Now if you have read my recent blogs National Newpapers and the Jewish-centric ones you would have seen the Disgusting story of Edinburgh University NUS delegate Daniel Yahiah antisemitism.

But that wasnt the big Story but I wouldnt expect the Likes of Jane Hamilton to have found it but it might explain why all the social media account were deleted as part of a Celtic Football club Public relations sweep sweep .

Lets have a look at the antisemitic Facebook post that started of all the hurumpth.

daniel yahia celtic fan gas

In Jane Hamiltons own words the story was there but she just couldnt quite grasp it …….

One of Yahia’s friends, who called himself Podge Mullan, then suggested that Bitton should be “gassed”.

Yahia replied: “Be too good for him mate.

We unfortunately for us but maybe they thought was fortunate for Celtic Football Club ‘Podge’ Mullan deleted his Facebook page……………… But not fast enough.

I can exclusively reveal the cretin that said Nir Bitton the Israeli Celtic football player is non other than Padraig ‘Podge’ Mullan (pictured above in the Celtic Dug Out)

Who? I hear you ask.

Padraig Mullan was one of the many Celtic fans arrested in scenes of rioting and Violence in Amsterdam that shamed football.


celtic ajax dug

celtic ajax1

In fact here is Padraig Mullan getting arrested


This wasnt the first time Celtic fans had a run in with the Amsterdam Police these pics below where taken from the year Celtic Ironically won the newly made up greatest fans in the whole wide world award by UEFA.

celtic ajax2

celtic ajax

But I digress here is Padriag Mullan the night before his arrest ‘pretending’ to be an IRA sniper on ‘active service’  in Amsterdam.

podge mullan on active service 1

That didnt matter a jot after Padraig Mullans and other Celtic fans arrest in Amsterdam the Celtic PR machine kicked into action with Protests on-line and outside and I shit you not the Dutch embassy.

Padraig-Mullan free 2Padraig-Mullan free

It was a Story Daniel Yahiah was following closely on-line

daniel yahia celtic fan 5

daniel yahia celtic fan 9

daniel yahia celtic hooligans

daniel yahia celtic hooligans 2

Padraig has Same amount of History of Disgusting Anti-British Pro IRA terror support As his pal Daniel Yahiah I wont post them all but I will show his still undeleted accounts to peruse at your leisure.

podge mullan fb

podge mullan twiiter

podge mullan rock bar2

podge mullan

podge mullan rock bar

podge mullan mcginn

podge mullan killing protestants

podge mullan john hartson

It is very worrying that these two CELTIC FANS Daniel Yahiah and Padraig Mullan with two extreme backgrounds -we all know the IRA connection with North Africa Gaddaffi’s semtex funding training bases etc- who apperntly havnt met each other -or maybe they have?- from two different parts of the United Kingdom can openly converse their extreme views with each other on social media.

All this was known to Celtic Football Club at the time but this didnt stop them Withe the help of Jean Findlay and the Celtic trust giving Padraig Mullan a VIP guided tour of Celtic Stadium.

Padraig-Mullan (1)Padraig-Mullan

Now if I was anyone of the members of the Jewish community who wrote and received correspondence from the ex Harper MacLeod man at Celtic Michael Nicholson (pictured below)

celtic letter

I would get more than just a letter to prove that these two scumbags Padraig Mullan and Daniel Yahiah have indeed been given life time bans. You see Celtic and its C.E.O Peter Lawwell have a history of speaking with fork tongue.

One of the things written in Celtic fan and Sectarian anti-British bigot Jane Hamiltons Puff piece in the Daily record was that Daniel Yahiah didnt have a season ticket will I would take that with a pinch of salt as pictures below prove he has in the past and has a History of following Celtic home and away.

daniel yahia be celtic

daniel yahia season ticket

daniel yahia celtic fan 3

As does Padraig Mullan the man who posted Nir Bitton a player in his own team should be gassed.

podge mullan ticket

With less than 24 hours to go before the Israeli champions Hapoel Be’er Sheva take to the field in a cauldron of hate If I was any of the Israeli officials I would be getting reassurances too.

palestine attack jewish players

We dont want a repeat of these disgusting scenes of an antisemitic assault (pictured above) on an Israeli player taken from a match in EUROPE yes EUROPE!

Celtic fans have a History of pitch invasions in fact one was so determined to show his antisemitism that he paid into a Rangers match to run on the pitch to chain himself to the Ibrox goal posts when an Israeli team came to play there.

You see not only are these so-called Celtic fans CELTIC FANS they are courted and promoted by Celtic Football Club in the shape of the extremist anti-British Pro Anti-British terrorism of many different hues, marxist group the Green Brigade In fact their behaviour has been rewarded with their own standing section.

Speaking of Fork tongues the Palestianian flag has been banned tonight from Celtic Park here is Celtics captain Scott Brown deep in what looks like the bowels of Celtic park surrounded with Palestinian flags.

daniel yahia celtic fan FB

If Celtic Football Club really want to help stop the alarmingly growing threat of Antisemitism in Scotland that has spiraled since the SNP has gained power they could do no better than a token picture with some of Scottish Jewish community and Israeli officials

Stay safe.

























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