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Right any of you fucking idiots in the Main Stream media want a story a huge story you can contact me through the comments page.

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A politician Posting on the bigoted sectarian, racist and  unfounded Rangers Tax Case blog. When he was supposed to representing his constituents he was making it on to the Rangers Tax Case first 11.

The following in bold ittalics is from the Rangers Tax case blog
EasyJambo – Paulie Walnuts – Don Dionisio – OnandOnandOnand
BarcaBhoy – Hugh McEwan – Paul McConville – Corsica



Lord Wobbly – The Black Knight
This is how i see the team lining up.
Gk. Auldheid. Simpson ( faither) the sensible one.
Rb. Easyjambo. Mcgrain. Reads the game outstanding.
Ch. P Walnuts. Mcneil. A leader.
Ch. The Don. Elliot. Imperious. Italian connections.
Lb. Onx3. Gemmell. Totally respected bluenose.
Lw. Barcabhoy. T Burns. Awe the twists and turns.
C Mid. Paul McConville. Mcstay. Intelligent, articulate maestro.
C Mid. Hugh mcEwan. Hay. Hardman, nuff said, right.
Rw Corsica. Di canio. Temperamental genuis.
St. TBK. Sutton. Straight talking, no nonsense. Big game player.
St. L Wobbly. Macca. Likes a drink, likes a laugh, likes the ladies.
Loves scoring.
Sub. Me. Peter grant. Likes to point and shout a lot but canny
actually play, but just loves celtic.
Manager. RTC. Big Jock. Ahead of his time. The greatest. Immortal.



He joined the likes of Pat McVey a former HMRC worker. A bigoted Roman Catholic supremacist who believes in the Vatican Latin motto which reads when translated into the Queens English “Outside the Church there is no salvation”

The Reason I mention this is because the Religious zealousness is at the heart of the witch hunt on Rangers and why the blindly turn away from Celtic Film company scams and Gibroltar tax exile Dermot Desmonds involvement in the Panama papers.

Below in bold italics is the first post on RTC blog of the RTC first 11

Apologia 34 1687 52569 37 13/2/2012 21:8:0 salvomontalbano 18 9 “Team of the season: RTC XI
4-4-2 (traditionalists)
EasyJambo – Paulie Walnuts ‘ Don Dionisio – OnandOnandOnand
BarcaBhoy ‘ Hugh McEwan ‘ Paul McConville – Corsica
Lord Wobbly ‘ The Black Knight
Sorry but the rules only allow 11.
Subs: too many to mention!
Managed by…. The one and only… RTC !
Take a bow one and all…”

Note the formation and the word TRADITIONALISTS. all this will become clear in another blog Brothers and Sisters.

The Former GET THIS The former CEO of the SPL Roger Mitchell a cretin who fucked up a multi million pound Television Deal just when Scottish Football and Rangers desperately needed it in the early 2000’s

And then we have a man who needs no introduction the so-called impartial Journalist Graham Spiers.

Then we have the Miner Shafter Paul McConville that was an easy one as he was exactly what he said he was on the tin.

But soon to join him is a former yes a former Rangers director and the identity of this Politician who I believe has enough on his plate at the moment.








  1. No surprise to see someone from HMRC in those names. I’d thought Damian McBride myself but, hay hoe!!! Although I am very surprised to see someone from Rangers at a higher level connected with this fiasco, other than Jack Irvine of course. I’ll take a guess and say A.J. but I will be checking daily like a rampant Sevcoer on mad Phil’s blog to see who the culprit is.

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