The first time I ever came across Peter Lawwell’s smug, piggy eyed, pockmarked face was when Scottish Football was actually really booming, not the make believe that the say no to new-co lynch-mhob when trying to disguise the Armageddon that has happened in the last few years to justify one club and one club only downsizing.

You will remember the time when demand for Scottish football was so high that both Rangers and Celtic had their own T.V channels as part of the NTL deal. Now as you know I have really no time for director chat I see football as a form of entertainment and I am more important on the players and product on the park. I would have been hard press to name you a person on the Rangers board apart from Sir David Murray.



So when I seen this directors chat on CTV the up channel button was in a split second going to get pressed until……… Peter Lawwell suddenly started talking about Eastern European immigration and in Particular the Country of Polands citizens coming to the U.K.



Peter said that on the basis of this he and Celtic went out and signed that bigoted fucking pro-Nazi creep Artur Boruc and the other guy who played up front for them Magic somebody for significant sums.



Now remember this was the mid 2000s in the midst of a New Labour Government but even they where only saying that the NET total of Eastern European migration to the U.K would be 10000 MAX and that number would be swallowed up by the Greater London region.



Fast forward to 2015 and the recent Scotland v Poland game and you would realise their was probably about 10,000 Poles in the surrounding area of Govanhill alone!.



Fair Play to Peter Lawwell he had the inside knowledge that the U.K public were being lied to and not for the first time by the New Labour Government.



You only have to look who has been on the Board at Celtic park over the last decade or so to see who has been the real “Establishment” club.



When Sir David Murray was pulling up the draw bridge and letting little odious rangers hating creeps like the ilk of Graham Spiers attack us on a daily basis. Peter Lawwell was out scheming schemes Machiavellianly and bringing the likes of Barons of the house of Lords and heads of the Bank of England to do his bidding.



And it wasnt just the “Establishment” Peter called on to do his dirty work loser, Rangers hating, bigoted Roman Catholic supremacist Zealots like Paul Brenan, Rangers Tax Case and anti-British pro-IRA terror wankers like Phil MacGiollabhain etc.



Just look at previous posts to see that the Rangers tax case blog witch hunt found its way all the way back to the corridors of power at Celtic park! and don’t worry there is more to come!



Sectarian bigot and anti-British terrorism fanatic Phil MacGiollabhain was even wined and dined in the directors box -in one of the very few times hes actually been at Celtic- only last year.




But undoubtedly the zenith of Peter Lawwels powers must have came on the 13 of February 2012 when he of the present Celtic Dynasty met with he of the blood line of a past Celtic Dynasty that is ofcourse the BBC’s Chris McLauglan Just moments BEFORE HMRC filed for administration at Ibrox


Here is the full article below.




Celtic don’t need Rangers, says Peter Lawwell


13 February 2012


Last updated at 13:00


By Chris McLaughlin
Senior Football Reporter, BBC Scotland

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell insists his club “don’t need Rangers” to flourish financially.

Rangers are awaiting the verdict of a long-running tax case that could place the future of the Ibrox club in doubt.

But Lawwell says the eventuality of their Old Firm rivals going bust “would have no material effect on Celtic”.

“We look after ourselves,” Lawwell told BBC Scotland. “We don’t rely on any other club. We are in a decent position, we’re very strong.”

Celtic’s interim financial results for the second half of 2011 showed a profit of £180,000 – significantly down from the £7m at the end of the previous year.



“I’m disappointed to look at the performance of Scottish teams in Europe and the effect that that has on co-efficient”

Peter Lawwell
Celtic chief executive

Bank debt has been reduced by £2m to £7m.

The Old Firm clubs had contrasting January transfer windows with Celtic able to preserve and strengthen their squad while Rangers sold top scorer Nikica Jelavic to Everton without signing a replacement.

Celtic lead reigning champions Rangers by four points in the Scottish Premier League and, unlike the Ibrox side, are still in both domestic cup competitions.

“Our aspirations and horizons are to dominate in Scotland but also beyond that; we want to compete at the highest level again in Europe,” said Lawwell.

“We have a stand-alone strategy, a stand-alone financial plan and a robustness hopefully that will take us through that.

“Times are pretty tough. I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to talk about any individual club, these things are hypothetical at the moment.

“I think we’ve a view, a very strong view on certain circumstances but we’ll only share that at the right time.

“In terms of Scottish football, I’m disappointed to look at the performance of Scottish teams in Europe and the effect that that has on co-efficient.

“I’m disappointed to see that financial constraints and problems in other nations as well.”

Earlier in the season, Celtic trailed in the league by 15 points and manager Neil Lennon alluded to a need for him to win the title in order to keep his job.

But Lawwell said: “That has never been said to Neil. We are absolutely delighted how he is performing, how he is developing as a football manager and as a man.


“I really, really enjoy working with him. He’s intelligent, he’s not only interested in the football side of the business but he’s interested in our strategy and other aspects of the business.

“He buys into what we’re doing here in terms of identifying players. He buys into the youth development side and I don’t there’ll be anyone else more suited to giving our youngsters a chance than Neil Lennon.

“We have built up a very strong squad. We’ve built up value in that squad. We’ve been able to keep our best players and at the same time, we’re performing on the field at the moment.

“We did embark on a strategy four or five years ago where we redirected investment into our recruitment, into our academy, into our facilities building Lennoxtown.

“It’s very, very early days but we’re beginning to see some green shoots of productivity from that in the players that we’ve identified and the kids that are beginning to come through.

“We haven’t won anything yet. Clearly, that is everyone’s priority at the club; to go and win the title and hopefully maybe add a couple of other trophies.

“But it’s still early. We are ahead but no-one’s taking anything for granted.”

Off the park, Celtic have been sanctioned by Uefa for the conduct of supporters and Lawwell added: “It’s a very small minority within our support, a genuine small minority that have infiltrated the Celtic support.

“What we can do is identify those, which we’re continually doing and take the appropriate action, which we are also doing.

“I don’t see it as a major issue for Celtic. This very small minority we will identify and make sure that they don’t come back to Celtic games.”


How did that pan out for you Peter?


One thing I will add is and it regards the upcoming alleged Rangers fraud case at the High Court.


The third charge in that case alleges that on May 20, 2011, at SFA headquarters, Whyte hid the fact he had previously been banned from serving as a company director.


It is claimed he did this to satisfy the SFA that he was a “fit and proper” person to take control of Rangers. Prosecutors allege that he acted fraudulently.”


Stewart Regan has been the CEO of the SFA since 28th July 2010. Mr Regan was found for the job -just weeks after he was embroiled in what some say was a conspiracy to destroy English Cricket with Lalit Modi- by a recruitment consultancy Nolan Partners in a process completely lacking any transparency.

Craig Whyte passed the very basic “Fit and Proper” test with the SFA in May 2011.

There was a BBC documentary relating to Rangers Football Club which included an interview with Robert Burns from the UK Insolvency Service on the 20th October 2011.

From the 20th October 2011 until Rangers were placed in administration on the 14th February 2012 Craig Whyte remained classed by the SFA as “Fit and Proper” to be a director of one of their member clubs.

Don’t let Stewart Regan be the fall guy for this when he puppet masters hump him and then dump him.


We need a root and branch clear out of not only the SFA but the SPFL when the conspiracy that has befell Rangers comes out!


The picture up at the top of this blog was done by me oh I don’t know about 2 years ago. I didnt know its full meaning but lets just say I do now!


If a 100th of what befell our club Rangers had befell any club not just Celtics the would be dust.


That is why when Celtics or any other clubs hard times come and believe you me they will come the events in our recent past must be at our forefront.


to Paraphrase the Stone ROSES


Tear us apart and boil our bones

We’ll not rest till You’ve lost your throne

Our  aim is true
Our message is clear
It’s curtains for you
Pedro my dear


“A horse a horse my football club for a horse”


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