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This Blog is sorry for the distress, anger, upset, offence and discomfort that has been caused to the Tunbridge Wells branch of the Zelda from Terrorhawks appreciation society for any association that might have been perceived to be Angela Haggerty, Carolyn Leckie or both.

A donation has been given to their chosen charity. 

On the 25th of January nearly a full month on from the Resounding, triumphant, pumping of Hibernian Football Club by a magnificent Rangers team that had been unjustly -once again- reduced to 10 men by an act of a cowardly confidence trick by mascara wearing Fraser Fythie. Helen Martin in her position as a journalist in the Edinburgh Evening News wrote the following;

Helen Martin: Who will tackle the hate-filled football thugs.


Helen Martin pictured above – and before anyone start complaining to me again shes the one holding the dog- outlined if you choose to believe her, what amounts one of the most extreme cases of fan disorder that has been witnessed inside an SPFL

I say choose to believe her because Helen Martin in her position as a Journalist took -as I have noted before- a WHOLE CALENDAR MONTH to report this, what can only be vividly described as Apocalypse Now meets the SPFL.

Well it doesn’t start of well as she stamps her Colours to the mast when she states “THE story of a Hibby reader” talk about impartially from the so called newspaper that is supposed to represent the whole of Edinburgh LOL a Hibby reader! a fucking Hibby wibby reader and they have the audacity nae temerity to talk about the so-called “Lap top Loyal”

Some of the other low-lights of said article are as follows

“With the chant of “die you Fenian bastards” ringing around them”
Now I scanned this in my head with the various songs that are sung at Ibrox.
I tried it with the melody to this song “die you Fenian bastards” Nope it doesn’t scan
I tried it with the melody to this song “die you Fenian bastards” Nope it doesn’t scan

I tried it with the melody to this song “die you Fenian bastards” Nope it doesn’t scan

I tried it with the melody to this song “die you Fenian bastards” Nope it doesn’t scan

I tried it with the melody to this song “die you Fenian bastards” Nope it doesn’t scan

And so forth and so on.

The article continues with her Dear Hibby wibby reader charging up to a Police officer and being threatened with arrest for “breach of the peace” if he didn’t return to his seat.

The following is a direct quote from said article

He did – and was pelted with coins, lighters, bottles and cans. Another officer witnessed this missile assault so naturally, my reader asked him what action he was going to take against the perpetrators.

Note Dear Reader he , HE personally was pelted with coins, lighters, bottles and cans.

Not 1 coin, 1 lighter, 1 bottle or 1 can. BUT coins, lighters, bottles and cans.


I do not give one flying hypodermic needle  if the Edinburgh Evening News is seen as a bigoted comic only good for wrapping tomorrows Salt n Sauce chips or for laying on the floor as some sort of make shift bedding to mop up HIV infected blood in some sordid Leith Jagging den.


Rangers need to get Lawyered up.

Rangers need to Find out what date this Letter was written the date it was posted either physically or Electronically and why it took this tale of “TERROR on the terracing” to only appear a whole month after the event and just days after SPFL say they would be looking into the game.

Rangers need to find out the name of this Hibby wibby reader and challenge his quite unbelievable bullshite!!.

Cause I have a couple of suspects that could or could not be Helen Martins Hibby wibby dinky poo reader and it would be nice if Rangers could get to the bottom of it.

Could the Hibby wibby reader be her Husband Bill Lothian ‏who posts on social media as @rugbyhack ?

The following is an insight into the Rangers hating cretins mind

















Lets look at one of his tweets in particular. What sort of sick British hating cretin would like to see Ibrox stadium named after the IRA? A terrorist organisation that is still targeting and killing our brethren that support our team today just because they perceive them to be British and protestant.

Is this Helen Martins Hibby Wibby reader he certainly fits the bill of a fan that is Offended by everything Rangers seem to do and ashamed of nothing of from his own club. A club for instance that signs Anthony Stokes the self proclaimed close personal friend of the dead bastard and leader of RIRA in Dublin Alan Ryan and who Hibby Wibby fans condone.


Or Could it be Bill Lothain’s on Craig Lothian who is also on Social media as @Beano7062 ?



Also a Hibernian fan although not as prolific in the Rangers hating twitter diarrhoea of his father. A big percentage of his small amount of tweets on his account seems to be , as usual, all about the Rangers or should I say .





Now this is my totally hypothetical view of what I think went on. A view of which I would like Rangers lawyers to put it too Helen Martin.

That you Helen Martin and others , After getting HUMPED yet again by Rangers -just like the 6 2 riding you got a Bheaster road- this time a 4 2 humping at Ibrox by an outstanding Rangers side that was wrongly reduced to 10 men did hatch a devious plan.
That Plan being that you along with others did conspire in the Lothian/Martin household to try and get your own pathetic way back on the Glorious Britannic Majesty of the mighty Glasgow Rangers.
That you would try and get your petty, vindictive, revenge off the pitch on the Glorious Britannic Majesty of the mighty Glasgow Rangers because your pathetic little Club -The original Anti-British, Anti-Protestant, Pro IRA terror supporting sectarian and racist club in Scotland- couldn’t do so and will not I repeat WILL NOT do so all season on the football pitch!
Now I do not think Helen Martin will be no push over she is a very influential person admired by some very dangerous, treasonous, anti-British terrorist loving scumbags.
Here is what Yvonne Ridley thinks of her.

For those that don’t know Yvonne Ridley -pictured below with flag of internationally proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas-


I will tell you, but first if anyone knows the name of the Fleet street Journo that went of with another woman please tell me because if it was someone like Leggo then that would go a long way to describing the mind set of Helen Martin.

Yvonne Ridley in a nut shell is a female equivalent of the Rangers hating bigot IRA loving George Galloway. She is a British journalist and Respect Party activist. In 2001 She was captured by the Taliban, and converted to Islam after release.

121872-14  George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley rally

And Indeed Yvonne Ridley was on the same Viva Palestina convoy that George Galloway was on with British ISIS executioner Alexanda Kotey


So there you have it Helen Martin is up there with such esteemed lovers of liberty as the Taliban and Hamas in Yvonne Ridley’s books!!!
Will Helen Martin who asked the question “Who will tackle the hate-filled football thugs” be reporting her own family and indeed their club for being ‘hate-filled football thugs’? Of Course the likes of diddy wee clubs like Hibernian couldn’t be conceived in this category couldn’t they?
Well as the blog above out-lines I think any reasonable person would conceive that Hibernian Football Clubs and fans are indeed hate-filled football thugs for their support for the likes of this IRA terrorist atrocities happening to TODAY!!

Look this took me 10 minutes of searching the internet to find out are you starting to see the common denominator that links the likes of Helen Martin, Jim Spence, Roger Dinwoodie etc etc?
Are starting to join the dots Brothers and Sisters?
These cretins hate Rangers Football Club and want it wiped of the face of the map. They will spend every waking hour using what ever influence they have trying to find ways of hurting our club just because of what they perceive it to be and that is proudly British, Protestant and Unionist, which in my book makes them, ironically,




In conclusion as I have said in previous blogs about the Maggie Thatcher quote and why give these cretins the oxygen of publicity I’ve had this blog for about a month now couldn’t be arsed putting it out. I’m more concerned and to happy with what is going on, on and off the park at my club but serendipity came upon me with the Vanguard Bears expose on Greenock Morton and their lies about Rangers (Below),-cups-and-golf-balls—

That there is something more sinister arising trying to actively get our club stripped of points off the pitch when they couldn’t do it on the pitch.

The other part of this serendipity was Alan Stubbs Hibs self destructing in the last week LOLZA!

The Martin/Lothian Klan would be better off trying to portray Falkirk F.C as the big bad bastards and get points docked of them because Hibs will be lucky to get to get to play off with the SPL team.

Rangers fans would need to napalm Leith for your devious little plan to get Hibernian back into this title race!!

Thus meaning another year in the Championship and surely the final nail in the coffin of the original Sectarian anti-Protestant, Racist Anti-British -too pollute Scottish association Football Club- no matter how hard big blue nose Leeann Dempster tries!

Now surely that would be the greatest way to celebrate the centenary of that anti-British IRA terrorist bastard James Connolly death


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