Scottish football was once again a buzz with the unveiling of the new Rangers manager Mark Warburton alongside assistant David Weir.

That a Scottish Championship side with No money -if you believe the lies peddled by the usual miscreants in the Scottish media- could attract one of the most exiting and sort after English managers -some Brentford fans actually touting him as a future England boss- and a former vastly experienced Scottish international as his assistant.
At the press conference the quintessential British management duo of the wee tactical astute Englishman and the tall stoic Scotsman were dignified, determined and very respectful at the rebuilding Job they have on their hands to get Rangers Football Club back to where she rightfully belongs.
Rangers where once again starting to ooze the dignity and class that it has been world renowned for before it was usurped by the bheast-like miscreants of Green and Whyte.
The other-side of the city were once again acting in the “Celtic way”
This time it was Ronny Deila acting in a way you would expect from that classless Provisional IRA loving NED predecessor Neil Lennon steeped in all what is wrong in the Celtic way.
The Norwegian was acting Gallus as fuck at failing in Europe after technicality after technicality and a 1 horse treble at an Irish Republican terror promoting slop house in Gran Canaria. Flicking the V sign, screaming obscenities before giving it the ‘Ronny Roar’
Why did the Celtic manager choose that pub in particular?
What was wrong with the many Scottish pubs on the Island?
No doubt he would have met many Celtic fans there considering their recently found new love for the United Kingdom country of Scotland. It was certainly evident in their disproportionate support in the recent Scottish independence referendum and their recent backing of the Scottish National Party from their usual Labour, Sinn Fein and extreme Left wing Socialist parties.
Nope he chose the Dicey Reilly’s Irish Bar that -by the evidence you will soon see dear reader- is full off and promotes the sort of stuff publicly funded organisations like Nil By Mouth that claim they are trying to stamp out being promoted in Football and would’ve been more suited to the bigoted thug he eventually replaced -after other candidates rejected the Celtic Job first- right down to a tee.
Ronny was joined on stage with a guitarist. One can only assume it was resident Finbarr Noonan. As it says from its website Finbarr Noonan is the resident musician at Dicey Reillys Irish Bar, playing all that Celtic Rock and Rebel music, 7 days a week from 10.00 pm until very late.
When asked in an Interview on said IRA glorifying slophouse website What´s your football team?

Noonan replies;
“Celtic of course and also Cork for the Gaelic football. I´m a Rebel and always will be”
Here we can see Noonan belt out an IRA terror glorification song the Broad Black Brimmer written by the geriatric, pro IRA terror, anti-British, bile and bilge spreaders -and no strangers to the hierarchy of Celtic football club- the Wolfe Tones.

The dirge narrates the story of a boy whose father is killed fighting on the anti-treaty side of the Irish Civil War. Each chorus emphasises that although his holster has been,

“empty for many a year”

but that

“when men claim Ireland’s freedom, the ones they’ll choose to lead ’em will wear the broad black brimmer of the IRA”.
Chillingly the line about holster being empty, in many versions the line

“but not for long”

is added.
The theme of the song is Republican “unfinished business” from the 1920s – the cause of the dead father is passed on to his son. This is specifically related to the Irish Civil War of 1922 and to the subsequent IRA, which refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of either the Irish Free State or Northern Ireland states created at that time.
Because it specifically takes the Republican view of the Civil War and looks forward to a resumption of armed actions and to an Ireland led by the IRA, the song is associated with physical force Irish republicanism. It is often sung at Republican gatherings.
Another notable aspect of the song is its reference to Christianity. When the narrator’s parents are married it is in the “little church below” and “Father Mac he blessed the pair as one”. The explicit reference to religion is relatively rare in republican songs.


This Video clearly shows a song being promoted that could -if sung with “add ons” of “Sinn Fein and IRA”- could see you imprisoned

And here

With add ons of “James McGrory and Paul McStay and the IRA” and “Fuck the Queen and the UDA”

This republican slop house -Ronny thought it was wise to visit- not only glorifies Terrorism hell bent on the killing of innocent civilians in Ronnys newly adopted home land in Song. It glorifies them in imagery as well

Well I am for one, fed up to the back teeth of Spain being used as a place for pished pro I.R.A bigots to spout their bile and hatred whilst Glorifying anti-British terrorism.
I’m fed up with these so called Irish pubs being used to promote all that is criminal and bad about the country of the Republic of Ireland.
You have to be fearful of the mind-set of your fellow Brits, that when the rest of us are with our families enjoying some well earned rest bite frolicking by the poolside or beach. These people feel the best way to unwind is glorifying in song, sectarian serial killers.
If you went to a German pub on the one of the Canary Islands would you expect or except that it belted out NAZI marching songs?
Any right thinking tourist would be in a state of fear in alarm if they walked by and 100s of German thugs started belting out the Horst Wessel song.
If the German pub had Nazi memorabilia and paraphernalia on the walls of mass murder’s like Hitler , Himmler and Eichman what would you think any Island reliant on British tourist pound would do?
The pub would be raided and would be told to take down the offensive hate-filled propaganda and the terror songs
Well why dont they do it to these so called Irish pubs?
The Spaniards counter terrorist squads would soon crack down if it was a pub that was glorifying anti-Spanish pro Basque E.T.A terrorism.
Hell a pub like this in Scotland would be shut down -eventually- if they openly promoted terrorism in such a way that Dicey Reilly’s in Gran Canaria.

Especially when Spanish Islands such as this one are intrinsically linked to Drug and people smuggling the way Sinn Feins proxy the IRA makes its money to fund the slaughter of innocent Brits.



One can neither confirm or deny that Ronny Deila’s Skeletal T-shirt was an homage to suicide terrorist Bobby Sands.




  1. Davmg says:

    What a fuckin handwringing, hypocritical arsehole. Just understand that your club is dead, your kulchur is dying. Everyone who sees you arseholes marchin about in your xxxl clown clothes, throwing sticks about just laughs at you. Why do you all think your hard too?
    Also, do you not think it’s unbritish to attack good old British bobbies in Belfast.
    You are so thick it’s unbelievable.
    talking about nazis aswell.
    Churchill had the same beliefs as Hitler and was a racist twat like you.
    Piss off to England if your that bothered, just stop whinning ya baby.

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