(George Wishart (c. 1513 – 1 March 1546) was a Scottish religious reformer and Protestant martyr. Executed by burning at the stake at St Andrews on 1 March 1546)

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As the ever increasing settle for the mediocre Dundee United got roundly rogered once again at the hands of Celtic a sectarian hate-filled dirge came booming from the stands of Tannadice.

The dirge can be found here

The words of this incendiary sickening sectarian hate-filled dirge are as follows

Build a Bonfire

Build a Bonfire

Put the Rangers at the top

Put the Jambos in the middle an well burn the Fucking Lot !

I think you will agree with me dear reader when this disgusting, sectarian, racist dirge was shown to me my mind was cast back to a more sinister times like medieval and counter reformation Europe, 1930’s Hitlers Germany and Roman Catholic controlled Spain in the grip of the Spanish Inquisition.

It is no surprise that the 2 groups of victims at the fiery end of this genocide at the hands of Celtic fans are fans of Rangers and Heart of Midlothian football clubs both clubs who are perceived to be the most British and Protestant of football clubs in Scotland.

The Clubs intended victims of this sickening sectarian genocidal dirge -which quite clearly contravenes the Offensive behaviour at football Laws- whether they be Rangers or Hearts fans, or as the sectarian, racist Celtic fans -who sing this hate-filled dirge- would call them “Huns” or “wee Huns”

“Diet-Huns” or “Full fat- Huns”

“Huns with bus fare” or “Huns without bus fare”

Should defend their fans or their customers from this despicable dirge.

It should be something Heart of Midlothian supremo Ann Budge brings to the attention of the footballing and policing authorities before the new Premier league season kicks off and before the fans of her club have to be subjected to this racist, sectarian bile.

It is also something that the Rangers board should also brings to the attention of the footballing and Policing authorities whether or not they go up or not.

Now this sickening, sectarian, racist genocidal promoting dirge was quite clearly audible on national T.V and Radio on Sunday afternoon it is now Thursday and not a peep from the people who are supposed to make their living on stamping out Racism and sectarianism.

Where was The Arab Trust? those so called campaigners against sectarian songs being sung at Tannadice?

Where are the questions in both the Scottish and Irish Parliaments by respective about this outrage, this incitement of genocidal sectarian race hatred?

Where the hell are Nil By Mouth? Yet again suspiciously quiet when the perpetrators are not Rangers fans.

Where is Scotland’s Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland when this bloodthirsty call for Sectarian genocide Dirge is being sung? This Dirge that brings back horrifying images of protestants being burnt at the stake in this Nation of ours for simply practicing their faith and daring to own a Bible in English.


Where are the Scottish Footballing Authorities.

Where was SPFL board member Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney? Why was he not on the National radio after the Dundee United v Celtic game complaining like he was when Rangers played Raith Rovers at starks park?

Speaking of which. Where was the outspoken Stan Collymore? To busy exposing himself at the local tawdry, seedy dogging hot spot? To busy ejaculating onto the windscreens of Ford Mondeos as a randy middle age couple from Coventry roger each other senseless?

Where is the So called Scottish free press?

The likes of Mike McGivern of the Labour propagandist rag the Daily Record?

To busy scouring and hounding Rangers fans and their families on social media sites before being duped by his lust to portray Rangers Football club in a bad light ?

Where is Phil Mac Giolla Bhains Daughter fictitious tears when she has had this song explained to her?

Where are the questions asked in the Irish and Scottish parliaments highlighting this bloodthirsty wild, feral section of the Irish diaspora urging on Sectarian genocide?

Is it only songs by people they perceive to be British Protestants that they get upset about?

Is being up to your knees in Fenian blood bad but being up to your knees in the ashes of Football fans you perceive to be British and Protestant good?

And its not just songs.

Oh no dear reader there is sickening trade in sectarian merchandise that is finding its way into Celtic park totally against the Offensive behavior at Football laws.


This chap hit the headlines before in the aforementioned rags when the Pope received a Celtic Football top from him.


Does Pope Francis concur and wholeheartedly agree with the message promoting Sectarian Genocide in the Song and in the Scarfs of fans of a club that was supposedly founded by man anointed by him and his church?

Does his subservient employees that represent him here in Great Britain and cult like following concur with the message promoting Sectarian Genocide in the Song and in the Scarfs?

Do they agree with a Club who prides itself on its Roman Catholicism fans singing this song targeted at what they see as the 2 biggest “Hun” clubs?

Do they teach this triumphant sectarian anti-British bile from their Altars or in their many secret opus dei like societies?


Does Celtics owner back this sectarian Racist song being sung at grounds around Great Britain?

Why have the Daily Record missed this song that is regularly sung in Scottish football grounds by Celtic fans up and down Scotland. I mean who does the Labour rag think they will be offending by printing the truth, telling the great British public at large about this hatred in their own land?

That demographic has long since jumped the sinking ship that is Scottish Labour like rats after sucking it dry and close to bankruptcy.


This Story has got everything they are supposed to be proactive in highlighting




A wee bit of Celebrity

Everything except most importantly for them a reason to put Rangers in a bad light.

So as I said dear reader you wont read about this in your Daily Record but if they do grow a set of baws and deal with the anti-British, anti-Protestant section of our society.

They can even borrow my Headline for free!



  1. Jim says:

    Nothing Sectarian about it am afraid. If you are so sure about it, contact a lawyer and get the court process started pronto!!

    Are you going to?? I doubt it but i will watch this space

  2. Jim says:

    Sectarian Genocide? Hun is Sectarian? hahaha Your hatred is eating you up Sir. Can understand being interested in Big Clubs with rich history though. Enjoy your day, you just made mine 😉

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