Correction: It has come to the attention of this blog that a photograph that was published in a previous post titled;

Was not that of Angela Haggerty but of another Woman.

This Blog prides itself on its utmost professional standards when it comes to establishing the facts and exposing the truth.

This Blog is sorry for the distress, anger, upset, offence and discomfort that may have been caused to her and her son.

Now with that out the way onto the blog shall we?

The following is a quote from former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Speaking to the American Bar Association on the 15th of July 1985  at the Albert Hall, central London.

“we must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend”

I remember getting a comment from a Rangers fan in the aforementioned blog that went along the lines of

“Why are you giving this bigoted racist sectarian Rangers hating cretin (Angela Haggerty) the publicity”

Totally missing the point was he because  if you read the aforementioned blog you will find that Angela Haggerty doesn’t get much of a mention.

The main point was why a society, especially an important part of any free democratic society as the press indeed is, give such an anti-British, anti-Protestant and unionist Rangers hating bigot a platform on anything Rangers related?

The Blog -as did other ones- goes on to describe the cesspit, the swamp of anti-British, anti-Protestant and unionism, Rangers hatred that large parts of the media in Scotland quite clearly is.

How far has our country lowered itself from the time of the Scottish enlightenment -nourished by the Scottish reformation and the blood of Protestant martyrs freeing ourselves from the shackles of backward feudelism and dogma of the Vatican- that such a repugnant individual as Angela Haggerty can thrive.

Anyway I don’t want to break the habit of a IS ANGELA HAGGERTY THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN SCOTTISH FITBAW blog by dwelling on ms Haggerty because sadly there are more who have jumped on the bandwagon Angela Haggerty is on and as you will see there is always the common denominator.


The first I will deal with in this blog is Carolyn Leckie -A FORMER MSP- Who writes in the narrowly read British hating comic The National.

On the 11th of January 2016, somehow managed to crowbar and link Rangers Football club to the widely reported disgusting, organised mass rapes and assaults on females by immigrant’s. Not only as ms Leckie mentions in Cologne but in various cities and countries through out continental Europe on Hogmanay.

Titled Carolyn Leckie: The common denominator in most sex attacks is not race or ethnicity, but gender She writes……..
WHEN I was very young – no more than 13 – I still enjoyed going to the football. I followed a Rangers team that had the majestic Davie Cooper in it. But my diverging politics were propelling me away from a team steeped in Unionist Orange tradition.
What also pulled me away from football was that I’d stopped looking like a boy. And so I became fair game for groups of drunken men who thought it was their right to grope me as I ran a gauntlet from Ibrox along Paisley Road West.
I was also regularly subjected to the rather unpleasant sight of lines of men, who had no doubt been taught how to use toilets, brazenly displaying their penises as they peed up against walls. But it was all considered something girls and women had to put up with if they wanted to go to the football. If you dared to enter a man’s world, you’d just have to put up with the consequences.
Then effortlessly segways into the most disgusting apologetic piece on the worst reported organised rape ans sexually assaults that Europe has ever seen since Carloyn’s pal the Commies visited Berlin in world war 2.
There you have it a tale from the rather feverish mind of Carolyn Leckie with her hawk eye looking out for men’s penises as they are pishing up against a wall in the 70’s Rangers football match from the 70’s equates too this……

What goes through the sick individuals mind when they are talking about an organised act of terror in Germany and elsewhere -and lets not kid ourselves that what it was- and the first thing that pops into their head and on paper quite literally is Rangers Football Club?

Well I will tell you Carolyn Leckie is not alone. Sadly they are many. They have the same sick diseased mind as Angela Haggertys puppet master Phil Mac Giolla bhain who when a young Syrian boy’s body washed up on a Turkish beach managed to try and link it to Rangers Football Club and her fans.

Carolyn Leckie probably rubbed shoulder with him when he was called Phil Gillivan or Phil White when as a Strathclyde Social worker in charge of the welfare vulnerable Children and young adults -One Shudders- he was part of the self proclaimed loony left wing Scottish National Provos.

As you can see from the mess Scotland finds itself in 2016 this toxic cocktail of Irish and Scottish fascistic Nationalism is bearing fruit.


This wasn’t the first time Ms Leckie has spoken about her childhood as a Rangers fan. She did so in a telling Daily Record story and I quote;

Former socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie recounts as a child marching at the head of an Orange walk and going to Ibrox with her dad. She tells how in July, people from Ireland would descend on her home for “the walk”.

She also said that as she got older, she became “uncomfortable with sectarianism”.

But she adds: “Some people will not be happy about me saying this but it is definitely the case that it is more acceptable to express an Irish-Catholic, Celtic-supporting background in a Socialist party.

“It wouldn’t be acceptable for me to start singing The Sash after a few beers but I have often seen others of a different persuasion getting steaming and singing Irish rebel songs.”

So there we have it. Straight from the horses mouth the Scottish Socialist Loony left wing is driven by anti-Protestant, anti-British racists who are so brain dead, sectarian and ill-informed that they wont even allow a song -the sash- that’s in the Irish rebel band the Wolfetones repertoire.

You might say “oh why bother its just a non-entity here today gone tomorrow MSP” and “Its only a British hating rag read by handful of English hating numb-skulls”

I’m sorry I dont care if its printed in a British hating rag that prints the sort of bile that you would expect to read in Provisional IRA propaganda rag An Phoblacht. This is exactly why our club should challenge it.

This dehumanizing, anti-British, blame Rangers for everything pish printed by The National and its ilk is feeding into the minds of Scots throughout the land.

The dreadful violent intimidating scenes we saw by the Motherwell fans at the end of last season was and is a product of this propaganda.

It wasn’t the first and it wont be the last.

Cast your mind back to the Scottish cup with Dundee United. Watching on TV you could feel the visceral anti-Rangers hatred thankfully from the comfort of your own home. God knows what was going through the minds of the 400 plus that defied the boycott. Some even subjected their kids too it.

And one day if this venom of hatred continues unchallenged it will end up in some real carnage people will say “oh where did that come from?” “och what do you expect its those Rangers fans they are animals”

You only have to look at the support -even from the bloody leader of the Scottish Conservatives- that Graham Spiers and Angela Haggerty have received for getting the sack for A) telling anti-Rangers lies that they cant back up and B) Undermining their employers on social media.

I would ask the leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson to look before she leaps the next time for the likes of Haggerty and Leckie are the sort of ilk that would have supported the actions of the IRA that nearly killed a former leader of your party in a Brighton Hotel.

Well if Rangers Football Club Public challenge the likes of this filthy comparison that the likes of Carolyn Leckie have made, head on and make it public record. Then they can say there, this sort of bile associating Rangers Football Club with organised mass rape and assaults breeds and stokes the fire of this unhealthy hatred.

Even use the law of the Land to pay a visit to these cretins for stoking up their hatred and remind them of their responsibilities.

Rangers Football Club should be highlighting this disgrace naming and shaming these cretins in their own media and the major National newspapers.


The dignified Silence is over. These Rangers haters will not crawl back under their rocks.

Unless you challenge them head on.

And I will be challenging another one in the next installment of




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