Preface: this was written before Celtic Football Club’s statement. The prophecy has begun.

Its not everyday in the process of bringing you the truth behind the evil conspiracy that has befell our club by writing a no holds barred, truth telling, bheast exposing, blog when you are gazumped and scooped by somebody.


The first time was by a Daily Record reporter when he pulled up groups like FARE and Nil by Mouths clear and outright biased agenda when it comes to not publicly criticizing the numerous Racist events at Celtic Football Club.


The second was yesterday and it was by non-other than our Rangers chairman Dave King.

I have had conversations with Rangers fans saying I should blog more and You know I have numerous blogs in various states of completion.

The main reason for this at the present was I was just enjoying the Football that was and is being served up to us by Mark Warburton and co.

I was reveling in this apparent miracle that cast out the evil and has brought light to the gloom that had been hanging for too long around Ibrox.

Sometimes in the past it was because of absolute disgust and apathy at the bastards that were running our club in their ineffectiveness to defend our club.

Why should I as a Rangers fan expose the shadowy, sectarian Rangers hating bheasts that lurk behind the scenes?

Why should I as a Rangers fan expose their numerous plots to KILL -their words not mine-our club because of what they perceive it represents to and defend our club from bheasts?

Why should I do that when the club at the very top didn’t give a shit and left you to piss in the wind exposed with your dick in your hand.

That ended yesterday just as I was about to hit the send button on the blog Dave King did something that no other board member could do in the past few years.

That was to grow a set of baws and take on these Rangers hating bheasts head on over their attempt to steal our rightfully won titles on the park.

I back Dave King 100% in his campaign.

Any man who is willing to risk his very own liberty with threats of imprisonment for defending our club and taking on bheasts who are trying to strangle our club and make it noncompetitive – you have to ask for who’s benefit?- gets my backing.

I recently said I would’nt cheer-lead a Chairman or director and that is to some extent true but then you have someone like Bill Struth.

This man is quite rightfully cheer-led by every Rangers fan but this is because of what the mans did and after he left a legacy in British Football that will never be surpassed.

Dave King is starting of in the right track but he still has a lot to do to get to the level of Bill Struth.
Sir David Murray could have been lauded like Bill Struth but that was before he was “Duped” by Craig Whyte and became what must be the wisest fool in Christendom.

But having discovered the plan, the big Picture that is about to unravel somehow I have a feeling Sir David Murray and more importantly Rangers will be coming up Roses.

It does not matter one jot the Rangers hating bastards at the SPFL and elsewhere do about it.
In fact in acting as a Rangers hating bastard does, they are fulfilling the prophecy.

The most beautiful thing about it is that they are to fucking stupid to blinded by their own Rangers hatred and to far down their Rangers hating plan that they cant see whats coming.

Well I will enlightening them a bit.

BDO will appeal and Rangers will eventually be victorious over these Rangers hating bheasts and the most disgusting witch-hunt in world sport will be finished and finally exposed.

What we as Rangers fans have had to endure over the last few years will be there out in the open for all of the world to see.

I can even tell you the time of year Rangers will win this fight.

If you are clever enough there are clues to this date within this blog.

Their hatred will only make us stronger and when they are dust, everything that they perceive represents Rangers Football Club and her fans will be still here to trample them into the ground some more!

Come on you Rangers hating bastards do what a Rangers hating bastard does. let your bitterness, jealousy, hatred and envy consume you and move closer and closer into the dark side.


yours sincerely
The Obi-Wan Kenobi Loyal



  1. ianm60 says:

    Big DJ on superscoreboard said much the same .Rhats crawling out from under their stones to attack Rangers ..

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