What an auld firm game that was.

One of the best footballing displays I have ever seen in a Rangers and Celtic match from Rangers. I include Souness building from the back Liverpool style of play that he brought to Ibrox in 1986 right up to the total football of the little Dutch General Dick Advocaat’s sides.

One little criticism would be that although Rangers played and passed Celtic off the park they still lack that decisive end ball, that decisive split pass into the penalty box to turn it into shots on target and make all that possession count .

I’m sure this will be resolved by the board with the recruitment of more quality hungry players to add to the squad.

Yes it was a totally polar opposite and totally different Rangers that was on display than the one that was chasing shadows in February of last year.

One thing that did remain the same, was the arrests at the game under the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act making the press.

This time it was the story of anti-British Protestant Celtic bigot Sam Miller who pled guilty to breaching the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act by shouting, swearing, gesticulating and making sectarian remarks at Rangers fans and police officers.

Police spotted Miller walking towards Rangers fans at an area of the stand, after the final whistle.

He was seen shouting and gesturing in an aggressive manner at the fans as they celebrated.

The court heard

“He was shouting ‘fucking Orange bastards’. Police officers heard him use that phrase repeatedly.

“The officers went towards the accused and told him he was under arrest and placed their hands on him.

“It was at this stage he deliberately tensed his arms making it more difficult for the police officers to take him in to custody.”

The court heard he shouted the same phrase and police were able to finally prise him away from the railings as he shouted  “You fucking huns” towards them.

He also admitted resisting arrest at Hampden Park.

The thing that struck me about this disgusting story is the fact Sam Miller, 26, is from Romford, Essex.

This proves to me that Anti-British Protestantism is not just a west coast of Scotland issue.

Secondly the Self-employed poker player went on his violent racist and sectarian tirade from the comfort and luxury of the hospitality area after being invited by a friend.

This just shows that Anti-British racism and sectarianism towards Protestants is not just the preserve of tattooed shaven head IRA underklass from a west coast of Scotland sink estate.

No it goes right to the top of our society to people who can drop a few 100 quid to be wined and dined at a Football match from the comfort of the posh seats.

I wonder who Sam Miller’s friend is who invited him into the Hampden hospitality area is. Surely someone from Essex doesn’t know that many people in Glasgow?

Could it be someone from Celtic or a Celticminded Celebrity that invited him?

The reason I ask this is because Sam Miller played in a testimonial last September for Celtic against Dunfermline to mark the 30th anniversary of Jock Stein passing.



Ironically big Jock would have wrung the neck of the likes of Sam Miller as he did when he jumped into the Celtic end at East Stirling in the 1970’s when Celtic fans where sing sectarian and racist IRA terrorist songs.

Sam Miller pulled on the hoops along side Celtic greats Neil Lennon, Stiliyan Petrov, Tom Boyd, Tosh McKinlay, Jackie McNamara, Chris Sutton, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. Boxer Scott Cardle. Small time actors Martin Compston, Gianni Capaldi and Hollywood A lister James McAvoy.



Dunfermline was even managed by possible next Celtic boss David Moyes with former crazy gang member Vinnie Jones.


Yip it seems that its one big party for the high rolling Self-employed poker player.


Infact the lucky bastard even wynched Amy Childs of the only way is Essex fame as a boy.

Amy Childs launches her debut jewellery collection for Mikey London at the Millenium Mayfair Hotel, London.

sam miller amy childs

But even with this great hand the Self-employed poker player has been dealt with. It still cant control his bitterness towards the proud British Unionist protestant community.

I will tell you one thing Pleading guilty to breaching the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act and resisting arrest Sam Miller is a busted flush and I for one wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

You see dear reader the Sheriff Sam Miller was in front before is Sheriff Crozier the sheriff that sentenced a Rangers fans to FOUR MONTHS in prison for singing “Up to our knees in Fenian blood” ON THE WAY to the match not even inside Hampden!

In that case Sheriff Crozier was scathing telling the Rangers fan.

“Glasgow has developed a good reputation in recent years.

“We had the Commonwealth Games last summer, we haven’t had an Old Firm game in years.

“What happened at the first Old Firm game? People like him let Glasgow down.”

Sheriff Crozier described the words to the song as “inflammatory” and said it “could have led to horrendous violence”.

“Your conduct on 1 February was the sort of conduct that the authorities had asked football loving fans to refrain from.

“A message has to be sent to those people who would choose to ruin football for the vast majority who want to go to these games, that you cannot behave like this.

“This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated, certainly not by me.”

Just like Sam Miller, the 24-year-old Rangers fan, had pled guilty at the city’s sheriff court after spending the night in the cells and was warned at the time that he was facing jail for his crime.

Sheriff Paul Crozier told the Rangers fan “This sort of behaviour is quite frankly something from an age long, long ago.” “You are facing jail Mr Lamont, do you understand that?”

Sheriff Crozier was only reported commenting when Sam Miller pled guilty “He resides in Essex, he came up to Glasgow and behaved like this at the semi-final.”

Sam Miller -like the 24 year old Rangers fan- Sentencing is deferred until next month for reports and bail was granted with the condition he doesn’t attend any regulated football match in Scotland.

I have trust in our proud British legal system and that no matter your’e social status or wealth. Whether you be a pauper in a sink estate or swanning about the world playing poker and rubbing shoulders with ‘Celebs’. The law in this country is blind to your creed, colour or religion and surely this song will remain the same?








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