daniel yahia dad celtic

Now I left you Dear reader asking why we are now only hearing of anti-British sectarian racist DANIEL YAHIAH?

This is what “so-called Celtic fan” DANIEL YAHIAH posted on you tube and as you can see from pictures and his choice of Strips he certainly not a Celtic fan no sir

As you will see some facts have been left out of ALL the media outlets the fact is his full name is DANIEL YAHIAH MOHAMMED.

He is half British and half Algerian.

As these follow tweets allude too

daniel yahia algeria 1

daniel yahia algeria

Now I am not going to turn this thing into a sectarian Muslim V Jewish thing cause from what I have seen from DANIEL YAHIAH postings about Stalin worship and Communism he is a Godless Marxist useful idiot.

But never the less his nationality is something to be looked at.

We have all seen what angry young men from North Africa decent with a hatred for the ‘Decandent west’ society they live in can do you just need only look to that bastard in Nice who killed all those people on the Promenade des Anglais.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had a history of hate-filled outbursts like we have seen and will see more in this blog from DANIEL YAHIAH MOHAMMED all turned a blind eye to by the security services until it was too late.

He is pictured above with his Dad El Hocine Yahia Mohammed AKA Pascal Mohammed to his friends on Facebook. (Pictured above with his so-called Celtic fan of a son at a so-called Celtic game at the so-called San Siro)

This is Pascal Mohammed with ex Celtic player John Fallon at a Hawick Celtic supporters doo.

pascal yahia john fallen

Now John Fallon is a member of the Knights of St. Columba an anti-British anti-Protestant Roman Catholic supremacist paranoid sectarian organsation who despite winning all you could basically win in Scottish fitbaw including a European cup he says Scottish Fitbaw is controlled by Roman Catholic hating Free Masons.

The fact John Fallon was a warming the bench the vast majority of the wins by a Protestant coach Jock Stein picking Ronnie Simpson a Protestant and a Conservative to boot before him in Goal is neither hear nor there.

Now as you will hear from the video young Daniel Yahiah doesn’t have the normal Borders twang he has a different twang whether that is from first or second generation immigration I don’t really care that is not the point.

I am all for immigration into this country if we can do.

My heart goes out to all those Syrian women and children fleeing their country their so-called men who are too chicken shit to fight ISIS not so much.

Where would we be, Great Britain if all the men during World war 2 fled to other countries when the going got tough?

Well some scum bag white feather scumbags did mostly back to Ireland but that’s another story

No the thing I am worried about, what concerns me is why a young individual like Daniel Yahiah’s Hatred for the nation the United Kingdom that has provided him and his Father a better way of life than their beloved Algeria?

As you have seen from the posts first blog Daniel Yahiah is quite clearly a Celtic fan as you have seen from this blog so is his Dad Pascal.

But you will see from the posts in this blog that they take quite a sinister anti-British sectarian terrorist bent and not just towards the Jewish faith which will ask you why they hate the Nation the United Kingdom that welcomed them so much.

Lets have a look at the evidence shall we dear reader.

daniel yahia anti-English



daniel yahia decoyahia 1

daniel yahia celtic fan hamas

daniel yahia terrorist

daniel yahia celtic fan 17

daniel yahia decoyahia 2

daniel yahia hand in glove

daniel yahia decoyahia

daniel yahia thatcher

daniel yahia hamas

daniel yahia ira fan

daniel yahia ireland

daniel yahia terrorist 3

daniel yahia terrorist1

daniel yahia ireland fan

daniel yahia james mclean

daniel yahia israel

daniel yahia london derry
















His absolute hatred towards of the Nation that he and his Algerian father calls home goes all the way to the top Our head of state as is abundantly clear from these tweets first this

daniel yahia ftq

and then a RT of this Racist sectarian dirge sung by those Jolly Craicsters the Republic of Ireland fans.

daniel yahia4

Here it is in Video

Some of the low lights from this racist sectarian hate-filled dirge include

He wouldn’t sing God save the Queen, McLean McLean,

he told the north to fuck their team, McLean McLean,

he wouldn’t wear a Poppy McLean, McLean,

he now plays for the boys in Green and always chants Amhrain na bhian,

James McLean He hates the fucking Queen.

Yet he has an undying love for the Bishop of Rome

daniel yahia gbtp

How man refugees and Migrants have the Vatican- one of the richest states per capita in the world- taken in?

They keep spouting on about it it’s another case of their do as we tell you dont do as we do mantra that sadly too many of their brain washed cult try to project on others.

Now you might ask yourself why a young lad can have such hatred for the United Kingdom but so much love for a foreign country like the Republic of Ireland and the anti-British sectarian Terror it spawns.

Well one factor in this would be his choice of team Celtic Football Club.

Second would be the last five years we have been living under a Majority SNP government and the disgusting way the YES campaign acted throughout the Indy Ref debate.

daniel yahia yes

Here’s how Daniel Yahia describes himself

daniel yahia1

‘Student, Communist and unrepentant Fenian Bastard’ I thought ‘Fenian bastard’ was supposed to be derogatory and offensive?

But lets not kid ourselves the type of disgraceful anti-British politics we have seen from the YES campaign has been around in British politics for a long time and Daniel Yahia is a fan too.

daniel yahia gg 1

daniel yahia gg

You would have seen the word “Hun” recognised by Nil by mouth and our courts of law as a sectarian, racist derogatory term being used constantly but is argued it just means Rangers fan lets have a look

daniel yahia bear grylls is a hun

daniel yahia sectarian scum

What BEAR GRYLLS is a TEDDY BEAR? I didnt know that

Ofcourse he isnt here is Hun being used in the way it is meant anything that is perceived to be British, Unionist, Protestant.

Just like the bullshite that Anti-Zionism is not Antisemitism and Zionist dosnt mean Israeli Jew.


Now why are we just hearing about Daniel Yahias bigotry just now? As I posted earlier he has been posting Anti-British anti-Protestant bile and hatred for years with impunity.

Well it was because of his Antisemitism. The Jews dont take any shite and neither should the Rangers family

We have been sleepwalking -We’ll I havnt I have been screaming and shouting- were this type of open anti-British terrorism support this sectarian racist abuse towards Rangers fans is acceptable so much you can still get in a postilion of power in the National Union of Students.

But if you are a Student and you dress up as Postman pat and make a dark Joke about Neil Lennon you are arrested slung in a cell and stripped of your University place.

And theres the rub as far as I’m aware the hate-filled Daniel Yahia is still at liberty he has been spoken to by Police Scotland not arrested and is still a student and member of the Edinburgh NUS.

Lets change that please with me post the evidence of  Daniel Yahia years of  hate and promotion of anti-British terror to Police Scotland.

Thanks for everybody who sent me their screen shots.

But the story dosnt end here it takes a far more sinister turn we will see an old familiar face enter the story and it will be one that leaves the very top of Celtic Football club red faced.



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