Friday May the 6th 2011 a day that will live long in infamy.

That day the Scottish National Party wins an absolute majority in the Scottish elections meaning a referendum on independence will happen.

Que nearly 5 years of hatred, division and spite in our beloved land.

A land that has been ripped asunder by anti-British bigots and actually scarred and divided not only the country but physically on the map along “Religious” pro-IRA, anti-British terrorism and tribal lines for all the world to see.

Something else happened on that Friday May 6, 2011 Craig Whyte, the Scottish “businessman” completed his takeover of Glasgow Rangers, succeeding Sir David Murray, who was owner of the club for 23 years.

Craig Whyte had been trying to take over our club from the October/November the year before.


Seven months and that was with Keith Jackson telling anyone who would listen he was a Billionaire with Wealth of the radar.

But though and behold on the very day of May the 6th, the exact same day that the Scottish National Party wins an absolute majority in the Scottish elections meaning a referendum on independence will happen Wee Craigy Shyte suddenly gets his deal across the line.

Well could this have anything to do with the PR firm advising Craig Whyte on his personal and corporate business affairs is Glasgow-based Hay-McKerron Associates being up to their necks with the SNP and the failed independence campaign that led up to September 2014?

Yip the same PR firm Hay-McKerron Associates who “duped” the Daily Records Keith Jackson with the whopper that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush, that Craig Whyte Billionaire pish -Well if you’re going to tell a lie make sure its a whopper-eventually their campaign got the Craig Whyte campaign over the line on the same day the SNP became virtually untouchable in Scotland.

And where did it all lead?

To another day that the Irish and Scots Jacobites have a mutual cry wank about. That is of course the 13th of Febuary 2012 the 320th anniversary of the so-called Glencoe Massacre.



(The events above where attended by the Political wing of the RIRA the 32 CSM)
I have blogged about the Rangers admin day but I got it wrong I was on the right track with Massacres but it wasn’t St.Valentines it was the Glencoe Massacre and the treasonous Irish and Scottish Jacobites hell bent on ripping the United Kingdom apart were sending the message.

(I will deal with this subject in depth in another blog and you will find out the evidence that this goes way above Rangers and to the realms of high treason as I have touched upon before in previous blogs)

The main thing that you have to get your head around if you want to try to understand the conspiracy that has befell our club these last few years is that Rangers Football Club was just a cog -an important cog- in the bigger machine that its main objective was to rip the United Kingdom apart!

If you want to know what an independent Scotland would have looked like take a look at Scottish football right now. Take a look at the bigoted arseholes who are still obsessing about stripping Rangers of their titles they won on the pitch that their teams -mostly Celtic- twitter accounts.

The same bigoted arseholes who have been driving the Rangers Tax Case witch-hunt had the say no to new co twibbons almost over night as if they were part of a Cult -they are but more on that in another blog- then overnight it was changed to the Say Yes to Independence twibbon as if they were one and the same thing.

Have a read at my blog from over two years ago where I expose the Rangers Tax case propaganda meeting where rabid Scottish Nationalists and friends of Sinn Fein let their mask slip when they crow-barred the Rangers Tax Case blog with the then upcoming Independence referendum in 2014.

The inference was that Rangers where the big bad protestant masonic British establishment cabal -despite being reported in the media that most Rangers fans voted for the SNP in the last general election God knows why- and the same big bad protestant masonic British establishment cabal will be moving heaven and earth in the forth coming Independence debate and you shouldn’t trust them.

This Rangers and British union hate-fest at the skypark was brought to you thanks to the Glasgow City tax payer by the way of Glasgow life and was backed by the SNP’s Minister for External Affairs and International Development Humza Yousaf.

The sad fact was that the Rangers witch-hunt was a way of generating the hatred and petty jealousy that resides in the black hearts of sadly far too many Rangers haters in Scotland.

For them to blur the lines and create this straw man in the Rangers Tax Case that they perceived represents everything they hate i.e Protestantism, Unionism, the Monarchy totally unashamedly Britishness as a mean of rallying the masses and tapping into the and sadly exploiting Football once again for their own political agenda that is support for the break up of the United Kingdom.

You think this is far fetched? Hyperbole?

If going independent was going to be good for Scotland I would have voted for it, but it was quite clearly from an early stage that the SNP etc couldn’t stand it up Politically and economically. They were left instead to scrape the bottom of the barrel like tapping into the IRA market, Hatred of the Queen and lets all have a kick at Rangers when they are down.

You just have to look at the sectarian pond life -some of who are in the shadowy Opus dei sect- that passes for SNP politicians these days.

Anyway to end this tale I will end with another date.

But before I do the use of Rangers hating as a means of rallying support for Scottish independence didn’t end on 13th of February and Craig Whyte shiting it ever to come back to the post code that Ibrox resides.

It carried on after it with the shadowy Margarita and Blue Pitch Holding block of cunts that came in with the Likes of Imran Ahmed. Those blocks of cunts that voted for every whim that benefited Mike Ashley and defrauded our club.

I do hope the Serious Fraud Office are tracking all the money that left Ibrox and where it ended up.

The Scottish National Party and the numerous Independence sects set up on the run up of indy ref 2014 that are already currently being investigated for financial irregularities are hopefully set for a few more sleepless nights.

Oh that date I was ending on well its the date that Police Scotland served Indictments on Craig Thomas Whyte, Gary Martyn Withey, David Henry Grier, David John Whitehouse, Paul John Clark, Charles Alexander Green and Sheik Imran Ahmad also known as Imran Ahmad.

This motley crew charges included fraud, conspiracy to defraud, attempt to pervert the course of justice and statutory offences under the Companies Act 2006 and the Criminal Justice and Licencing (Scotland) Act 2010.

What was the bloody date? I hear you shout.

September the 16th 2015.

The 5th anniversary of the now disgraced ex-Pope Benedict XVI visit to Scotland.

The 314 anniversary of the death and would be feast day of the Jesuit backed tyrant king King James II of King James and all his rebel scum infamy.




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