You would have had to have been totally deaf, dumb and blind in recent years in Scotland not to have been aware of the decisive, devious, sectarian anti-British and anti-Monarchist motives that was fuelling the YES campaign.

We where all witnessed to the fascistic violence and bully boy intimidation inflicted on the good people of Scotland by the unsavoury enemy within, criminal, anti-British, pro-IRA terrorism, Pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel, uber-Marxist, communist, elements of the 5th columnist anti-British enemy from within in our society.

One of the main focal points of their unbridled anger and main motivations for independence was their sheer sectarian hatred of the head of our constitutional Monarchy Her Majesty the Queen.

Now I say it was sectarian and there is no doubt that it was -and still is- because the same people who hid their sectarianism behind their so-called hatred of what the see our democratic constitutional Monarchy -formed after the Glorious Revolution of King William III and Queen Mary ousted the would be Absolute Monarch dictator and Roman Catholic puppet King James II in 1688 – as an out dated waste of money.

The same hypocritical people support and are totally happy with a dictatorial, totalitarian, fascist Absolute Monarchy that resides within the Vatican.

What was the two main points that motivated the Roman Catholic church in Scotland to back Scottish Independence politically that you read in my last blog that the disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien outlined in the Daily Record way back in 2006?

Well you wont be surprised that it is the same two political points that the SNP are still spouting with their 56 -or i that 55 now with Michelle Thomson being embroiled in a mortgage fraud and shafting the poor scandal- impotent MPs in Westminster are the destruction of trident and the Act of Settlement.

Now the destruction of trident seems to be a fairly obvious one from a Party that has courted an element of society who hates Britain so much that they would wilfully see themselves and it destroyed by Nuclear bombs without being able to defend herself.

The second issue the Act of Settlement prohibits any Roman Catholic from having access to the throne, even through marriage. Once a person marries a “Papist” they shall be “for ever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the Crown”.
The legislation effectively severed the Stuart line of succession, a family who favoured Roman Catholicism, and switched to the Hanoverians, from which our current Queen descends.


Why would a republican party that has sought and whipped up so many anti-British Monarchy votes care about the Act of Settlement when they were just going to wipe out -in their own words- this archaic, out-dated waste of money?
Well I will tell you why and it isn’t going to please the republican anti-Monarchist oinks that have been used all along in these last few years to do their SNP masters bidding.

The Reason the SNP want to change the Act of Settlement is because that is what their financial backers and their chief cheerleaders the Roman Catholic church want.

You see -and this will upset the brainwashed communist brothers and sisters who have been so led up the garden path by the Tartan Tories in the last years- is that if Scotland had become a sovereign nation the foreign, sectarian, undemocratic cabal that funded it and nearly forced it through by turning Scotland into a deeply divided country, would have demanded that their man Franz, Duke of Bavaria or His Royal Highness Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Herzog von Bayern, Duke of Bavaria, Duke in Franconia and Swabia, and Count-Palatine of the Rhine to give him his full Sunday name (Pictured at top of blog with the disgraced ex Pope Benedict XVI) would have became King of Scotland and head of state .

This didn’t happen and we all can breathe a sigh of relief you might say but these religious zealoted deluded crackpots wont stop there and still have their useful idiots the SNP and some high treasonous MPs in other parties to do their bidding in Westminster.

You think this is Hyperbole? Make Believe?

This devious scheme was outed in a few National Newspapers here in the United Kingdom and indeed in Germany that Franz, Duke of Bavaria was being hotly-tipped to become the next King of Scotland if there was a ‘yes’ vote in 2014.

Franz, Duke of Bavaria a bachelor, who lives alone sharing his time in the vast Nymphenberg Palace in Munich, the former summer residence of the Kings of Bavaria, His country retreat is Berg Castle, and occasionally the former royal castle at Berchtesgaden and Hohenschwangau Castle, tenuous claim to the throne of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland comes from being a descendant of the 17th-century King Charles I. A tyrannical King who saw himself as a God on earth a blasphemy that so enraged his subjects that caused civil war within his domain and led to his execution for High Treason.

Ironically Franz, Duke of Bavaria -with his titles the Count Palatine of the Rhine and the Duke of Bavaria – ancesters were one of the very few nobles who could elect an Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The Emperor had to be male and of noble blood. No law required him to be a Catholic, but as the majority of the Electors adhered to this faith, no Protestant was ever elected in its over 1000 years of its existence.

Note that in 1960 Franz, Duke of Bavaria was also made a Knight of the Austrian branch of the Order of the Golden Fleece, headed by the Bavarian residing Otto von Habsburg, Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary, Croatia & Bohemia (not to mention also the Honorary President of the International Paneuropean Union since 1973 – which relatively unknown organisation was founded in 1923 & is largely responsible for the deceptive creation of the European Union, which many people say is the Fourth Reich of the Holy Roman Empire.

One has not just concern oneselves with treasonous Political plots to get their man on the throne. One has to take into account various Roman Catholic sectarian secret societies that are lurking in the shadows doing their masters dark biddings.

Franz is the current Grand Master of the Royal Order of Saint George for the Defence of the Immaculate Conception, as well as Grand Master of the Order of Saint Hubert and of the Order of Queen Theresa (for Ladies).

More worrying and closer to home in Scotland is Franz, Duke of Bavaria membership of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre.


Here is a picture of the almost Opus Dei like misogynistic cult where the men and women are not even allowed to sit together but are divided into black for the women and white for the men.


If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that in Scotland the Equestrian Order was led by the Lieutenant H.E. Sheriff W. Frank LUNNY, KC*HS and the Grand Prior H.Em. Cardinal Keith Patrick O’BRIEN.

It was of course asked of former SFA compliance officer Vincent Lunny if he was a relative of Sheriff W. Frank LUNNY and indeed was a member of the sectarian Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher like Sheriff W. Frank LUNNY son Mark is.


Vincent Lunny a man who came in from nowhere on the wave of so-called openness and transparency in Scottish Football along with the likes of Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster has of yet failed to disclose If he is indeed a member of this Secret sectarian society.

So what we have here -and it can not be swept under the carpet- is that this touted new King of Scotland the would be King Francis II the first being of course the Protestant hating Mary Queen of Scots first husband the King consort of Scotland Francis the Dauphin of France -There is another coincidence I forgot to add in my last blog HISTORY REPEATING- was a fellow member of a Clandestine sectarian secret society along side the disgraced ex Cardinal Keith O’Brien the main cheerleader of an Independence movement that would have seen his fellow member transplanted as head of state and King Francis II of Scotland.






  1. Oskar Matzerath says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read the ramblings of anyone more in need of sexual congress in my life. Your plums must be like watermelons.

    • Thank to Mrs Matzerath my plums are like plums now and you should be expecting the pitter patter of a little Oskar or Oskarette in 9 months time!

      Thanks for the hit.

      p.s do you normally name yourself after the protagonist from books written by members of the Waffen SS?

      You Nazi chunt!

  2. John Hunter says:

    Well said that man we all should wake up and smell the odour before it is too late these people are dangerous just before the referendum we where in Edinburgh for the tattoo and there was a guy handing out leaflets for a yes vote he was wearing an Irish rugby shirt and had a Southern Irish accent when I queried him his response was Scotland first followed by Ulster being integrated into the Southern Irish State, be afraid my friends be very afraid.

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