After weeks and weeks of kidding themselves on with the will they or wont Dundee United will avoid the the drop I think even the most HARDON of Dundee United fan will now admit they are on an express elevator straight down to Hell!

They say it’s the hope that kills you, well in the the case of Dundee United it will be their hatred for Rangers and Great Britain that killed them.

Yes the team from the independent republic of Dundee. The city that voted majority Yes down to its ingrained hatred of the United Kingdom -ironically by same incestuous easily led group of people that started Dundee United as Dundee Hibernian over 100 years ago- are heading for the same free fall fate as one of their infamous sons  Scot Young and when they eventually land is gonna be just as messy.

What you don’t know who Scot Young is? Scot Young was a property developer who died in December 2014  after ‘jumping’ four storeys from his London penthouse and was impaled on the iron railings below.

Now when I say Property developer we are not talking about some Homes under the hammer fixer upperer here. We are talking billions worth of property in some of the most exclusive parts of London here. That is why I used the quotation marks around ‘jumped’ because many close to Scot and close to the story say that he did not Jump but was indeed pushed.

People point the finger at murky deals with Russian billionaires and the mystery ‘Project Moscow’ -No not Project Margarita ‘Project Moscow’ – investment. If that was the case these guys were not fucking about with any Plutonium tea it was fuck ye head first right over the balcony.

Anyway I suggest you have a read of the story  its very interesting especially his bitter seven-year divorce battle with his Wife who claimed he had Billions of pounds stashed offshore in places such as Panama etc.

In fact Scot Young was born in Dundee and lived literally a stones throw away from Tannadice in Clepington Street. His Dad was ex-Dundee United player Duncan Young and I’m surprised such an excellent social Justice fighting Journalist like Dundee United fan Jim Spence would not be over this story with its tale of greed, excess, off shore tax evasion, fraud and link to fitbaw no matter how tenuous it may be.

But then again why would he its not about the Rangers and as we have seen from Celtics Illegal Film company tax evasion scams and Dermot Desmonds Panama papers story we all know its always about the Rangers with these obsessed cretins.

Shady Russian Billionaires who made their money when the old Russia’s infrastructure was carved up where not the only dodgy people Scot Young associated with.

His wife claimed that he had links to a key member of the Adams family and had been investigated by police in the early years of the relationship.

In the early 1990s Young had been arrested for drug trafficking but was not convicted. Patrick Adams, a key member of the Adams family linked to multiple organised crime-related deaths, is said to have been one of Young’s associates during this period.

The Adams family, who were brought up in north London, are reported to have an estimated fortune of £200m.

The Adams family or should I say the Clerkenwell crime syndicate are involved in Racketeering, drug trafficking, murder, extortion, bribery, pimping, bookmaking, money laundering, human trafficking, smuggling, fraud, arms trafficking, theft and are part of a wider web of despicable cunts and bastards from the IRA’s Whitey Bulgers Irish Mob to Colombian drug cartels.

Speaking of the Adams family Why when Journalists where asking Graeme Souness about his EBT from years back did no one ask Kenny Dalglish why Sean “Tommy” Adams  attended a meeting in 2002 at the request of the former football international. Dalglish was a major shareholder in Wilmslow based sports agency Pro Active, a leading sports management firm headed up by local Wilmslow businessman Paul Stretford. Dalglish was reported to have hired Adams during a protracted deal to secure Pro Active’s exclusive management rights to Manchester United and England football striker Wayne Rooney in circumstances where another company claimed to represent Rooney.

If you are a Rangers fan I suggest you read up on that as Paul Stretford is pals and on the board of Pro Active with Charles fucking Green at the time of his takeover of Rangers.

Also to note another interesting fact was that Stan Collymore the Irish Gaelic speaking, IRA fanatic, Rangers hater was also on the books of Paul Stretford.

Anyway any respect I had for ‘King’ Kenny was lost when he held that press conference in that IRA slop house Bairds Bar in the east end of Glasgow. Ironically it was in the east end that Dalglish path crossed with another IRA linked heavy who could forget Finbar O’Brannigan treatment of Hugh Keevins.

Anyway what has all this to do with Dundee United I hear you ask. Well as we all know the Vultures are circling Tannadice and when you have unscrupulous moral-less Property developers of the ilk of Scot Young in this world I think its only fair that we as Rangers fans should lend a hand, an olive branch if you will to our Arab friends in their time of need as they did not afford us in our time of need.

I think Rangers fans, under the banner of Rangers First C.I.C or the Rangers supporters trust or whoever is able to do it, should all chip in to save Tannadice from these type of Property developers and thus secure an important part of Rangers history.

As we all know Rangers have won the League Title at Tannadice on more occasions than Dundee Utd have in their entire history!

Lets relive the memories of April 24 1976 and Derek Johnstone goal after 22 seconds securing the league at Tannadice.


Lets relive the memories of Trevor Steven header sealed the Championship with a 1-0 victory over Dundee United at Tannadice with two games to spare in 1989/90 season and making it number 2 in a row of the 9 in a row.

Who could forget Terry Butchers Magic hat!


Lets relive the memories of the 1-0 win over Dundee United at Tannadice on 7 May, 1997 thanks to a Brian Laudrups header that secured 9 in a row.


Lets relive the memories of Sunday, 24 May 2009 when Rangers clinched the first of the 3 in a row In what I like to call the sporting integrity years with a comfortable victory over Dundee United at Tannadice.


Yes lets remember and let us continue to relive these memories by securing Tannadice. We could turn it into a Museum, a training center for our future youth stars from the highlands and east coast area to kick about in hell we could even rent it out to the club if any that manages to climb itself out of the Swamp of Dundee Uniteds making.

What I wouldn’t like to see is the often muted Bulldozing of Tannadice and merging with their local neighbours Dundee hell we even had wee Roger Mitchell suggesting it recently that it was close to happening in the late 1990’s




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