence Succulent Jam propaganda.


I was listening to Radio Scotland Sportsound on the 29th of January and as my mind was conjuring up images of the lovely Amy McDonald and indeed Lorraine Kelly -the guest stars- in various poses in the new Rangers kit My listening and indeed my mental imagery pleasure was disturbed by Jim Spence.

On this program Jim Spence was in full succulent jam Arab propaganda mode. He was talking about Stuart Armstrong Celtic offered £1.5 million Dundee United value Armstrong himself as worth £2.5 million he had spoke to Stuart Armstrong Glasgow based lawyer Liam O’Donnell.

He stated Ryan Gauld was sold for £3 million and Andrew Robertson £3 million.

That fans and board members will think same for Armstrong. That Dundee United are not in a position were they need to sell cleared bank debts a couple of million pounds outlying in soft loans to United fans and people sympathetic to the Utd Cause.

That there is no financial burden were Utd need to sell. That he didnt think they will be selling for £2 million United will be looking of upwards of £2.3 million £2.4 million.

So I could only imagine the Dundee Uniteds fans disgust when days later not only was Stuart Armstrong sold but Gary Mackay-Steven was as well for less than £2 million


This would be compounded when there was a discrepancy between whether the players wanted to go in the transfer window.

Dundee United said they were faced with two players who, in several phone calls to manager Jackie McNamara and other club officials, had made it clear they want to move and wanted to move now.
Dundee United statement

“Those circumstances, for absolute clarity, are that both Gary and Stuart made it clear to management that they wanted to leave “

This was categorically rebuked by Stuart Armstrong

‘No, I wouldn’t entirely agree with that,’ said the midfielder. ‘I don’t think I actively expressed that to them.

‘It was in the club’s control and the club is responsible for accepting or rejecting bids.

‘I just had the role of being expected to come and speak and explore what this club is all about.

‘I don’t know the exact wording of the (United) statement, but I would say that I didn’t actively push myself out the door.

‘I think I was quite relaxed about it and waited for the clubs to accept or reject and came here once it happened.’


This wasnt the only “bust up”. Social Media was supposed to be a blaze with talk of a rift between Jackie McNamara and Stephen Thompson. This was poo pooed by Thompson as “complete rubbish”.

Its funny how nutters on social media during the no to new co in 2012 are to be listened too. As this little excerpt of Stephen Thompson quote below outlines.

“Other clubs have got to decide what they want to see. I’m trying to listen to the fans but I also have a responsibility to Dundee United as a company so it’s not easy,” he explained.

“But a lot of people are fed up with the whole thing and none more so than the fans.

“I get cornered by it with people shouting at me ‘no to newco’.

“You can’t ignore fans. Any business which ignores its customers is doomed to fail.”

Thompson also admitted that he feared for his own club if he ignored strong feelings about the situation.

“It doesn’t matter what business you’re in,” he added. “Look at what happened years ago to Mr Gerald Ratner when he took the business down.

“It’s a different scenario from football but if you have customers and don’t listen to them then you don’t have a business.”

But when same social media nutters say there’s a bust up at Dundee Utd its “complete rubbish”.

This need to sell would also fly in the face of the Succulent Jam propaganda by BBC Jim Spence saying in February 2014 a whole year before the 2015 transfer window that Dundee United have eliminated bank debt in a deal which means the club is no longer under pressure to sell players.

That a debt of £4m has been wiped out by a group of fans who have partially paid the bank with their own funds.
that United had a £3.4m term loan and a £1m overdraft, but chairman Stephen Thompson and the club’s board have successfully negotiated a settlement.

The club says the deal has been possible due to the support of sympathetic investors who will now stand in place of the bank..

BBC Scotland has learned that Thompson has worked closely with the bank in recent years to reduce the Tannadice club’s debt to a level which made the settlement possible.

The club’s board now feels in a position to operate the business without reliance on bank borrowings.

This was of course before they sold Midfielder Ryan Gauld, as well as defender Andrew Robertson for a combined fee of £6 million making a whopping profit!!!!

With sympathetic investors like these who needs enemies?

No wonder in the same month February 2014 FOOTBALL finance expert Neil Patey of Ernst and Young -who us Rangers fans are sick of seeing the sight of on TV- reckoned Dundee United’s fans need questions answered by chairman Stephen Thompson over the finer details of the move that saw a group of fans and businessmen pay £4 million owed to Bank of Scotland.

Patey said:

“On the face of it this all seems to be positive but the one question I’d ask is: ‘Who provided the money and what conditions are attached to it?’

“We don’t know how wealthy these guys are. They might not have asked for security but do they have any sort of voting rights? Is it pure debt? Is there any interest? Is it cash paid?

“My assumption is if it’s a group of fans they might have done it out of generosity rather than a hard business arrangement and you’d hope the conditions attached were lenient.

“You see other football situations and business situations where banks are doing deals to secure some sort of repayment because they know they might never get full repayment so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some sort of compromise agreement.

“Beholding to fans is probably better than to a bank that is there for commercial reasons.”

This need to sell would also fly in the face of the Succulent Jam propaganda by BBC Jim Spence saying at the start of February that the sale of Australian club Newcastle Jets to Dundee United owner Stephen Thompson had moved a stage closer.

This doesn’t sound like a man who would have to practically sell the League cup and Scottish Cup chances just to balance books that already balanced.

Yip this sounds like a powerful mover and shaking looking to expand his empire. It looked like Stephen Thompson was finally coming out of his Daddys shadows and had full control of the shop till.

Granville and till

Of course the fact Mike Ashley was reported in August 2014 as to being in Talks To Buy Newcastle Jets has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

But that just goes to show the business circles that the Dundee mogul is rubbing shoulders with.

Business is booming at Tannadice and Dundee United have revealed profits of more than £1 million.

That might be good news for the board but I do not think it will go well with the Arabs who in the seasons following the ousting of Rangers and the promise of Dundee United stepping up to be the 2nd force in Scottish fitbaw.
They have won the square route of hee haw!

Aw well I guess they will have those memory’s of the time the no to new co mob actually were true to their word of “Sell out Saturdays” and managed to fill Tanadice and those Craig Whyte masks when Rangers came to the city of discovery.


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