Its been two and a half months since Dave King swept into power at Ibrox with promises of a period of Truth and Reconciliation for the Bheast-like-bastards that tried to destroy our great club by making it a minor player both on and off the field in Scotland.

The Truth and Reconciliation Dave King was referring to was of course a period in the History of his adoptive home land South Africa just after Apartheid. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a court-like restorative justice. Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.


I say give these bastards NO QUARTER!!!

If the now fit and proper Dave King wants to delve into the annals of time for a period of History to recreate justice at Ibrox he could do no wrong in looking at Maximilien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror.

Let these bastards necks taste the cold, hard steel of Madame guillotine’s kiss!

Metaphorically speaking of course dear reader if you happen to be from Police Scotland and are scouring the internet seeking to be offended on behalf of institutions you should be holding account for decades of systematic Child rape, torture and abuse in their care.

I am also talking Allegorically with of course Madame Guillotine representing our beloved legal system.
The Reign of Terror period happened of course during the French Revolution and the list of people who tasted its swift justice ran into the 10’s of 1000’s.

Now the list of all the people who have walked up and down the marble staircase and hid in the shadows pulling the strings isn’t as long as the Reign of Terror one but it is substantial and all EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM should be held to account.

Whether they where up to their guts in the systematic robbing and pillaging of our club or just thought it was going to be an easy pay day or were Rangersmen who thought they could reason with these bheasts or tried to snoop about inside the tent pishing out while trying to gleam some information as to what was happening to our club. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM should be forced to bear witness in a court of Law and made to spill all they know!

The first bastard that springs to mind for this updated version of the Rangers revolution Reign of Terror would be of course Charles Green. For Fuck sake hes even got a French chateau on a 27-acre estate bought by his Ibrox loot to prove it!


This cunt -as bombshell after bombshell of evidence of malfeasance is coming out of Ibrox- is fast becoming the biggest bastard ever to come out of Yorkshire! and when you think that’s a county that has produced Richard the Third, the Yorkshire Ripper and Jimmy fucking Savile that is some fucking going!

The next would be our very own Marie Antoinette in the greedy, morbidly obese form of the odious David Somers. David Somers had his very own “Let them eat cake” moment when after leading the club to the brink of financial collapse. He referred to his “poor level of remuneration”


This 10 chinned fuck was pocketing £2500 a day as a non-executive on an annual package of £60,000 a year for a contract that requests he works a maximum of TWO DAYS A MONTH!

Part of his work was to warn Mike Ashley that his onerous contracts -that were raping our club of money that we sorely need to get back to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football and competing in Europe- were in danger if King and co got in.

This anti-Rangers warning message led to the Rangers board accepting a £2m emergency loan offer from Newcastle owner Mike Ashley and Former Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias and head of brands at Sports Direct Barry Leach entering onto the reign of terror list.

Discussing their arrival at the time, Somers said:

“He’s a consultant and the only other thing I will say is that I’m sure everything will turn out for the best.

“I’ve invited him and Barry Leach in as consultants just to help us out. I think everything will turn out for the best.

This is something straight out of Monty fucking Python and the Crucifixion scene in the Life of Brian!

“Ahh c’mon cheer up! mustnt grumble! Always look on the bright side of life”

as another nail was being driven into our beloved club!

It looks like the David Somers -the cretin with more Chins than a Beijing phonebook- warning about the odius anti-Rangers contracts was 100% correct. As Dave King appears -if recent press conferences are anything to go by- to be riding Billionaire Mike Ashely like a blow up doll with three holes in Barlinnie!

Believe you me the threat of a blow up doll getting a pumping in Bar-L on a scale to 1 to 100 is not 1!!!!

The next major players that spring to mind are the Easdale Brothers. Another shameful episode in our clubs History.


Where do we start?

These are the people who said we the Rangers fans should be Celebrating with them as they oversaw some of the worse forms of corporate governance in British Sporting history!!!

The Snooker hall scene from the Krays movie came flooding to my mind.


The well trotted out PR line to try and justify these puppets existence and worrying influence they had over Rangers with so little shares went like

“The Easdale brothers don’t take anything out the club they even pay for their own Hotel bills etc etc blah blah blah …………………”

Look cut the bullshit we all know about Sandys past that he has paid his debt to society, but after that hes went on to run a successful bus company when Giants like First Bus was gobbling up all the competition.

He and his brother are hard nose business men and suddenly you expect us to believe there involvement in Rangers was some sort of benevolent charity

They expected us to believe this Bullshite! They must have thought the vast majority of Rangers fans were as daft as James Easdale looks

It was later proved as said bullshit when the Rangers board were found to be lying to the London Stock exchange and had to make a grovelling apology in February.

“The announcement issued at 7am on 25 February 2015, in relation to the resignation of James Easdale, states that: ‘He leaves Rangers having never received any remuneration, bonus or compromise payment during his time at the Club.’

“In the Circular to Shareholders dated 6 February 2015 it states: ‘James Easdale has never taken any remuneration from the Company for his role’.

“The Company wishes to clarify that James Easdale was paid director’s fees between August 2013 and December 2013, in accordance with his contractual entitlements. “However, the amounts received by James Easdale pursuant to these payments were repaid in full to the club in January 2014. Mr Easdale did not receive any further director’s fees at any point, despite being contractually entitled to do so.”

What I will say that anyone that has stole one thin dime from Ibrox during the last few years will be forever looking over their shoulder from the Rangers Family.



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