Anyone one who has watched the comedy classic Father Ted will notice that running joke from the title of this blog.

You know something dear reader?

I watched Father Ted for 4 episodes before realising it was a comedy, not a hard hitting Channel 4 documentary!

The man child PriestFather Dougal would occasionally say to Ted

“ah, do you remember that charity money Ted….”

Which would lead to Father Ted frantically, desperately, manically refuting

“That money was only resting in my bank account”

Before quickly trying to change the subject.

Well Father Ted may not be that far from the truth

That phrase -that has gone into the public lexicon as a nod and a wink towards corruption and iffy business reminded me of the story Monsignor Peter Smith the parish priest at St Mary’s in Calton and the curious case of the gaping £5 million hole left in the Strathclyde Pension Fund caused by the closure of Springboig St John’s School in Glasgow in 2010.

The Catholic cleric -from the very Church that Celtic Football Club was founded- is being sued by Glasgow City Council for almost £5 million after a church run approved school closed.

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The School originally run by the De La Salle Brothers, a sadistic Roman Catholic religious order that has a shameful history of systematic abuse on an industrial scale in such institutions like Springboig St John’s school.

In 2010, it made all its remaining 100 employees who were scheme members redundant, terminating its agreement with the pension fund.

Monsignor Smith who said he is unable to comment due to the legal proceedings whined he was being held liable

“in spite of the fact that pension-fund managers are the ones who told us years ago that we had too much money and should not pay anything in for a while”.

He said these were “the same fund managers who were caught up in all the hype of the boom and the investments in the banks and who then found, when everything went bust, that they hadn’t planned properly”.

Church sources have been in the press almost boasting that even if the council is successful in its action it is unlikely to secure any cash as Monsignor Smith has no assets.

A council source also said the chances of securing anything beyond the property in the event of a legal victory were “around nil” but questioned Monsignor Smith’s grasp of how the pension fund worked.

A spokesman for the fund said it has a

“clear obligation to try to recover the debt in order to ensure that its other members are not disadvantaged by having to absorb the school’s liabilities

I find that this astonishing that such a situation could rise that a man be put in such a position that he is according to the Glasgow city council claim is responsible enough to sue for £ 5 million and he has assets and no way of reclaiming the much needed debt for the people of Glasgow.

Maybe Monsignor Peter Smith Bosses at the Vatican could pawn one of their many valuable works of arts so the good people of Glasgow wont be shafted?

Surely public authorities must not and can not allow such a situation to arrise in the future!

Despite no allegations of financial misconduct, the legal action should hurt the career prospects of the churchman in Scotland, and quite rightly too!

Maybe that would change if he came out in public- as you will find out when you read on that the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Glasgow has a History of being outspoken in public just not on the evils of his own church- and tell the good people robbed of their hard worked pensions if he has any clue where the FIVE bloody large ones has disappeared too!

Monsignor Peter Smith belongs to a church were major financial scandals are common place for mellinia one only has to recall the selling of Papal indulgences that sparked Luther and the Protestant reformation and one only has to Google the name Roberto Calvi to find out

But it wasn’t until 2013 that a Roman Catholic Priest Monsignor Nunzio Scarano was found behind bars for a financial crime


In March 2012 Monsignor Peter Smith Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, Monsignor Peter Smith aswell as parish priest at St Mary’s in Calton fled the £5 million pension fund shit storm to take on the role of representative of the Pope at the Vatican’s United Nations Embassy in New York

In his role Monsignor Smith- the man being sued by Glasgow City Council for a cool £5 million- will represent the Vatican on issues such as war, health, poverty and trade.

In his new position Monsignor Smith was under Indian archbishop Francis Chullikatt

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt was appointed the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations since his by the now disgraced Pope Benedict XVI. He had previously served as Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq and Jordan. But he was moved aside by Pope Francis. Archbishop Chullikatt’s new role has not yet been decided.

It seems that Archbishop Chullikatt has a lot in common with the Scottish Independence YES movement just like the fawning, brown nosing Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. After the goal of Scottish Independence The YES campaign seemed almost obsessed with getting rid of Trident making up Myths that their was huge oil wells in the firth of Clyde and Archbishop Chullikatt has also been outspoken on nuclear disarmament.

“Common ground for the common good”

The more puzzling common denominator that seemed to dominate the minds of the loony lefty YES-tapo was Palestine for some reason and also In November 2012 Archbishop Chullikatt welcomed the General Assembly vote which gave majority approval to which Palestine has become a Non-member Observer State of the United Nations.
The Scottish Priest who Joined up with the Archbishop at the U.N has also a History of being outspoken on subjects close to the heart of the intimidating hate filled anti British Waffen YES YES.

The YES campaign could not even hide their unbridled sectarian hatred towards the Orange Order in Scotland and Neither can Monsignor Peter Smith Chancellor

In 2004 Monsignor Peter Smith- backed by then archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti- called for an outright ban on Orange walks saying

“When the march passes the dregs are left behind and it’s very unpleasant – they happen without warning, at times when weddings could be taken place or bodies arriving for funerals, and regardless of what they say, their attitude towards Catholics is appalling.”

“It’s time for them to be cognisant of the community and call it a day.”

“If we are truly to incorporate tolerance, respect and diversity into the fabric of our society then we will first of all have to strip out the threads of bile, bigotry and boorishness.

“If that means hanging up the bowler hats, and sashes for good, then it is a price worth paying.”

“The question of the route and the timing of marches are often important as to whether they are an expression of freedom of speech or aggravation of people going to Mass.”

Monsignor Peter Smith claimed parishioners at St Mary’s in Calton had to

‘breathe in the stench of hatred just to get to mass’

You would really think the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland would have had enough to worry about of their on instead of throwing metaphorical bricks from their own Glass house!

Maybe they thought the throwing of said metaphorical bricks would act as a means of distraction and allow the then Archbishop O’Brien to become Cardinal without all his abuse and the abuse under his watch being brought into light.

There’s an Orange squirrel Sweep, Sweep!

Writing in The Herald newspaper,- quelle Surprise- Mgr Smith said they provided a focal point for

“bile, bigotry and boorishness”.

If Mgr Smith wants a more regular focal point for “bile, bigotry and boorishness”not to mention pro-IRA, anti-British murder and terrorism!

I suggest he take the short walk up the Gallowgate to the stadium of the club that polluted Scottish football with Politics and Religion from its inception funded in the Church he is Parish priest of.
He knows plenty about their history and can be seen at many Celtic graves events giving blessing with Peter Lawwell in attendance on behalf of Celtic FC.



This is not the only time Mgr Smith has entered the realm of secular life and politics in June 1995 he gave a glowing defence of the shadowy all male all Roman Catholic cult the Knights of St Columba in the Monkland “Jobs for the boys” scandal and the report that found evidence that Coatbridge, a Catholic area, was favoured at the expense of Protestant Airdrie.

At the time he said

“quite astonishing. By no stretch of the imagination is it a secret organisation.”

I think the psalm from the Bible from Matthew 7:5

“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”





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