Since Halloween is nearly upon us I would like to tell a tale that will shock and scare you to your very bones and the very marrow of your soul.

The type of shock that leaves you in a cold sweat when you realise the enormity of the eternity of cold black nothingness that will face us when we die and will shut out the light of life FOREVER!

WHOOOOo ooooOOoo OOOoo

The title of this grizzly gruesome tale is called THE CURSE OF HOLYROOD and like Death it will see the Tartan Army those fun loving,

“Doe a dear who gives a fuck were only here for the beer, hoots mon have a look whits under ma kilt hen! No no please dinnae tell ra polis it wiz only a joke oh furfuxsake Hamish whits the French for it wiznae sexual harresment? No officer I did not expose masel to that lady and her children as she was trying to do her shopping at the pompedou centre, c’mon lets all sing 500 miles ken likesay ra Proclaimers ehra Proclamiamers you’ve heard of the Proclaimers officer? Non? Were the Taran Army everybody loves us love us, love us, LOVE US are we not post modern and Ironic LOVE US PLEASE………………whit aboot those bastard English?”

WHOOOOo ooooOOoo OOOoo

Our tale is set and begins on the 23rd of June 1998 at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Étienne in France. It was there our brave band of Scotsmen led -before being sent off- by a peroxide, gumsy NED in Craig Burley were put to the sword 3 fucking NIL by a group of blood thirsty Moroccan Assassins.

It is not only brought down the curtain on Scotland’s France world cup 1998 campaign but also marks the date of the last time – SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS- Scotland has graced a major international FIFA or UEFA tournament and like Death it appears like this record will go on and on and on for eternity.

I mean when will it end?

Failed to make Euro 2000 with a 1-1 draw with the Faroe Islands a particular low-light! I mean FFS it has the population of East Kilbride if that and the cunt that scored was a full time primary teacher!

Failed to make the 2002 FIFA World Cup finishing third above Latvia and San Marino.

Failed to make Euro 2004 this time finishing second to a German side not like it is today and still not being able to beat the bastarding Faroe Islands drawing 2 2 with them on a cliff somewhere that had enough room to build a pitch!
Failed to make the 2006 FIFA World Cup finishing third behind Italy and Norway. Where does one start with this one? Fucking home 0-0 draw with Slovenia is a good place and it didn’t get any better. Loss at home to Norway. A fucking draw away to Moldova. A draw away to Belarus and a fucking home LOSS to the bastards!

Failed to make Euro 2008 but actually held our heads up in this one Led by former Rangers Walter Smith and then former Rangers boss Alex McLeish Scotland ended up finishing third to World cup winners Italy and world cup runners up France even beating France home and away.

Failed to make the 2010 FIFA World Cup finishing third starting of with a defeat by Macedonia and the low-light of a 4-0 humping by Norway.

Failed to make Euro 2012 Led by Craig Levein grouped with Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic and world champions Spain. Got off to a shite start taking just four points from the first four games.



Failed to make 2014 FIFA World Cup ultimately under Gordon Strachan after Craig Levien finished how he started. Finishing fourth thats fucking FOURTH out of a group of sixth just above Wales -where are they now?

And as we all know failed to make Euro 2016 when every team competing had a fucking 50/50 chance of getting there thanks in no part from the FAI and SFA greeting to the under investigation Michel Platini about how unfair it was.

But its alright. We mustn’t grumble there will be still the Tartan Army to be left behind in the likes of Faro, Portugal to celebrate pumping a pub team based on a fucking ROCK in the Mediterranean like it was a fucking World cup win!!!

They will still be there to celebrate defeat and mediocrity. They will be there to Celebrate the varity of different ways we can shoot ourselves in the foot and steal defeat from the Jaws of Victory and make a tartan clad, hoots hen theres nothing worn under ma kilt, bag pipe blowing nuisance of themselves.

When you think of that pathetic scenario you almost welcome death.

France 1998 also marks the first time the dirge “The Flower of Scotland” was used by the Scottish national team as its anthem at a world cup finals and has been a mainstay for the next disastrous 17 years.

No wonder our players cant get up for the games when this dirge is harping on, wallowing on about an historic win nearly a fucking 1000 years ago but nothing much afterwards! How the leaves lie “thick and still” (is that the nicknames for our centre halfs?) and how “We can still rise now” Still rise now? Still fucking rise now? The song couldn’t even rise us to get a fucking single shot on target in Georgia!

No wonder we are winding up people when FIFA and UEFA have rolled out the respect campaign and show racism the red card banners and that bitter white bearded twat from the Scottish supremacist corries is belting out a xenophobic dirge about sending people who are not deemed Scottish “HOMEWARDS” as if they were some Jack booted Nazi obergruppenfuhrer thug whipping a Jewish Grandmother from her home because the new regime deem her “Untermensch”

Some of the targets of this song are our English born and bred players who got a cap because their Granny loved a wee half of high commissioner. So how the fuck are they going to get up for a game when 50,000 twats in glengarrys with those stupid fucking feathers are wallowing in the blood of their fellow countrymen.


There is also another worrying curse that has bestowed our Country in those 17 years. It is the Curse of Holyrood and the rise of the SNP.

In the same year as the world cup in France 1998 the Scotland Act 1998 was passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom and given royal assent by Queen Elizabeth II on 19 November 1998.

Almost a year after Scotland bowed out in France only getting one point, coming in a 1–1 draw against Norway, failing to get out of the first round for an eighth time in the FIFA World Cup -a record that stands to this date- The first meeting of the new Parliament took place on 12 May 1999 with Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of the Scottish Parliament on July 1, 1999.

Just like the Nazi party was dismissed as a bunch of lederhosen wearing, hang-over from hell beer swilling, Bavarian, pig farming, crack pots. The Labour Party who took power under Tony Blair in May 1997, and In September 1997 the Scottish devolution referendum was put to the Scottish electorate, dismissed the SNP when Scotland received the devolved Scottish Parliament.

Scottish Labour dismissed the SNP as Scotland would not want Independence -thus making the Scottish National Party obsolete- when the Scottish people have their own Parliament in Edinburgh.


Scottish Labour dismissed the SNP as they had the Roman Catholic Church and all their Brainwashed fascistic cult members in the palm of their hands -euphemistically called the Labour heartlands- who would vote for a Monkey if you shaved it, put on it a matalan suit and glued a red rosette to its arse.


Almost as if overnight fascistic, sectarian, anti-British establishment, secret society groups who offer complete submission to a foreign dictator like the Knights of St Columba switched their allegiance from Scottish Labour to the Scottish National Party.

A main factor to this was -as I have warned readers years ago-the Scottish Party in its lust for power were prepared to shake the hornets nest of Anti-British pro-IRA terror support in Scotland and cared not one jot for the consequences.

Don’t get me wrong Scottish Labour had its fair share of anti-British, IRA loving bastards like Dr John Reid who taught a generation of Scottish Labour devotees the IRA song book -not my words the words of leotard wearing,cat impersonating, dildo collector George Galloway- and Brian Wilson himself fond of a good sing song about the IRA ethnically cleansing protestants in Ireland and both board members of Celtic football club. But they did not dare manifest it into the festering sore that has seen Scotland scarred physically on a map that divides YES and No support into areas that had mass Irish immigration over 100 years ago and areas that did not.

The SNP in Scotland Ironically in a British sense according to the last election are more powerful than ever and it seems that it will be repeated in the next Scottish Election.

It has been 8 years of this 17 year long curse that has befell our National team. In those years the SNP have effectively held the whip hand in Scotland.

What have they done to stop the rot in the Scottish National game that they have hijacked and used for their own means time after time over the years?

They cant blame “Westmonster” for this one.

I have an Idea that could solve it get rid of Strachan and get down on your bended knees at Ibrox and ask Mark Warburton for a loan of his Magic hat! Him and Sir Davie have basically got the league sown up and could do with something to keep their minds occupied.

But that would mean something that would get up the SNP and their athletic wing the tartan army’s noses. They would have to employ an Englishman and for those racist bunch of anti-English cunts that is a NO NO.
Oh yes they are a good at throwing shite and smear over everybody else but that wee scenario shines a light into the deep dark psyche of the two.

But their is still a slim chance to qualify even still but it involves the twats that started up the Rangers Tax Case blog starting up an FAI Corruption Case blog and delving into finding irregularities and corruption at the FAI that seem to be systemic in FIFA and UEFA.

But this would need 2 things for them to actually prove it like they didn’t do in the Rangers Tax Case and also an act of treason towards the country we all know they love.





  1. stu says:

    Damn your good ! Another great article mr themanthebheastcanttame. I whole heartedly agree with every word. Personally I couldnt care less about the Scotland national team after decades of Rangersism and would much prefer a Great Britain team. Your remarks in this article and previous articles highlighting how those SNP twats and their kilt wearing embarrassing followers have divided Scotland is absolutely true. Personally I believe that these lunatics will not be happy until they are indeed “picking a fight with the English” again. In the SNPs mind Scotland is all welcoming, all inclusive and modern foward thinking. Its just that if you happen to be a Protestant you will not be welcome and you wont be included. Ironically having accused Protestants of backwards thinking remembering the events of 1690 they dont mind harking back to days before this and wanting to destroy hundreds of years of a very successful partnership with England, Wales and NI. Remember if you dont learn from the past your future wont be any different. I fear the Scottish Nazzis have forgotten their nationalist ancestors bankrupted Scotland in an attempt to break away from England. Hmm that sounds familar.

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