Right I’m big enough to put my hands up when I’ve made a mistake.

I’m all aboard the Deila bus.

I did a wee blog a while back at a pressurised time for Ronny and Celtic when they were trying to qualify for the lucrative, money-spinning champions league that Celtic so dreadfully need to balance the books at Celtic.


Unfortunately even with the aid of an UEFA administrator (you know who you are) giving Celtic a back door entry after getting humped -not for the first time- much to Legia Warsaw and the vast majority of World Footballs sporting integrity disgust.

But alas Ronny still blew his second chance of becoming an instant hero at Celtic park.

It didnt get any better for Ronnie the following months saw him languishing adrift from the top spot of the Scottish Prem.

It didnt end there. Some poor displays in the Europa cup left Ronny being savaged by so called Celtic greats in the press and live at half time on TV.

This led to comparisons with former Rangers manager Paul Le Guen.

Well I will tell you this that was utter complete and utter POPPYCOCK

Ronny Deila couldn’t lace Paul Le Guen’s cognac never mind boots as a player never mind his football manager C.V before he came to Rangers.

Paul Le Guen came to Scotland at the comparable young age for a boss like Ronny Deila at 41 but thats were the similarities start to end.

Paul Le Guen came to Scotland after bossing 2 top flight teams in 1 of Europes blue chip leagues the Ligue 1. Most notably from 2002–2005 at Lyon winning Ligue 1 3 times in seasons 2002–2003, 2003–2004, 2004–2005. The Champions Trophy 3 times in 2002, 2003, 2004 all this time Lyon where a force in the Champions league.

Ronny Deila had bossed Strømsgodset from January 2008 – June 2014 winning the Norwegian Premier League only once!

Lets face it Norway is a footballing backwater. Were its national sport isnt even FOOTBALL!

The Norwegian league used to make the SPL -before the Sporting integrity mob lynched Rangers and tried to steal their trophies for crimes, it was later to be proved by a number of lawlords, they did not commit- look like the EPL!

The most important thing in the comparison of Paul Le Guen and Ronny Deila when Ronny Deila’s Celtic was languishing just above mid table in the Scot prem as I have said before the top league in Scotland was a very different, stronger, dangerous animal indeed.

When it was all going tits up for PLG domestically he had to contend with a very strong Celtic under Scotlands currant Manager Gordon Strachan. Ad to that a strong Hearts being run on the proceeds of eastern European crime.



It wasnt the one horse race it is now oh no sir-ee sir and the horse we are talking about isnt like the flying, eight-legged steed Sleipnir which Norse God Odin rides across the sky and into the underworld that the young Ronny Deila would have heard tales about around the fire on his fjord.

No! this horse is a mangy and if the Jockey who rides it seems to slacking the owners of said horse just seem to go out and poach other promising jockeys for relative peanuts from other cash strapped owners.

In fact, thank God that the Scottish prem is just a metaphorical horse because if it was a real one it would have been shot in the paddock ages ago and be coming out in pots of Glue at Shergar and co Glue factory.


But thats by the by now and Ronnie Deila looks like he is on the road to win a domestic treble and anybody not hailing the domestic treble win as as wondrous as Odin One-eyed, wolf and raven-flanked, and spear in hand the ruler of Valhalla will be Anti-Norse.

No! any criticism of Ronny Deila forthwith should be regarded as Anti-Norse Racism and anti the Norse Pagan church

Now I might be approximately well over 700 generation Norse Pagan and never stepped foot in Scandinavia but I am, and consider myself 100% Norse Pagan!

I have to put up with Anti Norse Pagan racism in Scotland on a daily basis.

The constant anti-Norse Pagan propaganda films about the Vikings being nothing more than barbaric savages raping and pillaging!

Those bloody novelty plastic horn -factually incorrect I may add- Viking hats!

Cartoon characters like Hagar the Horrible funded by National newspapers, poking fun out of and dehumanising my proud race!

download (2)

In fact I demand not only Glasgow City council hold a parade -paid bt public money- but every backwater little village and town the likes of Coatbridge -for example- every Wednesday in honour of the Norse God Odin. The weekday name Wednesday derives from the Old English name of the god: ‘Woden’s day’.

Not only Wednesday. I demand not only Glasgow City council hold a parade -paid bt public money- but every backwater little village and town the likes of Coatbridge -for example- every Thursday in honour of the Norse God Thor. The weekday name Thursday derives from the Old English name of the god: Thors day’.

I demand that the Scottish Government spend 100s of 1000s of £££££s worth of public money in these times of austerity on road and rail signs translating Anglo-Saxson and lowland Scots villages, towns and Cities names into the Norse runic alphabet just like they have on that dead Language always has been always will be in Scotland minority language Gaelic.


Any failure to comply by the Scottish Government to meet the proud Norse-Pagan minority community in Scotland demands will see our Human rights breached under the European Convention on Human Rights.

How Ironic that it was Neil Lennon who boast he was going to bring back the thunder but it looks like the Man from the land of Thor is on his way to bring back the one horse domestic treble.


What ever happened to we are all Neil Lennon?


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