Graham Spiers, the odious creep. Where does one start with this cretin?
Well for once, I wont. I will let this wonderful post I found from D’Artagnan on Rangersmedia referring a post by a Bear called Jaaz from a few years ago do the talking.
It’s a fantastic Read. It was posted quite some time ago I think originally on Follow Follow and not only does it show Graham Spiers as a spiteful, petty, vindictive Rangers hater masquerading as a so-called broadsheet Journalist. It shows quite worrying that large parts of the Scottish media is akin more to an anti-British propaganda rag like the fascist Sinn Fein/IRA An Phoblacht and that it is infested with anti-British sectarian bigots.
The members of the Scottish Enlightenment that held the free press as a fundamental cornerstone of democracy, freedom and liberty in this country will be spinning in their graves.
Have a read. I will post from it the words of Graham Spiers that Jaaz has sourced from Britneys bile-filled ramblings in the press in bold italics and I will post any comments below in plain text.
Spiers had started his one-man campaign of anti-Rangers bile long before he joined the Herald. One of my earliest memories was his blatant lie that Rangers fans sang (about German superstar Jurgen) “Klinsmann’s a Klansman” at Ibrox. Complete and utter bollocks. He further claimed that Rangers fans sang songs about the tragic death of former Celtic player Tommy Coyne’s wife. Complete fabrication. Another contention of his was that former Ranger Ian Ferguson had “all the charm of a child molester”. A pleasant analogy I’m sure you’d agree. I would wager that Spiers would not express his strikingly odd views during a face-to-face meeting with our former midfielder.
One doesn’t know if Graham Spiers is being complementary about Ian Ferguson because Graham Spiers expressed his sympathy towards Craig Thomson, the Hearts of Midlothian footballer convicted of lewd and indecent behaviour towards young girls aged 14 and one aged 12. Spiers blames the internet instead of Craig Thomson saying ‘This is what the internet does to kids today.’ Thomson was a 20 year old at the time.
But if your just a 20 year old “kid” and you sing a song Britney doesn’t like. Then damn well throw the book at them. Talk about getting your priorities in order, seems the ecumenical Britney has the same morals as the Roman Catholic when it gets caught with its pants down.
Now on to you and I, the Rangers support. Commenting on the Manchester United v. Rangers match last year he described us as “A stinking bigoted cesspit of sub-humanity”. Let me remind you that there were NO arrests at the match. A Manchester United publication later described the game as having the best atmosphere of the season due to the visiting Bears. Some other lovely descriptions of you and I from Mr. Spiers:
“Rancid chanting… embarrassment……putrid stench…..savages….poisonous singing…..desecration…..cavemen……wholesale yobishness…..vile troglodytes…..stinking, bigoted, religious stuff……backward culture…..almost to a man”.
“David Murray is on the back foot… Rangers, by general consent, the sectarianism is worse than it is at Celtic……It was an experience that reminded me again of how widespread and malignant bigotry at Ibrox is……It is folly, not to say a cultural disservice to Scotland, to denounce O’Neill for what he said this week…..Rangers, in particular, have a major problem with bigots”.
“Compare and contrast their shameful behaviour with that of Celtic, who on the road to Seville last season, represented Scottish football immaculately” (I suppose they did, if you don’t include the stabbing in Seville, the riot in Blackburn, the Provo banners, the booing of Porto as they lifted the trophy, planes being diverted to Cardiff etc. etc. etc. But why let the FACTS get in the way of a dig at Rangers eh Graham?)
I think Spiers has made it very clear how he feels about US the supporters’ ladies and gentleman, but what’s his views on our club?
“Like the Rangers orange strip, the song (‘Follow, Follow’) cannot be listed among the great criminal acts, it merely offends”
“Nor can I recall Rangers being disparaged in 1972 when they won the Cup-Winners’ Cup; a tournament which, by definition, was painfully inferior to the European Cup, indeed a prize which many placed third in the list of Europe’s club baubles behind the UEFA Cup.”
“Please can I be spared any whining from Rangers over this and other criticisms?” “(Rangers) the most paranoid club in Scottish football”.
Fair to say he’s none to keen on our club either! But what does he say about our biggest rivals I hear you ask? Surely in the interest of neutrality and parity, Celtic are afforded the same malevolence?
“Celtic, though, as a football institution, quite rightly remains a symbol of Catholicism. The Celtic strip, as famed and proudly known around the world as it is, still cannot be divorced from one of its cultural parents, which is the Catholic faith.”
As we all know Rangers were not founded with a clear political agenda nor with the shadowy nefarious hand of a paranoid bigoted church. Rangers were set up by four young lads for the pure joy of playing associated Football. Rangers then developed a strong Scottish/British Protestant identity. So why is Celtic sinister beginnings steeped in anti-British politics to be applauded and for Rangers “identity” to be derided?
“Even high-brow Herald readers, hauling their noses away from such works as Jacob Bronowski and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, may have noticed the palaver that is being planned by Celtic supporters in time for Sunday’s slaughter – erm, I mean match – against Rangers at Parkhead.”
“I repeat my main contention: that Larsson’s contribution to Scottish life and culture, via the game of football, has been immense. In a sordid football age, his role-model status has also been impeccable.” (Deliberately breaking Gus MacPherson’s leg aside presumably).
Henrik why are you so good?………….Boak
“Following Sunday’s win at Ibrox I met one Celtic player, a man I remain a great admirer of, and whispered to him: “I fear for some of the alcoholic carnage of you lot over the next few days, it’s been a long wait.” He smiled and looked at me with rivulets of anticipation dribbling from his chops.”
No prizes for guessing it was Neil Lennon Britney was on about. “As long as I have a face Lenny there always be a seat for you at the chip”
6/5/04, 22/1/04, 27/11/03, 4/4/02, 7/3/02,
“In one of my favourite magazines, The Alternative View….. the shockingly good magazine, The Alternative View……It was with great joy that I received my copy the other day of The Alternative View, a genuinely enjoyable football magazine of a Celtic persuasion…..the excellent Alternative View, a new mag set up by my old malapropic mucker himself, Matt McGlone….. After 36 years of unchallenged success, the Celtic View at last has a commercial rival…..If I tell readers that Matt McGlone is the brains behind this venture, you may well share my intrigue….. a Che Guevara figure among the fans who helped ease Fergus McCann into place….. I have seen the first edition of The Alternative View, and, I must say, it looks very good. (This is just some of a number of plugs he gave for his bigoted mate McGlone’s failed Celtic magazine in the pages of the Herald).
Any excuse to play this cracker again.

Graham Spiers the anti-sectarian crusader not only see’s sectarianism in Scotland as a one way street but was flatmates with a sectarian bigot and turns a blind eye when he best pal publishes it in his Fanzines as Jaaz goes on to explain.
Current Sports Editor is Donald Cowey, another former editor of the Celtic View (starting to get the picture?), who is in turn served by his Chief Sportswriter, the Corduroyed Crusader himself, the one and only Graham Spiers. Spiers is a friend and former flat mate of Matt McGlone, the Celtic fanzine editor whose publication included a cartoon family who went by the name of “The Dirty Orange Bastards”. Strangely as he travels through life on his anti-sectarian mission Spiers has failed to mention this.

“Lennon’s symphony is music to my ears – My sporting highlight of the past week must be the moment when I was called upon to break the news to Neil Lennon that James MacMillan, Scotland’s most distinguished composer, had written a piece in his honour. It is always a minor joy catching up with Lennon.” (In fact Graham loves “Lenny” so much he excused him his spitting on a Rangers scarf and mouthing “orange bastards” to the Rangers support. A strange stance for an individual who has propelled himself to the forefront of McConnell’s anti-bigotry campaign wouldn’t you agree?)
James MacMillan is another of the fee paying Jesuit College of St. Aloyisis old boys network that keep popping up in the kicking of Rangers when they were down Tax case witch-hunt. In fact on twitter he rather oddly compared Rangers to Liam Neeson and “We” referring to himself and his pals as the wolves in the film The Grey.
“Celtic have a moral right to this league” (on the day before the 2003 title deciders).
“35,000 Celtic fans singing The Fields of Athenry made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up” (Seems Spiers likes the “famine, rebelling against the Crown” ditty. Compare and contrast with his viewpoint of Follow Follow above)
WARNING: Please have a basin handy prior to reading the next quote.
“I must admit, if I ever fulfil my ambition of having a very splendid private dinner with O’Neill, it will be the one question I’ll certainly get round to asking: ”Why were you so horrible to us over that new contract saga?”
“A very splendid private dinner with O’neill” Succulent Spam eh Spiersy? Just make sure he kisses you first! Remember youre not a slut Britney.
I’m sure you’ll agree it’s plain as the nose on your face who are Spiers favourite team down Glasgow way.
You might be asking why I’m wasting my time with Spiers? Why kick a man when he’s down?
Look back at when Spiers ramped up his agenda on Rangers backed avidly by his Celtic-minded bosses. It was when Rangers where in massive debt – the type Celtic are in today- Spiers and his ilk have been salivating for what’s happened to Rangers over the last 4 years for years.
But Now Rangers are free from crippling debt, unlike Celtic. Own their own stadium outright, unlike Celtic and are on an upward curve, unlike Celtic. He is trying to ingratiate himself at Ibrox with the fans he so despised, demonised, and dehumanised for year upon year leading up to the Ranger Tax Case witch-hunt.

Tell Graham Spiers his money is no good the next time he comes to Ibrox -if he does which he wont- Turn him away like the Rangers fans he has banned through his ,and his ilk’s politically motivated campaign to get people certain members of the community he doesn’t like -Rangers fans- Jailed for thought crime or should I say what he thinks they mean.
But when other members of Scottish society do the exact same thing, Spiers will say oh its just “faux outrage” theres nothing to see here move along. Like in the piece he did about Scott Allan (a snippet can be seen below) that no doubt got he his free ticket and free access to finger food at Ibrox revoked.
The predictable sideshow has emerged, fuelled as ever by posturing and idiocy on social media.
Twitter has lent its usual lunatic fringe to the case, with Allan coming in for appalling abuse from a seam of disgruntled Hibs fans.
Meanwhile, some Rangers fans, ever feeling victimised, have seized on this stuff – not with dismay, but with relish – expressing a faux outrage at some sectarian bile directed at Allan.
Let me remind you that Scott Allan and his family were subjected to the most vile public sectarian racially motivated abuse that is actionable by the Law that Britney and his cabal so desperately craved. All because it appeared he was holding out for a move to Rangers. He was threatened with the hope that he would be murdered by a bullet from the anti-British IRA. A threat that has seen jail sentences for people when it was directed to the likes of Celtic’s Anthony Stokes and Neil Lennon.
So what’s different here Britney? Because its not Rangers fans?
Looking back at this blog the only thing that really shocks me is that its taking so long -over 10 years of repeat offending in the case of Graham Spiers- for Rangers to take the stand with malevolent Rangers hating bheasts that they have now done.



  1. Scott Macboy says:

    This man has tried to portray himself as the intelligent voice of journalistic reason behind the sectarian problem that plagues all of Scotland, but in his apparent lack of will to expose the canyon full of bile that exists in Scotland’s catholic communities and in particular around its 2 major catholic teams, makes him exactly what he professes to hate; a bigot. I’d love a television station during interview to not stop/ change the topic as soon as soon as someone of the Blue persuasion begins to expose his frailties and point out his inconsistencies and damn right lies. But just in case he or one of his dwindling bands of likeminded no hopers ever read your blogs I’ll leave then this link to explain my point and await their reasoning for Spears inability to walk down a 2 way street.

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