Stand by your ban to paraphrase the late great country singer Tammy Wynette but its Dolly Parton I have more in mind when writing this blog about Chris McLaughlin and Graham Spiers.

What a great big pair of tits we have here!

And they have appeared to have boobed once too many having had their press privileges and club hospitality removed.

Now all this has echoes of Jim Spence who has recently departed the BBC.

Jim Spence caused uproar with Rangers fans and was carpeted by his London bosses after spreading falsehoods -despite overwhelming empirical evidence from respected governing footballing bodies- that Rangers, a football club had died.

Some Rangers fans wanted Rangers to ban him right there and then for it, but Im going to stand up for oor Jim.
During the broadcast he said:



“John McClelland, who was the chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well, the club that died, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman.”

Oor Jim never even had the balls to say what we all know he and his fellow Rangers hating BBC and internet bigots believe.

He said “some people will tell you the club, well, the club that died”

Some people will tell you!

Well some people will tell you that Mrs Spence is as ugly as sin. I don’t know I’ve never met the woman I couldn’t possibly comment but some people will tell you that.

I better watch what I’m saying here because it appear oor Jim is a bit handy with the fists.

During the afore mentioned BBC Rangers spat Jim alleged he was verbally abused while out with his wife and indeed reported it to the Police.

A scary harrowing tale I think you would concur dear reader but not for oor brave Jim he offered the ruffian a square go to which -according to Jim-said ruffian shat it and ran away.

As far as I’m aware Police Scotland have not found this man and I’m generally concerned for this chaps welfare for all we know he could be still hiding in a cave traumatised or god forbid jumped of the tay bridge in a state of fear and alarm.

The main problem I had with Jim Spence and some people will tell you this, was there to see for everyone during the recent Celtic Dundee United transfers was that for a publicly funded employee of the BBC he appeared very close too the Dundee United hierarchy and acted in their interest more than once.

A bit Ironic for a hypocrite who would crow about Succulent lamb.

Anyway oor Jim has left the Pacific quay building and dispelled any notion that he was an anti-Rangers, anti-British, sectarian bigot by immediately doing an Interview with Phil “tarred with the sickening sectarian brush” Mac Giolla Bhain a cretin he was extremely close to on-line during his time at the BBC.

Chris McLaughlin and Graham Spiers are not the first Journalists to be “banned” by a football club in Scotland.
Hugh Keevins and Keith Jackson were in Hughs case and is in Keith Jacksons case “banned” by Peter Lawwell from Celtic park

And maybe someone could clarify this but STV’s Peter Adam Smith has not been seen since at Parkhead since he bravely asked some tough questions of Peter Lawwell.

Ironically about should Scottish football should adopt UEFA’s standard of strict liability to deal with supporters who are involved in offensive behaviour at games. To which Lawwell said no and makes Chris McLaughlin petty and pathetic match report of a wonderful advert for Scottish fitbaw the 6 2 game even more petty and pathetic.
Peter Lawwell went on to say to Peter Adam Smith

“Two points: We oppose the offensive behaviour act and certainly, I don’t accept that Irish republicanism is in Celtic’s history – anywhere in Celtic’s history. I don’t recognise Celtic being associated with sectarianism. I don’t recognise Celtic being associated with Irish republicanism.

Which led to uproar from mindless sectarian anti-British Celtic supporting bams tweeting in unison words to the effect off

“Lawwell talks shite. Im a sellick fan, Up The Ra! ah wont be back!”

Which led to Celtic releasing a statement saying words to the effect that they were steeped in Irish republicanism.
Sorry to give this cretin more time but Jim Spence was banned by Dundee F.C here was the clubs statement at the time.

Club Statement re BBC failure to cover Dundee FC matches.

In order to clarify things for those fans who have contacted us re the BBC statement on coverage of Dundee FC over the last two weeks, the club would like to make the our fans aware of the our position.

The Board of Directors of Dundee FC understandably maintains the right to limit or withdraw access to the stadium to an employee of any contractor, supplier or partner who do not follow recognised and accepted guidelines or acts in an unprofessional manner while representing their company. In any circumstance, this position is entirely reasonable and appropriate.
Following conduct by a member of BBC staff on more than one occasion which the club feels is below these standards, the club made it clear to the BBC that this member of staff would no longer be allowed access to Dens Park.

The BBC management have been aware of this issue for a number of weeks now and know they are welcome to have full and continued access to Dundee FC and Dens Park as they have had for many years now but unfortunately chose not to do so again today.


Indeed staying in the same shity, sorry I mean City Dundee United in September 2013 effectively “banned” not just the BBC but STV altogether after the SFA upheld Gavin Gunning’s original ban for his challenge on Celtic defender Virgil Van Dijk.

Dundee united were unhappy as the incident which Gunning didnt get caution for, was picked up by TV.
A United spokesman said at the time

“We won’t be doing any interviews with the BBC – or STV for that matter – for the foreseeable future. We want to know who is responsible for what is deemed to be right or wrong – the SFA or the BBC? We want consistency.”

“Nothing had been said until it was shown on Sportscene on the Sunday night.
“We’ve been penalised for the way the footage has been edited on the television.
“There were other incidents which went unpunished so what we really need is consistency.
“Joe Ledley stuck an arm out and was spoken to by the referee but nothing has been done about that. It’s not about getting other players into trouble. It’s just about getting consistent decision-making.”

In my Opinion I think the Journos in this story have been let off lightly in relative terms.

In October 2000 Dundee United’s Chairman Jim McLean lamped one right on the kisser of BBC man John Barnes during an interview watching his side get thrashed 4-0 by Hearts.


But it only seems that when Rangers do something proactive to protect their “Brand” all shit breaks loose with the usual suspects on-line and down south getting back on their horses and charging at windmills once again on.

The BBC says it will use agency journalists to cover Rangers matches from now on what a great opertunity this would be for would be Journalists like Angela Haggerty and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain to get some experience under their belts.
With #Phaggertys obsessional hatred of all things Rangers filing a match report, you wont even notice the B.B.C had gone.

My opinion on this whole saga is that we should all ban the B.B.C and tell them to shove their license fee up their arses.

Not because of football but because of a sense of doing everything that is right and just in this world.


Television morality if you will Alistair Lamont

If you paid your licence fee in the last half a century you have been unwittingly helping to fund a very powerful, very dangerous and organised paedophile ring and the Ironic thing in this is your failure not to do so would see you in prison!


And the disgusting thing was the heads at the BBC were aware of this!

Oh yes brothers and sisters BIG BEEB KNEW!

And they did nothing about it!

We have allegations the BBC’s creative director Alan Yentob ‘tried to halt’ a BBC probe into Financial and serious sex crimes at the Camila Batmanghelidjh Charity Kids Company where Mr Yentob is also the chairman!!

What is it with these ridiculously dressed people with loads of jangle jangle jewellery?




Hiding in plain sight?

Former BBC director general Mark Thompson who is a former pupil at the fee paying Jesuit school Stonyhurst and Opus Dei member did nothing about Papal Knight Jimmy Savile!


I will end with a phrase from a long running BBC progam.

“Please don’t have nightmares”





Post script


By Janice Burns
BBC Scotland staff accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, bosses admit

15 Aug 2013 07:22
THE corporation have refused to reveal the exact number of people involved or the offences they committed.
Sex beast Jimmy SavileSex beast Jimmy Savile
Daily Record
BBC SCOTLAND has admitted several staff have been accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the Daily Record can reveal.
But the corporation have refused to reveal the exact number involved or details about the offences they are alleged to have committed.
They described them as a “very small number of individuals”.
They declined to say whether any of those involved are still on the payroll at BBC Scotland, which has 1250 employees.
The startling disclosure that sex crime claims have been made against its staff north of the border now threatens to engulf BBC Scotland in the Savile scandal which has rocked the London headquarters.
It is unclear whether the allegations have come to light because of victims contacting the BBC in Scotland or through internal inquiries by the corporation.
Police Scotland refused to comment.
Politicians last night urged the publicly-funded BBC to give more detail about what exactly its staff in Scotland have been accused of and how many are involved.
The SNP’s culture spokesman Pete Wishart called said: “There has been a lot of public concern following the revelations at the BBC and the best way to restore confidence in the organisation is through taking an open and transparent approach on this matter.”
The revelation comes through Freedom of Information request asking if BBC staff in Scotland have been the subject of sex abuse claims since the Savile scandal broke,
The request for Scottish statistics was submitted after the BBC in London said in May that 150 “allegations of a sexual nature” had been made been made against 81 BBC employees since October last year.
The request asked for details of how many “worked at or were contracted to work at BBC Scotland”.
BBC Scotland’s Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs Ian Small said: “I can confirm that the BBC holds this information.
“However, we are withholding the exact very small number of individuals under section 40(2) (personal information) of the Act, due to the risk of individuals becoming identifiable from such information.
“The individuals concerned would not expect their personal data about allegations of such a nature to be disclosed to a third party.
“To do so would be unfair; therefore, disclosure would breach the First Data Protection Principle (fair and lawful processing)”.
When the Record contacted BBC Scotland, they again refused to divulge the numbers involved or any further detail about the sex allegations.
Former BBC Scotland HQ in Queen Margaret DriveFormer BBC Scotland HQ in Queen Margaret Drive
Daily Record
A BBC Scotland spokesman said of the FOI response: “The content is accurate but we don’t want to say anything beyond that.”
The man who submitted the FOI request, who wants to remain anonymous, said he asked for the information because he wanted to find out if BBC Scotland was involved.
He said: “I’m disappointed that BBC Scotland refused to reveal the full extent of the allegations, the outcome of them, and whether or not that those the allegations were made against continue to be in employment at Pacific Quay.
“For the organisation to move forward I believe there has to be full transparency and such serious allegations cannot and should not be continually swept under the carpet.
“I submitted the request as I wanted clarity as to whether BBC Scotland was in any way embroiled in the scandal that has engulfed the organisation.
“Sadly it has but I am shocked they are keeping secret the extent and severity of these allegations.
“Evidence I’ve seen so far suggests they haven’t learned the lessons from the Savile case.”
In May, the Beeb said they had been “appalled” by the allegations of harassment and abuse that had emerged since the Savile controversy and insisted that a series of reviews were under way to ensure that lessons could be learnt.
Figures showed 25 recent allegations involving current employees had been reported to the police, the majority of which resulted in no further action being taken. Five remained outstanding. Three resulted in no police action but were currently under investigation at the BBC.
Fifteen were not deemed to be criminal in nature and were investigated internally, resulting in one person receiving an informal warning and two people losing their jobs. Two remained under investigation.
A BBC spokesman said: “We have launched a series of reviews that aim to understand if there are any issues with the current culture of the BBC or the historic culture and practices from as far back as 1965 to see what lessons can be learned to prevent this happening again.
“As part of these reviews the BBC is conducting extensive searches of its records and has asked BBC staff and contributors past and present to share any information that might be useful. Their contributions are vital and we are grateful for them.”
The BBC has been embroiled in sex abuse scandals since it emerged Savile had never been arrested for abusing an “unprecedented” number of children and adults.
The Savile scandal sent the BBC into crisis over its handling of the issue and director general George Entwistle resigned as a result of the fall-out only 54 days into the job.
Last month veteran presenter Stuart Hall was described as an “opportunistic predator” after admitting indecently assaulting 13 girls as young as nine and he was jailed for 30 months.
And on Monday an unnamed 80-year-old man was arrested by Savile squad detectives.
He was the 14th man to be questioned as part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree inquiry into claims of historic sex abuse at the BBC
He was detained in connection with alleged offences committed with the disgraced former Top Of The Pops presenter Savile.
Operation Yewtree was launched in October last year after Savile was unmasked as a predatory paedophile who had been molesting and raping children across the nation for almost six decades. He died aged 84 in 2011.


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