peace and unity

My heart sank when I saw those people on the pitch of the Stade de France.

I felt a cold chill run down my spine as my mind was cast back to the day I followed Rangers down to London and a similar situation happened.

That day at Highbury in the 1997 a bomb threat was phoned in by those cowardly bastards the Provisional IRA.

That day the 13th of may 1997 the threat of mass murder by an explosive device was taken so serious that I along with other Rangers and Arsenal fans had to evacuate the stands and move onto the pitch -for what felt as a life-time- before the game kicked off in scenes reminiscent at the Stade de France.

The Look of terror and confusion in those peoples eyes, mostly young adults and Kids, lives with me to this day and it all came rushing back to me as I watched the horrible scenes unfold.

The thought that these evil bastards ISIS would target something so innocent as an association Football match -just like the Provisional IRA did at Highbury back in the 1990’s- makes me sick to my stomach.

I would like to think that the disgusting -no doubt linked to the likes of the political wing of the IRA Sinn Fein- loony Left wing, Marxist Councillors who made the disgusting decision to name a street in Parisian suburb Saint-denis after Bobby Sands.

Sands was a terrorist associated with the types of atrocities on innocents that we saw in Paris on Friday night Will be ashamed at their little pathetic point scoring stunt.

I hope these scumbag Councillors who caused so much hurt and Anger to the good people of the United Kingdom and Indeed the Island of Ireland, Will be ashamed at their little pathetic point scoring stunt when their country was subjected to the same sort of evil as us Brits had and still are subjected.

I hope these local politicians when they heard the speech -some of it in their native tongue – from Prime Minister David Cameron that the United Kingdom and Northern Island stood shoulder to shoulder with France just as we have did in the past when evil has raised its filthy head, I hope that they are ashamed at their little pathetic point scoring stunt.

It was only in 2012 when Paris was going to name a street after Prime Minister Thatcher Immediately a Front de Gauche Councillor, Aline Arrouze, made a counter proposal. The first person She could think of to counter this was naming another street after the Provisional IRA terrorist Bobby Sands.


I hope the same can be said about the Politicians at Local and National level in the United Kingdom who share many traits take heed of the folly of those Politicians who sat round a table in a Parisian office and decided of all the greats of humanity that Paris has produced to name a square after plumped for a psychopathic, sectarian, mass murderer.

We sadly have Politicians at Local and National level in the United Kingdom that not only pander but promote and try to revise the history of anti-British terrorism.

As we stand beside our French brothers and Sisters in this fight against world wide terrorism I think the quote

“A Terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist”

is one these handwringers would be wise to take on-board.

Scotland as part of the United Kingdom is of course in the cross hairs once again from these fanatical terrorists bastards.

I specifically say Scotland because Islamic terrorism isn’t coming here, it has already been here!

In 1988 Pan Am 103 brought down specifically just over the Scottish border with England by a sophisticated timer device. That atrocity killed 270 innocents.


The 2007 terror attack on Glasgow Airport on Saturday 30 June -Specifically targeted on its busiest day- committed by Islamic terrorists British born Iraqi Dr. Bilal Abdullah and Indian Kafeel Ahmed a PhD engineering student.


Both these black-hearted, blood lusty, bastards were given limited registration by the General Medical Council (GMC) -even though one was an engineer- from 5 August 2006 to 11 August 2007.

Its no coincidence that the attempted suicide attack came at end of this registration as God knows how many young Scottish Muslims they have been able to brain wash in their stay in Scotland.

How many innocents would the have massacred on that day if their evil plan had came off?

My family were there on that day that’s why I take this type of cowardly Islamic terrorism just as personally as an Irish terrorist that would kill me simply because he perceived me sectarian and racially as a “Proddy, British Hun”.

Speaking of the latter type of terrorism and where it has been tolerated and allowed to be promoted for far too long now in Scotland that is of course Celtic park.

Celtic park hosted two World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in partnership with Ahl Al Bait Alliance of Scotland held the First Peace and Unity Event in Scotland.

The first on Sunday 9th June 2013 and the second on Wednesday October 22 2014. The timing of these events were particularly poignant the first coming days after the brutal murder of Soldier Lee Rigby and the second Scots aid worker David Haines.

These events where attended by Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, from Iran the Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki the Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought and other Faith Leaders although for the Life of me I couldn’t see any representatives from the Jewish community and the Church of Scotland.
Maybe their invites where lost in the post?
So that’s why I have been keenly watching out the last few months for a 3rd Peace and Unity Event in Scotland. Given the violence in Syria and Iraq with the rise of the Islamic State and the absolute obscenity that befell Paris on Friday the 13th.
You would think we would need one now more than ever but alas to no avail.


A cynic could say the reason for this could be that the previous two were planned in the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum and anyone with half a brain couldn’t help but notice that the YES campaign was boosted by lets just say “EASTERN meddling” from Russia and the so-called Arab spring.

The cynic could say the reason for this is that since there is no realistic hope in hell of Scotland becoming an Independent country run by the absolute loony left wing, anti-British Anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian cretins that are sadly in the vast majority of the SNP.

The cynic could say that the Russians and Middle-Eastern types have lost interest in what would have been seen as foothold in the former U.K to continue their EASTERN meddling and that they have lost interest and went back to seeing Scotland as an insignificant back water and no longer a Geo-political pawn for their own use.

One can only speculate.

A cynic may ask why Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki et al didn’t host an event in Glasgow to promote peace and unity among Muslims and non-Muslims before 2013?.

And it is that point and others I will deal with in part 2 of this blog.



  1. John says:

    We already have a public space in Glasgow named after a terrorist, it is called Nelson Mandela Place.

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