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The Scottish Football team came back from Dublin last week with a well earned score draw for the Scottish Football Association Patron is Her majesty Queen Elizabeth.


Maybe the so called “Tartan Army” could remember that the next time they break the OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOUR AT FOOTBALL AND THREATENING COMMUNICATIONS (SCOTLAND) ACT 2012 en mass by booing other countries National Anthems because of their Sectarian, politically, racially motivated prejudices.

Of course “the Tartan Army” are untouchable under these new draconian, Orwellian laws. They are of course the athletic wing of the Political party that brought them in.

The Nazis had the Berlin Olympics to further their hate-filled agenda and the “Tartan Army” have already hi-jacked the Scottish National team long ago with their Short bread tin, hoots mon, look whats up ma Kilt Hen, as they sexually harass Women as they go about their shopping in town squares all over Europe.

The Scotland v Republic of Ireland game came hot on the heels of the boar score draw with England in Dublin.
The English F.A President is of course His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge.


Both of these Football Associations Scotland and England’s were grossly insulted by the Football Association of Ireland’s chief executive John Delaney.

John Delaney? Where does one start with this British hating Pro-IRA terrorism glorifying cretin?

Evoke-AD14493570510639712_1015227 (1)
Looking at this picture reminds me of the Mrs Merton quip when she asked Debbie Magee “what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

John Delaney, the Brit hating Pro-IRA terror loving cretin, should have been forced from his job by collective pressure of the Scottish and English F.As after he was filmed singing the Pro IRA terror anti-British dirge ‘Joe McDonnell’ as he drank with people in a Dublin bar after a Republic of Ireland v U.S.A game.


For those of you who are lucky not to know what this filthy song is. At just over SEVEN MINUTES long I can only describe it as the stairway to heaven equivalent of the cowardly band of Knee cappers and Civilian killers back catalogue.


The video that emerged showed John Delaney singing the verse:



Oh may God shine on you, Bobby Sands
For the courage you have shown
May your glory and your fame be widely known
And Francis Hughes and Ray McCreesh
Who died unselfishly
And Patsy O’Hara, and the next in line is me
And those who lie behind me
May your courage be the same
And I pray to god my life was not in vain


Now this is near the end of the SEVEN MINUTE dirge with John Delaney having to navigate through 4 hate-filled bigoted Choruses and versus before that.

I dont know what flabbergasts me the most. John Delaneys memory or the fact that this SEVEN MINUTE terror dirge could be sung by a well known member of the community, in what looks like an upmarket wine bar in a so called modern cosmopolitan City like Dublin, without batting an eyelid.

The man John Delaney was glorifying in Joe McDonnell would have seen the Patron of the S.F.A and the F.A President as viable targets for his and his band of fascist thugs blood lust.

So why were these organisations silent on the matter?

Instead The F.A put calls out for their fans not to sing songs of defiance mocking terrorist organisations that would happily have waded up to their knees in their blood if the were not so cowardly that they actually looked their targets in the eye and not just left car bombs to blow up children in sweet shops.

Whats next? Banning the Dam buster song? Banning the escape to Victory song? Banning singing Hitler has only got one ball?

The English F.A and the Scottish F.A need to grow a fucking back bone!

If a Football fan sung the terror dirge not even inside a Scottish football ground

If an English football club sung this song in an UEFA competition the would be hit by the strict liability laws enforced by UEFA.

So why not John Delaney?


John Delaney when trying to worm his way out of his I.R.A terror sing song at end of last year. Came up with a noval way by admitting that he was a serial offender!

He said at the time:


‘I’ll give you an example. “Sean South from Garryowen” has been sung on the Irish team bus for years, from the Jack Charlton era, right up to the current era.

A FIFA and UEFA member team singing about Seán South an anti-Semitic anti-British terrorist!
A uber Roman Catholic zealot of a bigot!

An IRA terrorist!

An unbridled Fascist!

On the bus on the way to FIFA and UEFA organised matches!


Anyway back to the fitbaw. Scotland seem to have the upper hand on the Republic of Ireland’s in the group. It could have been a lot more convincing if Stewart Regan in his infinite wisdom didn’t play the Home tie in a home from home for the Republic.

Scotland still has to get passed Germany and Poland to cement their place in Euro 2016. A Competion that has been devalued because former SFA Chief Executive David Taylor, supported by his Irish counterpart John Delaney, put forward the blueprint to boost the number of finalists.


No more crème de la crème were nearly all the games are meaningful.
How Ironic would it be that for the 2 corrupt Football Associations that devalued this Competitions in a desperate attempt to qualify for it. Fail in the end to qualify for it!
I for one would rejoice.
The good people of France have already had their fill of Islamic terrorism without having another form imported from the Republic of Ireland.
France’s Mothers and daughters will be better off without the Vomit inducing sight of Hamish and Torquill sexually harassing them with something that resembles the last turkey in the shop from under their alcohol and pished soaked Kilt from LIDL as the go about their shopping.


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