Well I’m not but for the benefit of the gist of this blog lets pretend.

No dear reader, I long since jumped off the Bilel Mohsni bus.

The big man came to Rangers from Southend with a bit of a reputation as a nutter but after a few decent performances at the start you could have been forgiven for hoping to see shades of Madjid Bougherra with some Goals from his rampant erratic swashbuckling forays deep into the oppositions half.

But it soon came to light that the only comparison you could genuinely make with Moshni and Bougherra is that the are both North Africans.

There was always the doubt that Mohsni would be a bomb-scare if Rangers got drawn with a Scottish premier team in a high tension cup tie but it soon became evident that he was fast becoming a Bomb-scare in run of the mill games with mistake after mistake and sending offs.

Where I will say that WE ARE ALL BILEL MOSHNI is in the pathetically predictable press coverage following the so called “battle of Motherwell”

Yes Mohsni was wrong for reacting in they way he did but he was violently provoked by a two handed cowardly shove in the back by Motherwells Lee Erwin.

I said Moshni was wrong in the way he reacted you would like to think you he would have stayed calm until the disastrous referee Craig Thomson acted on said violent cowardly sneak attack from behind but after Craig Thomson performance that would have been asking for a lot.

Mohsni was quite rightly sent of and will be hammered by the SFA in his absence. But what about Lee Erwin who started it all is a yellow card enough?

If so this is yet another cowardly attack to go unpunished in recent weeks with Dundee United Nadir Ciftci cowardly bite on Dundee’s Jim McAlister in a powderkeg Dundee derby.

You would have thought this ‘battle’ was fought entirely by one man and one man only, if you relied in the so called ‘fair and balanced’ press coverage.

So I thought about how another cowardly attack would have been reported if it involved Rangers through the eyes of the Rangers hating media.

Lets take for an example the cowardly attack on Neil Lennon by Hearts fan John Wilson an attack at the time BBC radio 5 Scottish presenter and ‘Proud’ son of an IRA man Nicky Campbell said, live on air, may have been perpetrated by

“A Rangers fan disguised as a Hearts supporter”

Here goes



Foreigner Neil Lennon last night had to be forcibly held back by team mates after he repeatedly kicked a defenseless fan from Scotland as he lay lying on the ground.

Neil Lennon must now be hammered by the powers that be at the SFA for his grotesque retaliation on the over exited Hearts fan who let the occasion get the better of him.

Spookily We had a Motherwell fan assaulting a Rangers player on the field of play when Lee McCulloch was nearly blinded in the eye with a 3 foot flag pole. This of course was laughed of by the Scottish Media as a cheeky flag waiving scamp having a bit of banter whilst trying to sportingly help give the ball back to the Rangers captain.


Speaking of Fans I have to applaud everyone of the behaviour of the Rangers fans who were lucky enough or unlucky enough to get tickets for the game.

The game had echoes of the Boycotted Dundee United Scottish Cup tie a few years back. Nearly 400 Rangers fans defied this boycott for reasons known only to themselves some even brought children into that cauldron of hatred towards Rangers that day.

Well the Motherwell game showed that the hatred towards Rangers has not only not gone away but has been ramped up with mass pitch invasions of NEDS goading Rangers fans into a full scale pitch battle.

That hatred of Rangers is not only backed by the media but avidly promoted by bigots in the media with a clear anti-Rangers agenda one can only think it is what they perceive that Rangers stands for.

It was that Hatred that Bilel Mohsni has witnessed in his short time in Scotland and was blind sided with at Fir Park and until you are in that position you don’t know what you will do.

Will you just turn the other cheek as someone yet again attacks you?

Or will you turn around and look your cowardly attackers in the eye and say NO MORE?

If you have been supporting Rangers in the last few years you will know either way there is unbridled hatred towards you and your club with sneak attack after sneak attack being waged against it and with that you would indeed concur that in that event




  1. Anne Roberts says:

    Well said

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