It is at this time of the year when the Football season has drawn to a close when the football fanatic grasps on to any football news to keep up ones fix.

This comes in many forms but one in particular that keeps fans minds occupied is the new release of Football kits from clubs all over the world.

Well one thing I think its high time we had back is ………………..


Not for Rangers, no dear reader, but for Celtic Football Club.

It’s not a question of when Rangers will have another Orange kit but why Celtic have never had one.

I find it absolutely astonishing that Celtic Football Club in their 127 year history is in all that time they have never had an Orange football kit that represents the Orange in the flag they so proudly fly over Parkhead.

The Irish Tricolour is a flag that Celtic Football Club hold close to their hearts. Much more than the flags of they country they were formed in -and became the 2nd biggest club in- Scotland and the Nation Scotland is a proud equal member of the United Kingdom.

In fact their love for the Irish tricolour led to controversy during the season 1951/52. After several cases of ‘misconduct’ involving Celtic supporters particular their disgraceful behaviour at the 1952 New Year’s Day clash with Rangers.

NO not those Jolly Craicsters? Not the Greatest fans in the world? I hear you say.

This ‘Shame game’ Led to the authorities in Scotland holding a summit with the law of the land making several recommendations which they invited the SFA and the Scottish League to consider.
Among them was “…that the two clubs should avoid displaying flags which might incite feeling amongst the spectators”.

FFS! where have we seen this before?

As Shirley Bassey once Sang “its all just a little bit of History repeating”

The SFA ruled among other things

“that Celtic be asked to refrain from displaying in its park any flag or emblem that had no association with the country or the sport”

This particular proposal went down to a final vote with Ironically Hibernian -the first quintessential Irish club in Scotland originally founded on sectarian and Racist motives before going out the game for nearly 2 years a big factor being Celtic poncing all their best players off them with financial inducements- voting for the proposal.

Rangers Football Club on the other hand voted in Celtics favour and against the SFA Proposal!

The particular flag flown at Celtic Park at the time was presented to the club by Eamon De Valera – Hitlers fawning friend and sectarian bigot who passed a law that if you were not Roman catholic in Republic of Ireland you were effectively a 2nd class citizen in the eyes of the law- the first Taioseach of the Republic of Ireland and his government.

For those of you not ofay with the History of the Republic of Ireland’s national flag the Irish government has described the symbolism behind each colour as being that of green representing Irish republicanism dating back to the Society of United Irishmen in the 1790s, orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white representing the aspiration for peace between them.

I will give them the benefit of doubt for the first 49 years as it was only In 1937, the tricolour’s position as the Republic of Ireland national flag was formally confirmed by the new Constitution of Ireland.
But there is no excuse for the 78 years after that. With the new gimmick of 3rd choice kits this has narrowed the odds even shorter for the all inclusive club Celtic -that claims to be open too all- to Run out onto the Celtic park pitch.

I mean it would look like to the casual observer that Celtic Football Club are ashamed of their own Flag they fought so hard to keep flying at Celtic park.

It would look like to the casual observer that Celtic Football Club are OK with the Irish Republican part of the Republic of Ireland national flag but are ashamed of the followers of William of Orange in Ireland part of it.I mean

how else can you explain the non existence of an Orange kit in Celtics History?

Yes there’s been Yellow and Gold Celtic kits just like the differing shades of yellow, instead of orange, seen on many Republic of Ireland flags in Ireland.

However the Irish government state that this is a misrepresentation which “should be actively discouraged” since the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998 in an effort to foster peace and unity and that worn-out flags should be replaced.

If Celtic finally release an Orange football kit and finally show all the world that they practice what they preach that of being a Football club that is open to all. There would be no better Place to unveil this Orange football kit than at the Orangefest this Saturday in Glasgow’s George Square.

They could then take up seats beside representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, an Irish consulate, the Muslim Council of Scotland who will be there, as will I on my first ever visit to an event held by the Orange Order.

In one unified voice we can all help give us another chance to celebrate a seven hour fun filled Orangefest  with Music, Song, Speeches, face painting and bouncy bouncy castles.

In one unified voice we can all our unique City’s proud place in the United Kingdom by rounding of Orangefest with a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen. Without fear of verbal and physical threats from violent, sectarian, feral, weapon wielding Yes Scotland NEDS!



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