“We are an open club and we have been since the club was formed 125 years ago. I have a zero-tolerance rule. I have spoken to the players about this before. Any sign of any sort of racism against colour, religion, background, will be an instant sackable offence.

“I don’t have to really speak to my players about that. The spirit and respect they have for each other is tremendous but they have been made well aware of that before. There is no place for that [discrimination] in the game and there never should have been. At this club we see everyone as equal and all I see are footballers and men and we treat them that way.”

Neil Lennon in his capacity as Celtic manager, 26 October 2012

The words of then Celtic Manager Neil Lennon ring with a hypocritical hollowness around the corridors and stands of Celtic park after the weekend of show racism the Red card and after the disgusting Racist antics of Leigh Griffiths and Alexander Tonev. These antics where not only condoned but in the Tonev case fought tooth and nail, with the Victim in that case all but branded a liar and that he was making it all up.

Celtic a so-called football club open to all that in over a 100 years of existence never had a non “Irish-Catholic” on the Celtic board. Despite non-Roman Catholics being the vast majority of the Scottish population and only allowed the first non-Roman Catholic onto the board in 1992 when it was fire fighting going out of business all together unable to pay a bank of Scotland overdraft. Even their “greatest ever Celt” Jock Stein was looked over for the post and was offered an errands boy job in the Celtic pools when the logical step on from his stint as manager was to be moved upstairs and onto the board.

Celtic a so-called football club open to all started by the Marist monk Brother Walfrid. The Marists an order as it happens pairs middle age so-called “Celibate” men with prepubescent teens as apprentices -and they wonder how the get into so much trouble- I wonder what that man Brother Walfrid would have to say about the millionaire, NED Leigh Griffiths numerous public racist outbursts and his disgusting attitude to refugees and the club he started all but condoning it?

Well probably not a lot as the church he was a member of and her leader the Jesuit Pope Francis is just as big of a hypocrite as Celtic Football club on these matters.

Last June, Pope Francis in his ever growing endorsement for immigration, from his General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, he called on the faithful to ask God to forgive those “people and institutions that shut the door” on immigrants who “seek shelter a long way from home”.

In September this year, the Pontiff continued what The Guardian defined as his “outspoken support for migrants” by stating that: “the gospel calls us to be close to the smallest and to the abandoned.”

These words, unfortunately, are nothing but propaganda.

Have a look at this disgusting Video that I was alerted too by LEO LYON ZAGAMI an Italian, Roman Catholic, Freemason and a man who claims to be descended from the ancestral line of the late Queen Mother Bowes-Lyon .


It was broadcast on the 24th of September on the Italian TV show “Piazza Pulita.” While Pope Francis was in America interfering with American Politics and telling them to open their borders to Mexico and telling their Bishops ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WELCOME IMMIGRANTS’

The protagonist of the video, which demonstrates the real face of the Vatican towards immigration, was actually an Arab reporter who speaks both Italian and English. He was employed by the Italian tv show “Piazza Pulita” to act as a Syrian refugee in the immediate proximities of the Vatican and Spend the entire day putting Pope Francis’ words into practice.

He called on parishes all around Italy and the Vatican that allegedly house “refugee families.” Obviously the reporter had no luck, demonstrating once again the true side of Vatican priests, who in many cases during the report show absolutely no interest in the reporter posing as the desperate Syrian refugee.

In the video, (the reporter informs the viewers at the beginning that he grew his beard and nails to look even more the part. He pretends to need assistance not only for himself, but also for his two children. Not a Catholic priest, nor any other Vatican representative seemed to care.

A representative of the Sisters of Charity of Saints Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa Bartolomea, known as Holy Child Mary, actually escaped in front of the journalist, despite clearly stating on their website:


“I will help more than I can the poor. Will endeavour to get to know those who are truly in need, and to these I will make them feel more widely my charity.”

Not only that but the Leader of the political party -that Celtic fans have seemed to en masse, flock to as one, as an outlet for their pro-IRA terror and anti-British views- Nicola Sturgeon is just as big as a Hypocrite.

In SEPTEMBER 6 Nicola Sturgeon said to Sky News

‘Yes, I would absolutely be happy to do that [give home to a refugee] as part of a bigger, wider, more organised approach.’

By SEPTEMBER 24 Sturgeon’s spokesman


‘She did not say there were any plans for that to happen.’

Which led to Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser commenting:


‘This just demonstrates the dangers of politicians making glib promises to get favourable headlines, when they have no intention of delivering. First Nicola said she’d welcome a refugee family to her home, obviously for political gain.

‘Now she is quite clearly back-tracking. It is very insincere indeed, but this is what we’ve come to expect from the SNP. The public now see they’re a party that will say anything for a headline, then when it doesn’t suit them, they do the complete opposite.’

Anyway back to Celtic for a club and its supporters that has played the so-called Race and victim card so many times in the last few years. Specifically targeting and hounding people from their jobs because of what they perceived they represented in their own paranoid victim-hood loving mind. Relentlessly trying to bring in draconian, Orwellian Spanish inquisition type new laws to Specifically target and jail people because of what they perceived they represented in their own paranoid victim-hood loving mind.

Well when the tables are turned the finger is pointed at Celtic and the rock is lifted and the light of truth shown under it to reveal the unpleasantness that resides under their self-publicised thin veneer Celtic and their ever dwindling supporters think they should be exempt from not only the Law of the land but everything they self publishes and shout at the top of their own voice to anyone craven and gullible to believe them that their club is supposed to stand for.

It appears that Celtic Football club still have a lot in common with the evil Blasphemous, bastardised teaching of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ church that deviously spawned them. They have the same hypocritical policy of

“Do what I say, but don’t do what I do!”


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