On Monday the 20th of July 2015, after a nine-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow. A jury of ten women and five men found Anton Duffy, 39, Martin Hughes, 36, and Paul Sands, 32, guilty of planning to murder Johnny Adair and Sammy McCrory in Scotland.

This proved what regular readers of this blog have all known for a long time in Scotland that anti-British Dissident Irish republicanism terror and support for anti-British Dissident Irish republicanism terror has been running amok at all levels of society in Scotland.

It is indeed Ireland’s shame and Scotland’s burden.

To Irishman Anton Duffy Johnny ’Mad Dog’ Adair and Sammy McCrory were the epitome of British Unionist Protestantism. So why was this not described as it was Sectarian and Racist hate crime of the most dangerous kind?
Where was public funded groups like Nil By Mouth? Where was their condemnation? Where was their outrage?


Instead we had the Daily Record disgustingly jokey front page headline of YOU LUCKY DOG
Imagine if this had been someone who idiots believed was the epitome of Irish Catholicism and they were planning through organised terrorism to gun down in a hail of bullets from an AK47 machine gun in broad daylight in Scotland……. SCOTLAND!

Do you think the medias coverage would be the same?

Anton Duffy hail hails from County Donegal which ironically bears the Latin motto of Mutuam habeatis caritatem which in good old Queens English means “Have love for one another”

What possessed and attracted this hate-filled, violent IRA terrorist thug like Anton Duffy to a city that was described at an officially backed Celtic Football Club event as “the most anti-Irish Catholic city in the WORLD” One could only hazard a guess and say that it was said Club and said Clubs Laissez-faire attitude to anti-British Pro IRA terror support.

Whatever it was he has been, very frighteningly, living here amongst good honest law abiding God fearing citizens for a Long, Long time

This wasn’t the first time Anton Duffy has been in the High court in Glasgow, oh no Dear Reader. In 2010 Anton Duffy was jailed for the shamefully low sentence of five years for – and get this- the trifling crime of having in his possession a loaded Russian manufactured revolver in a busy Glasgow nightspot on one the cities most busiest Streets.

Let that just sink in for a minute shall we. He had a loaded gun in a busy night club on a busy Glasgow street and all he got was the minimum 5 YEARS for firearm offences and no doubt was out in 2 and a half. Now put that in perspective with the maximum Jail sentence you can get by being a football fan in a football stadium singing about terrorists with loaded guns is 5 YEARS!!!

At the High Court in Glasgow representing Anton Duffy in 2010 was none other than Celtic’s Legal shamrock the late Paul McBride QC. Paul McBride handed a number of testimonials on behalf of Duffy including ones from a head teacher, a JP and a retired lawyer.

I would love to know what these “professionals” names are especially the head teacher who is worryingly in charge sculpting the minds of no doubt 100’s of young impressionable children.

Mr McBride said at the trial: “Since the age of 15 Mr Duffy has had a significant difficulty with alcohol.

“Mr Duffy comes from a very respectable background. He is someone who is idiotic. While staggering around in a pub bouncers noticed a bulge in his jacket.

“This incident is out of character. This is a man who has the support of his family and his community.”


Fucking whinge whinge whinge

The court heard that Duffy was given the gun to look after by an unnamed man and was too terrified to say no.


It was reported at the time

Bruce Erroch prosecuting told the court: “At around 2.30am an altercation broke out on the dance flooor after a friend of the accused threw a drink over another reveller.

“Two females then started fighting. The disturbance was noticed by the bar manageress, who summoned three door stewards to break up a fight.”

The court heard that while the stewards were breaking up the fight with the woman they noticed that Duffy had what appeared to be a gun inside his jacket.

Duffy then grabbed the gun and was about to pull it out.

One of the stewards lunged forward and used an arm lock on Duffy and his two colleagues grabbed the hand with the gun in it and forced Duffy against a wall. He refused to release his grip on the gun while the stewards struggled with him.

A member of staff went outside and came across two police officers who returned with him to the nightspot.

Mr Erroch said: “The police officers saw the gun in Duffy’s hand and he had still not released his grip.

“The officers were able to handcuff and disarm the accused, at which point he was told he was being detained in relation to a firearms offence.

“Firearms officers attended at the nightclub and seized the gun. When the gun was examined in the laboratory in Pitt Street, Glasgow, it was found to be loaded with seven rounds of live ammunition.”

The court was told that Duffy then shouted abuse at the officers saying: “Faggot” and ” I bet you can’t get it up.”

So not only is Irishman Anton Duffy a pro-IRA, anti-British sectarian bigot. He is a homophobe with a disturbing interest in Police officers erections.

His Homophobic bigotry does not effect his choice in Q.Cs as he was repesented in 2010 by Paul McBride Q.C who was at the time openly gay.

For his trial in 2015 Irishman Anton Duffy employed the services of Derek Ogg QC who Ironically like Paul McBride QC is Openly gay, -totally at odds with both their religions bigoted dogma- A supporter of Celtic F.C., a former pupil of the Jesuit fee paying St Aloysius college and has previously represented Neil Lennon in disciplinary proceedings before the Scottish Football Association.

Irishman Anton Duffy was also charged at the start of this trial for being part of a plan to murder the governor of Barlinnie prison, Derek McGill, in a car bomb attack.

I wonder what happened to that is it still on going it’s hard to know as this trial -that laid bare for the world to see what Scotland’s shame really was -was never meant to be reported due to a failed attempt at censorship.

I wonder why they would target the governor of Barlinnie prison? Could Irishman Anton Duffy be the same Anton Duffy who in 2003 was reported

A PRISONER who had an affair with a female warden has suffered a vicious beating.
Anton Duffy was stabbed, slashed and bludgeoned during the brutal assault.
The incident happened in Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison on Wednesday.

The age adds up. It was also reported that

Duffy was serving almost four years for a range of offences and was involved in rioting at the prison.
Duffy was serving almost four years for a range of offences.
The insider said: “Duffy used to strut about the jail like he was untouchable.
“He was really mouthy and was heavily into drugs. He always had a regular supply so nobody gave him any trouble.
“But he would go berserk over nothing. He was extremely violent and very difficult to control.
“Maybe he thought he was untouchable because he was so close to an officer. That is a very dangerous set-up indeed.”
“They would have had to be very discreet to avoid other prison officers finding out what was going on.
“The prisoners said they’d known about it for ages. But nobody wanted to say anything against Duffy. He definitely had something over them all – we just don’t know what.
“It seems he moved in straight away with Joanna and they’ve been seen out and about together regularly.”

If it is then this would beg the question Is the drug trade in our top prison controlled by Dissident IRA terrorism?

Sadly anti-British Pro IRA sectarian bigots determined to bring terror and violence to the streets of Scotland like Irishman Anton Duffy are ten a penny and growing in Scotland under the SNP’s watch.

It will only get worse with the likes of the bigot Phil Mac Giolla Bhain -who has spent year upon year demonising and dehumanising the culture that Irishman Anton Duffy thought Johnny Adair and Sammy McCrory epitomised -being courted by the likes of the SNP independence movement and Glasgow’s St Patrick festival.



This cretin did the 180 degree opposite journey of Irishman Anton Duffy’s journey, that is a Scotsman going to Donegal to spread -just like Irishman Anton Duffy- his hatred.

It costs £65,000 to imprison a person in this country once police, court costs and all the other steps are taken into account. After that it costs a further £40,000 for each year they spend incarcerated.

Why should the Great British public spend money on this anti-British, Dissident IRA terrorist who despises everything that our proud country represents and stands for?

Let Ireland deal with him and his cost.

I know that Ireland isnt the Celtic tiger it once was -the apple of Alex Salmonds eye- now its more like a poundland pussy but I think Irishman Anton Duffy has more than a fair kick of the baw in the United Kingdom I think its his Irelands turn.

Yes Dear Reader, from Ireland Anton came, bringing nothing but trouble and shame. Well his terrorist-plan is over. Why dont we send him to Ireland to do his Jail time?


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